Mendip Spring Golf Club: A 27-Hole Facility with Diverse Courses and Amenities

Mendip Spring Golf Club is located in North Somerset, near the city of Bristol in the United Kingdom. This golf club offers a comprehensive facility with 27 holes, a driving range, and a hotel, catering to a variety of golfers.

Championship Course and Lakeside Course – Golf for Every Skill Level

The facility includes two distinct courses: The Brinsea Championship Course and The Lakeside Course. The Brinsea Championship Course is known for hosting professional tournaments. It provides a challenging experience for golfers of all abilities. One of its notable features is the Kenell 11th hole, which requires golfers to keep the ball in play from the tee for a good score. The Kenell 11th hole is renowned for its visual appeal and presents a substantial challenge to golfers.

The Lakeside Course, in contrast, offers a different test for players. It is designed to be accessible to golfers of all skill levels. This course provides an excellent opportunity for players to enjoy the game, regardless of their experience. Mendip Spring Golf Club aims to offer something for every golfer, ensuring that both courses meet various needs and preferences.


Grado Golf Course: Eco-friendly and Inclusive with Unique Island Green

Grado is home to a notable golf course located in Italy. The golf course in Grado offers a diverse environment for golfers. Its distinguishing feature includes an island green, adding a unique challenge for players. An attractive aspect for golfers is the special offer available every Monday, where one green fee is valid for two players.

Grado Golf Courses: Sustainable Golf Experience in Italy

The course in Grado is also known for its environmentally friendly practices. By implementing sustainable measures, the course aims to reduce its environmental footprint. This aspect attracts socially conscious golfers who prefer playing on courses that support ecological initiatives. The commitment to environmental friendliness does not compromise the quality of the golfing experience for visitors.

A notable feature of Grado’s golf course is its adaptability to various skill levels. The course design indicates that the length is not a primary focus, making it approachable for golfers with different playing abilities. This inclusivity encourages more players to participate, fostering a welcoming atmosphere. This design philosophy ensures that the enjoyment of the game is prioritized over the challenges posed by the course’s length.

In conclusion, the golf course in Grado, Italy, offers a unique playing experience with an island green and environmentally friendly practices. The special Monday offer and the adaptable course design make it appealing to a wide range of golfers. These elements come together to create a distinctive golfing destination that values both the sport and the environment.


Experience Precision and Scenic Golf at Golf Club Alta Badia in the Dolomites

The Golf Club Alta Badia is located in Corvara in Badia, within the province of Bolzano, Italy. This golf course is set against the scenic backdrop of the Dolomites, offering players a unique golfing experience amidst this mountainous region.

Golf with a View: Golf Club Alta Badia in the Dolomites

The landscape surrounding the golf course is characterized by the dramatic peaks of the Dolomites, providing a scenic and natural environment for golf enthusiasts. The location not only enhances the visual appeal but also presents a strategic challenge for players, encouraging precision in their game.

The club appeals to those who are looking for a relaxed and enjoyable day on the course. Golfers can expect a game that emphasizes accuracy over sheer power, making it a suitable venue for those who enjoy a more technical approach to golfing. The course design and layout make it possible for players to enjoy the game without the pressure of a highly competitive atmosphere.

The golf club promotes a balanced approach to the sport, highlighting the importance of precision and control. The setting offers a serene environment where players can focus on their game while taking in the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. This balance between challenge and relaxation makes it an ideal choice for both seasoned golfers and newcomers.

The phrase “Come and challenge the Dolomites” reflects the essence of the Golf Club Alta Badia. It invites players to test their skills in a landscape that demands careful play due to its natural contours and elevations. The course provides a unique opportunity to experience golf in one of Italy’s most picturesque regions, making it a notable destination for golf enthusiasts.

In summary, the Golf Club Alta Badia offers a distinctive golfing experience in the heart of the Dolomites. The location in Corvara in Badia, Bolzano, combines natural beauty with the strategic challenges of a well-designed course. Players are encouraged to focus on precision and technique, ensuring a satisfying and relaxing day on the greens.


Strategic Play and Community Spirit at Högbo Golfklubb in Sandviken, Sweden

Högbo Golfklubb is located in Sandviken, Sweden. The club is known for its welcoming community and its picturesque natural surroundings, which offer a serene backdrop for golfers of all skill levels.

“Risk and Reward” at the Högbo Golfklubb

The club emphasizes the importance of precision over length in its course design. This approach encourages players to strategize carefully and focus on accurate shots, making each round a strategic challenge. The presence of water hazards adds an element of risk and reward, further enhancing the complexity of play.

The friendly atmosphere at Högbo Golfklubb is a notable aspect of the club’s reputation. This welcoming environment makes it accessible and enjoyable for everyone, from beginners to experienced golfers. The beautiful natural settings provide a relaxing and immersive experience, encouraging players to return frequently.

Additionally, Högbo Golfklubb offers various promotional deals and packages which can be found on their official website. These offers are designed to attract new members and retain existing ones by providing value and making the golfing experience more affordable.

In summary, Högbo Golfklubb in Sandviken, Sweden, is distinguished by its focus on precision, strategic play with water hazards, and a friendly, community-driven atmosphere. The natural surroundings and promotional offers further enhance the appeal of this golfing destination. For more details and current offers, visiting the club’s website is recommended.


Gudhjem: Affordable Golf with Stunning Views on the Island of Bornholm

Located on the picturesque island of Bornholm in Denmark, Gudhjem is home to two notable golf courses. These courses are renowned not only for their challenging layouts but also for offering some of the best views in Danish golf. Golfers of all skill levels can enjoy playing here while taking in the stunning scenery.

” Most Affordable Full Membership in Denmark” – Gudhjem Golf Courses

Gudhjem offers what is described as the most affordable full membership in Denmark. This makes it an attractive destination for both locals and tourists looking to enjoy golf without a hefty financial commitment. The accessibility and cost-effectiveness make it an appealing option for enthusiasts.

In addition to its affordability, the Gudhjem golf courses provide a setting that is both serene and captivating. The combination of well-maintained greens and the natural beauty of Bornholm creates a unique golfing experience. This is part of what makes Gudhjem a notable mention in Danish golf circles.

Players at Gudhjem are not just there for the game; they also come to enjoy the surrounding environment. The scenic views add an extra layer of enjoyment to the golfing experience, making each round memorable. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a newcomer, the allure of Gudhjem’s courses is undeniable.

We look forward to seeing you on Bornholm, where Gudhjem offers a compelling blend of affordability, natural beauty, and exceptional golfing opportunities. Whether you’re in it for the sport or the scenery, Gudhjem has something to offer for every golf enthusiast.


Dunkeld and Birnam Golf Club: Discover Scenic Views and Challenging Play

Dunkeld and Birnam Golf Club is located in Dunkeld, Scotland, within the Perthshire region. This golf course, known for its strategic layout and playing experience, is situated amidst a scenic landscape that attracts golfers of all levels.

Scottish Scenery at the Dunkeld and Birnam Golf Club

Responses gathered from various sources highlight several key aspects of the Dunkeld and Birnam Golf Club. One of the prominent features mentioned is the course’s tendency to play longer than it appears. Golfers are advised not to hesitate in hitting the ball firmly to navigate the course effectively and make their shots count. Additionally, the 5th hole is often noted for its impressive view of Loch of the Lowes, providing a visual respite and a unique challenge during the game.

Club members and visitors have also pointed out the accessibility of the course’s tee booking system, which offers a range of deals suitable for different preferences and budgets. The booking system is an essential tool for managing play schedules and ensuring that golfers can maximize their experience at the club. Another notable aspect is the welcoming nature of the club, which strives to foster a friendly environment for all its members and guests. This inclusive atmosphere contributes to the overall appeal and reputation of the Dunkeld and Birnam Golf Club.

Overall, the Dunkeld and Birnam Golf Club’s distinctive features, such as its challenging length, scenic 5th hole view, user-friendly booking system, and inviting community, make it a notable destination for golfers visiting the Perthshire region in Scotland.

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Discover Norba Club de Golf: Historic Beauty and Unique Course Challenges

The Norba Club de Golf is located in Caceres, Spain. Situated in close proximity to the UNESCO World Heritage City Cáceres renowned for its rich monumental, cultural, and gastronomical history, the golf course offers a unique appeal to both local and foreign visitors.

Norba Club de Golf: Historic Charm and Stunning Landscape

The Norba Club de Golf is described as a great golf course with natural surroundings that appeal to visitors from different parts of the world. The location not only offers a gameplay experience for golfers of all backgrounds, categories, and levels but is also positioned near Cáceres. This combination of a rich historical location and a well-structured golf course makes it an attractive destination for golf enthusiasts.

The course is designed with the first nine holes being easier, followed by the second nine which present a different challenge. The layout is marked by blind tee shots and varying elevations, leading players to encounter a lake which is best crossed in two shots. The golf course also features areas with endemic flora and fauna, as well as centenary and acorn oaks, making for a variety of interesting gameplay scenarios. These challenging aspects, along with the diverse natural landscape, contribute to the unique character of the course.

Greenfee Deals and a Warm Welcome

Additionally, Norba Club de Golf offers competitive green fee deals, making it a cost-effective choice for golfers. There is also a golf academy on-site where players can book lessons with the club’s head pro. The club extends a warm welcome to all golfers, ensuring that their experience will be enjoyable and worth remembering. This alignment of quality gameplay and attractive pricing, combined with professional training opportunities, serves to enhance the club’s appeal.

Overall, the Norba Club de Golf not only provides a venue for golf but does so in an environment enriched with cultural and historical charm. Its varied course design, combined with natural beauty and professional facilities, makes it a comprehensive golfing destination.

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Experience Nature and Challenge at Alhaurín Golf in Málaga by Seve Ballesteros

Alhaurín Golf is located in Alhaurín el Grande, a town in the province of Málaga, Spain. The club is easily accessible and offers a distinctive golfing experience. The course, designed by the renowned golfer Severiano Ballesteros, provides players with a combination of challenging gameplay and stunning natural surroundings. With its impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea and the nearby mountains, Alhaurín Golf attracts enthusiasts seeking something different from their golfing routine.

Precision and Strategy – A Course Design by Seve Ballesteros

Alhaurín Golf’s unique design intends to push players’ skills, offering a variety of holes that demand precision and strategy. The course incorporates the natural landscape to enhance the difficulty and enjoyment of each game. Players visiting Alhaurín Golf often comment on the course’s ability to challenge even seasoned golfers, making it a popular choice for those seeking to test and expand their abilities.

Additionally, Alhaurín Golf provides a range of discounts and special offers throughout the year. These vary depending on the season and are available for both packages and memberships. The club’s approach to making golf accessible and attractive to a broad audience includes promotions designed to appeal to different needs, whether for single rounds or full memberships.

Nature is a significant part of the Alhaurín Golf experience. The club promotes an environment where players can enjoy their sport while being surrounded by scenic views of the Mediterranean and the mountains. This integration of golf and nature adds to the overall appeal of the course, providing a setting that enhances the experience beyond just the game itself. For many, the opportunity to seamlessly blend their love of golf with the beauty of the surrounding landscape makes Alhaurín Golf a notable destination.


The 2024 Olympic Flame Is Lit

Olympia casts a spell over me

I am eagerly awaiting this summer’s Olympic Games in Paris, having managed to buy tickets for several events. I am all the more delighted when I receive an invitation to go on a press trip to Greece, which includes getting to know the golfing destination of Costa Navarino and taking part in the official ceremony to light the Olympic flame.

Gripping moments

The atmosphere in the ancient stadium of Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, captivates me from the very first moment. The entry of the Greek presidential guard, the raising of the flags, and the impressive voice of the world-famous American mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato, who performs the Olympic anthem, move me deeply.

March-in by the Greek’s Presidential Guard. (Photo: Juergen Linnenbuerger)

After the official speeches, the Olympic flame is lit in the ruins of the approximately 2,600-year-old Temple of Hera. From there, the flame is transferred by an actress, who takes on the role of the high priestess Hestia, to the torch of the first of more than 550 torchbearers. In doing so, she also hands over the traditional olive branch. Dancers in traditional antique dress accompany this atmospheric process with a performance whose choreography completely thrills me.

Handing over of the Olympic Flame by the High Priestess. (Photo: Juergen Linnenbuerger)

Over the next 11 days, the torch is carried from Olympia through Greece to the ancient Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens, where the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896. From there, it will continue its journey by boat to Marseille in France.

Arrival at Navarino Bay

The following morning, the symbolic flame arrives at the world’s first International Olympic Academy Golf Course at Navarino Hills. This is very close to the town of Pylos, which is a two-hour drive south of Olympia.

It is the first golf course in the Mediterranean to feature the Olympic symbol, and the 18-hole signature golf course symbolizes the link between golf and Olympia. Its name reflects the shared values of the International Olympic Academy, the Greek Olympic Committee, and Costa Navarino – namely sustainability, personal well-being, education, and growth.

Participation in the ceremony on the 11th green in front of the clubhouse is extremely atmospheric and is carried out with the participation of young athletes from the golf academy, with two of them acting as torchbearers.

The Olympic Flame reaches the International Olympic Academy Golf Course. (Photo: Juergen Linnenbuerger)

Development from golf hotel to Destination Costa Navarino

I first traveled to the five-star hotel The Westin Resort in 2012. At that time, The Dunes Course, designed by Bernhard Langer in 2010, and The Bay Course, developed by Robert Trent Jones II and opened the following year, were only known to a few golfers in Germany. I was immediately fascinated by this beautiful spot, the hotel, and the two golf courses during this trip, and I’ve always been delighted by this destination. The last time I visited prior to this year was in November 2021, and my impressions from that time are attached.

This is the fifth time I’ve been here. The entrance area of The Westin and its lobby are now very familiar to me, so much so that I almost feel at home.

Entrance and lobby of The Westin Resort Costa Navarino. (Photos: Juergen Linnenbuerger)

Once again, I relish my stay in a spacious room with sea views and the sweet treats to welcome me.

Sweet delicacies from local beekeeping in the Deluxe Sea View Room . (Photos: Juergen Linnenbuerger)

The day couldn’t start better than with a hearty breakfast on the terrace of Moriās Restaurant. The freshly squeezed orange juice and savory omelette contribute to a perfect start to the golf day.

EThe perfect start to a great golfing day. (Photo: Juergen Linnenbuerger)

From the initial two hotels, The Westin and The Romanos, and the two golf courses with The Dunes Clubhouse, Costa Navarino has now developed into a destination with a wide range of sports, wellness, and leisure activities.

With a five-day sports camp for children and teenagers aged between five and 15, the destination aims to bring them closer to the Olympic idea in ten different sports in July and August 2024. Professional coaches, such as those from the FC Bayern Munich Football Academy, will be on hand. In addition, the NBA Basketball School will be returning to Costa Navarino from May to September to share the special NBA experience with young and adult participants.

The three areas of Navarino Dunes, Navarino Bay, and Navarino Hills currently have four signature 18-hole golf courses. Their three exceptional clubhouses not only impress me with their architectural creativity and diversity, but also with their first-class catering offer.

An impressive golf quartet

The four courses are a maximum distance of 13 km apart and no more than 20 minutes by car. Hotel shuttles offer perfectly organized, free transfers to the various courses.

The state of maintenance of the tee boxes, greens, and bunkers on all courses is beyond criticism. Only the fairways of The Dunes Course showed potential for improvement in some places during my visit. However, according to the management, this is being addressed as soon as possible.

The latest jewel: Navarino Hills

A new experience for me this year is the visit to The Hills Clubhouse and a round on The Hills Course. I am delighted with both. The clubhouse sits enthroned on a hill with fascinating 360-degree views from the inviting terrace.

The Hills Clubhouse: straightforward design and fantastic views from the terrace. (Photos: Juergen Linnenbuerger)

From here, you can see over the course, the bay, the huge practice facilities, and the impressive mountain backdrop in the distance on the opposite side. It serves as the clubhouse for both The Hills Course and the International Olympic Academy Golf Course.

I like its clear lines, its open design, and the use of stone materials from the region. The transparent, discreetly integrated glass lift fits in with the concept of simple elegance. The 2,500 m² clubhouse was built with the aim of achieving energy efficiency class A+. It has photovoltaic panels.

Our group enjoys a meal at Piqantro, which is a restaurant, café, and bar all in one. It offers contemporary Iberian/Western Mediterranean cuisine, drawing on traditional recipes but also incorporating modern influences. There is a wide selection of dishes on offer. I enjoy the pasta with cherry tomatoes and prawns.

Leading by example

I am particularly interested in a screen that I discover both here and in the pro shop at The Bay Clubhouse. Among other things, I can use it to determine my course handicap by entering my personal HCP. The annoying search for this value in hard-to-read tables, which is often necessary on other courses, has come to an end here.

The system also offers a lot more information, such as the current speed on the greens, the pin positions, the grass used, the weather forecast, and the hotel shuttle schedule. What a step forward.

Equipment and service at its best

The buggies equipped with state-of-the-art GPS impressed me just as much as the quality of the rental clubs. Ball pyramids are available free of charge on the generously designed driving ranges. Not only here, but in all areas of the destination, I encounter attentive, friendly, and competent service staff who enjoy their work.

The golf cloverleaf in a cutshell

Navarino Dunes: The Dunes Course

Designed by German golf legend Bernhard Langer in collaboration with European Golf Design, it was the first signature golf course in Greece. Opened in 2010, this 6,018-meter championship course from the back tees leads through a varied natural landscape, past the two hotels The Romanos and The Westin. With spectacular views of the Ionian Sea, it features links-style elements along the waterfront fairways. The fairways, which run through the hinterland past olive groves and orchards, are more reminiscent of a parkland course.

Since my last visit in 2021, exclusive villas have been built along the first nine holes, although they are a long way from the fairways and do not come into play. Construction work continues on individual holes.

Early morning on the #18 . (Photo: Juergen Linnenbuerger)

Navarino Bay: The Bay Course

Most of the tees on the par-71 The Bay Course offer a marvelous view of the sea. Some holes run directly along the historic Bay of Navarino. The course measures 5,536 meters from the back tees. The holes lead through extremely hilly terrain with considerable differences in altitude in places. Not only are its five par-three holes fun, but they are also challenging at the same time.

The Bay Course offeringImpressive views across the course to Navarino Bay. (Photo: Juergen Linnenbuerger)

Navarino Hills: The International Olympic Academy Golf Course and The Hills Course

The two newest 18-hole golf courses, designed by two-time Masters champion and Ryder Cup legend José Marίa Olazábal, are located above the coastline. Officially opened in 2022, they offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, the Bay of Navarino, and the Ionian Sea.

Stop playing and simply enjoy the views. (Photo: Juergen Linnenbuerger)

The International Olympic Academy Golf Course has a length of 6,366 meters. Details can be found in my report mentioned above.

The Hills Course is a par 72 with a length of 6,280 meters. It is also situated in complete tranquility, surrounded by mature trees and leads through rural Messinia with beautiful views of the rugged mountains and small villages. Its fairways are generously designed and offer sufficient landing area for placing drives. The bunkers are numerous but not very deep. I enjoy the round on this new course, which makes for relaxed golfing.

Each of the courses has its own character, which for me makes the quartet a four-leaf clover that gives me feelings of happiness. To single out one as the best course would not do justice to the others.

A pictSurrounded by unspoiled nature. (Photo: Juergen Linnenbuerger)

Destination Costa Navarino is world champion

With such variety and high quality, it comes as no surprise to me that Destination Costa Navarino was recognized as the ‘World’s Best Golf Venue 2023’ at the tenth World Golf Awards.

David Achington, previously director at Monte Rei Golf & Country Club in Portugal and Camiral Golf & Wellness Resort near Girona in Spain, took over as director of golf at Costa Navarino last year. He and his team were delighted to take the coveted award with them to the Peloponnese.

Quality has its price

The green fee is standard on all courses. In the most favorable of four periods, it is €193 for hotel guests and €233 per 18 holes in the high season.

Always a great pleasure

Visiting Destination Costa Navarino is always a special experience for me. The constantly expanding, exclusive offers and the top quality found in all areas are unrivaled.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s beach club. (Photo: Juergen Linnenbuerger)

I am already looking forward to my next trip so that I can get to know the new W-Costa Navarino and Mandarin Oriental hotels. Ta léme sýntoma.

Juergen Linnenbuerger,

Cologne, May 2024

International Panorama

Year-Round Golfing at Connemara Golf Links: Welcoming All Players

Connemara Golf Links, located in Galway, Ireland, within the region of Connaught, is a site renowned for its pristine condition and year-round playability. The golf course offers extensive facilities, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for all visitors. Its location, surrounded by scenic views and rugged landscapes, adds to the allure of this golf destination.

Irish Links Golf: Connemara Golf Links

The course caters to all levels of golfers, providing a fair challenge for low handicap players while remaining accessible to high handicappers. This inclusive approach makes it a popular choice for families, groups, couples, and individual players. The welcoming nature of the club enhances the overall experience, contributing to its reputation as a friendly and accommodating golfing venue.

When navigating Connemara Golf Links, players are advised to allow extra consideration for their approach shots on the back nine holes. The course’s signature hole, the 13th Par 3, is particularly notable. This hole requires a 200-yard carry from the White markers and is surrounded by rocky outcrops, making it a unique and demanding part of the course. The combination of these features makes playing at Connemara both a challenging and memorable experience.

Connemara Golf Links hosts an Open Competition every Friday, with the exception of July and August. This regular event provides an opportunity for golfers to test their skills in a competitive environment. For those interested in long-term engagement with the club, membership options are available. Inquiries can be directed to the pro shop via email at [email protected].