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Fourball – an exciting form of tournament play

Fourball (also called bestball or fourball) is played in golf with two, three or four players per team. Each golfer in a team plays his or her own ball. However, after each hole, only the best score is included in the team score. If one player locks in a four and the team partner needs five or more strokes, only the four is scored.

The fourball format holds some tactical possibilities: In the team it can be decided, for example, that one player plays more on risk and attacks the flag directly in order to win the hole (in match play). The other team partner tries to provide back-up by trying to place the ball safely on the green and thus take the pressure off. Who takes on which role depends on the current game situation.

Fourball with numerous variations

If a player with a very low handicap competes against players with a higher handicap, another variant is conceivable: The strong golfer is on his or her own and plays alone against a team that can take advantage of the synergy. In addition, the pairing of low handicap with high handicap is advantageous in fourball tournaments played according to Stableford. Such tournaments are often offered at the beginning or end of the season, when the course is not yet or no longer in the best condition.

In stroke play, the best scores of all the holes played by a team are added together and the total number is counted at the end of the course. In match play, as it is played at the Ryder Cup or Solheim Cup for example, you play against your opponents for each hole. The team that needs fewer strokes for the respective hole gets a point. In the event of a tie, the hole is split – both teams receive half a point. The team that wins the most holes wins the match.

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Foursome format – the rules in match play

In foursomes, two teams (usually two players each) compete against each other. Within a team, players take turns stroke by stroke: Player “A” tees off. Once at the ball, player B takes the second shot with the same ball. This continues until the respective team has holed the ball in team work.

A tactically extremely important decision is made by the team before the match even begins: the two team members agree on who will tee off on the even holes and who will tee off on the odd holes. Depending on who feels confident with their driver or irons, the par 3 and par 5 holes can be divided accordingly.

Foursomes – Matchplay with your partner

Foursomes can be played both as stroke play and as match play. Alltough the match play variant is the most common and is also played in this form at major team events such as the Ryder Cup and the Solheim Cup. In English, the foursomes format of play is also often referred to as the “Alternate Shot”.

The Foursome Teams at the Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup

In major tournaments such as the Ryder Cup or the Solheim Cup, the captains of both teams have to take great care in deciding their lineups for the foursomes format. Playing strength and current form must be factored into the decision on pairings, but equally the captains would have to pay attention to the human element in the lineup – the players must function as a team.

In addition, golfers should ideally complement each other in many ways. For example, a popular option is to pair rookies, who are on the team for the first time in a major tournament, with an experienced player. Some pairings have already proven themselves in previous events and have a strong record together – so it is logical not to change anything. In the end, gut feeling certainly plays a not insignificant role in the pairing of the captains.

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What golf ball fits you best to achieve your goals – Performance or Distance

“I only ever play balls that I find in the rough”, this statement sounds familiar to you or you could be behind this statement yourself? In any case, this behaviour is deadly for consistent shots. You wouldn’t play with different golf clubs every time, would you?

Play with one ball

Golf balls can be vastly different from each other. This means that consistent reproducibility of shots is impossible if you use different golf ball models over and over again. Some balls are designed for distance, some deliver more spin – with one and the same movement there is then a difference of 10 to 15 metres in the hitting distance. Therefore, it is best to choose only one golf ball.

Performance golf balls

All professionals play performance golf balls. The manufacturers pay the most for these models, but they deliver the total package of playing advantages. Spin in the short game, distance on long shots, stop function on shots into the green, long durability and pleasant feel – all combined in one golf ball.

The most successful balls in history are the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x. No other balls have won so many tournaments. (Photo: Titleist)

This mixture of advantages is made possible by a multi-layer construction. This is known as 3-piece, 4-piece or even 5-piece construction. Several core and cover layers are combined under the shell to cover as many playing characteristics as possible. Performance golf balls therefore score above average in every discipline, which is why they are played by all the stars.

What also unites performance balls is the last layer, the shell. This is made of urethane, which kills several birds with one stone. The durability is increased, the feel is softer and more spin is made possible. The latter happens because the soft urethane is easier to press into the grooves of the clubs, resulting in more friction and more spin. As a rule, every golf ball manufacturer has a performance ball in its product range. Contract players then use these balls.

Professionals use performance golf balls. (Photo: Getty)

The one-ball rule

In almost all professional tournaments, this rule applies, which prohibits the playing of different golf ball models. For example, Martin Kaymer plays with the white 2019 TaylorMade TP5x golf ball. For the entire tournament, he is only allowed to use balls of exactly this model type. He is not allowed to use the TP5, a coloured TP5x or a TP5x golf ball from 2017. Professionals would not change balls anyway because they rely on the consistent results of their preferred ball model, but it is still prohibited.

Distance golf balls

Three guesses as to what sets Distance balls apart. The technologies used are designed to get the maximum distance out of a shot. However, this is at the expense of other game advantages, such as spin. In direct comparison to the higher-priced performance golf balls, distance balls rank in the lower price segments.

Distance golf balls are usually available in colourful models in addition to the classic white. (Photo: Titleist)

A large core serves as the motor for fast golf balls, which is why distance balls often consist of “only” two layers. This leaves more room for only the one large core. Furthermore, the spin generated is lower on all shots, so that the balls still roll out after impact. The problem with distance golf balls is the short game. There is significantly less spin delivered and the feel is harder. If distance is the most important thing for you, distance golf balls are just right for you.

To clear things up.

In summary, it can be said that Performance golf balls deliver the total package. These balls perform in every aspect of the game. Due to the multi-layer construction and the urethane shell, which is expensive to produce, the balls are more expensive than distance golf balls. The latter convince with a lower price and provide you with more length. Between the two extremes (distance and performance), there are an almost infinite number of other options on the market that offer a middle ground between the two worlds.

However, you should only trust one golf ball model to bring consistency into your game. It is up to you to decide which advantages you want and how much money you want to spend. Whether it is a low-priced distance ball, a high-end performance ball or a golf ball from the mid-range segment – the main thing is that you choose a golf ball.

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The Golf ball – New out of the box or recycled from the lake?

When it comes to golf balls, opinions differ. While some golfers simply play the balls they find in the rough, others rely exclusively on brand new balls out of the box. The pros exemplify the latter, because completely new balls deliver the consistency and quality that are crucial in the game of millimetres.

New balls are the optimum

This much in advance: New golf balls fresh out of the box are the best in terms of quality, consistency and performance. Whether the high price justifies these characteristics for one’s own golf game is something everyone has to decide for themselves. However, if you only look at the performance, this is where you will find the best golf balls. It would be ideal if you always played the same ball model from one manufacturer. That’s what all the professionals in the world do. Coincidence? Hardly!

The same manufacturer, the same model – professionals always rely on just one golf ball model. (Photo: Getty)

Lakeballs – the solution to the problem?

The main problem with lake balls is the uncertainty of how good the ball really is. It borders on a lottery whether you get good balls or they are of inferior quality. Depending on how long a golf ball has been in the water, it takes more or less damage. Here it also depends on the temperature, the substrate and the water – all factors that are impossible to determine when the balls are fished out of a pond.

After a certain amount of time, the water penetrates the golf balls, causing damage to the cover layers and/or cores. How extensive this is is anyone’s guess. Usually, lake balls are classified into different categories that are supposed to reflect the quality. However, optical parameters such as markings, shine and abrasion are emphasised here. Sometimes a distinction is also made as to whether there are cuts in the shell. What the inside of the golf ball looks like, however, is not taken into account.

How damaged a ball is out of the water cannot be determined. (Photo: Getty)

When it comes to lakeballs, you can get lucky and get your hands on a high-quality or flawless ball at an unbeatable price. However, this can backfire just as badly – you simply don’t know. For those who see the price factor as the decisive criterion, this alternative is ideal if you are prepared to accept compromises in quality.

Refinished with new lacquer

Some lakeballs receive a refinish before they are sold. In the refinishing process, the ball is repainted and a new logo is applied. However, since the balls were originally intended by the manufacturers with a different paint finish, which then influences the dimple depth, refinished golf balls cannot be compared with the original golf balls. Often, the new coating is not even enough because it is applied to golf balls that have already been used.

Without wanting to offend the manufacturers of the refinished golf balls – but there are indeed some black sheep here. A name of an expensive golf ball is simply printed on cheap golf balls to suggest higher quality. For example, you buy a Pro V1x Refinished and underneath is a cheap two-piece ball. Therefore, you should always keep your eyes open or your fingers off Refinished golf balls.

Practice and X-Out balls

There are also Practice and X-Out balls. These have either small defects in the colour, the markings or the ink, so that they do not quite meet the quality standards of the ball manufacturer 100%. Sometimes there are also minor physical deviations, so that the performance is reduced, even if only very slightly. This is why they are labelled Practice or X-Out, while some manufacturers simply destroy these balls and they do not even enter circulation.

Professionals use practice balls on the driving range and pitching greens. (Photo: Getty)

Due to the minor defects, the sales price naturally drops, which is why money can be saved here. But watch out! Not every practice or X-Out ball is officially approved and complies with the rules. For tournaments, it is therefore better to play it safe and use the “normal” golf balls. However, for practice and fun rounds as well as for training on the pitching green, these balls offer a quality alternative at lower prices.

To conclude

With Practice and X-Out balls you can save money and get new golf balls in high quality that have only minimal deviations from the standard – ideal for practice rounds. With lake balls or refinished balls, you run the risk of getting poorer quality balls that could have a negative impact on your golf game, but this is where your wallet will be the happiest. If you want to invest more money, brand new golf balls are the best choice.

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Every Birdie Counts Campaign – European Tour group’s Golf for Good raises £125,000 for UNICEF

The European Tour group’s Golf for Good raised a total of £125,000 for UNICEF through its season-long ‘Every Birdie Counts’ campaign. The campaign, supporting UNICEF’s work as part of the COVAX Facility, raised sufficient funds to help the children’s charity. The did so by delivering 50,000 vaccines to some of the world’s most vulnerable and hardest-to-reach nations.

‘Every Birdie Counts’ is an integral part of the European Tour group’s overarching CSR Programme ‘Golf for Good’ during the 2021 season. Also, it raised a minimum of €1 for UNICEF for every single birdie made during the campaign, with €10 donated for every eagle and €1,000 for every albatross.

DP World Tour Championship boosted up the total.

The season-ending DP World Tour Championship in Dubai gave a significant ‘Birdie Boost’ to those numbers. Then, the European Tour group’s Golf for Good pledged €75 for every birdie made at the final Rolex Series event of the season. This was to mark UNICEF’s milestone 75th anniversary as well as World Children’s Day, which coincided with day three of the prestigious tournament.

There was a total of €77,451 raised prior to the finale at Jumeirah Golf Estates, thanks to 57,641 birdies, 1,681 eagles and three albatrosses across a season which began with January’s Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship.

The DP World Tour Championship, meanwhile, yielded 862 birdies and 19 eagles, raising a total of €66,550 in a brilliant week for Collin Morikawa. Morikawa claimed the title in a dramatic fashion, becoming the first American golfer in the history of the DP World Tour to top the season-long rankings.

The European Tour group’s Golf for Good rounded up the total from approximately £121,250 to £125,000. Of course, the full amount will support UNICEF’s work as part of the COVAX Facility, and its aim of delivering three billion vaccines globally.

Supporting the UNICEF work.

UNICEF is leading the end-to-end supply of vaccines, as well as providing tests and treatments, in low-and middle-income countries. For instance, UNICEF focuses the aim to deliver three billion doses of vaccines in 2021 for frontline health workers, social workers, teachers and those at highest risk.


The commitment of Paul Casey with the cause.

Paul Casey, a 15-time DP World Tour winner and UNICEF USA Supporter, said: “It’s unbelievable what the European Tour group and Golf for Good have done. So much is talked about what we do on the golf course, but I don’t think enough is mentioned about what goes on for every community and country we visit.”

“In this case, it’s the global reach – partnering with UNICEF and £125,000 will go so far in assisting UNICEF’s work as part of the COVAX Facility, rolling out COVID-19 vaccines around the world. I couldn’t be more proud. Things like this make me proud of being part of the DP World Tour.”

“As a father, children are my primary focus when it comes to charity. It was World Children’s Day on Saturday during the final tournament, so I think this is very timely. You have a right as a human being to have access to certain things and children are always the most vulnerable. I tip my cap to all of those involved in getting this off the ground.”

The European Tour shows full support with the most vulnerable.

Keith Pelley, Chief Executive of the European Tour group, said: “We are proud to have partnered with UNICEF in their 75th anniversary year, by supporting their work as part of the COVAX Facility though our ‘Every Birdie Counts’ campaign.”

“As a global tour we committed to supporting communities and worthy causes around the world. Therefore, to that end, this donation is a fitting end to our 2021 Golf for Good campaign. It will provide enough funding to help deliver 50,000 vaccinations to some of the most vulnerable and hardest-to-reach nations on earth.”

“It was also fitting that the ‘Every Birdie Counts’ campaign should finish with such a flourish at an event sponsored by our new tour title partners DP World. They have been supporting UNICEF in the logistics and delivery of the vaccine globally. Our sincerest thanks to UNICEF, DP World and of course all of our players who, through their wonderful golf all season, helped make this happen.”

UNICEF is one step closer to accomplish its mission.

Steven Waugh, Interim Executive Director of the UK Committee for UNICEF said: “If we have learned anything from the coronavirus crisis, it is that our lives are interconnected. COVID-19 does not respect borders. At UNICEF, we know that if we only protect high-income countries, life will not return to normal. If COVID-19 is spreading anywhere, it’s a risk to people everywhere.”

“As part of COVAX, UNICEF is leading the biggest health and logistics operation in history to procure and deliver vaccines. A total of 3 billion vaccines around the world by the end of 2021. In order to achieve this historic mission, we need the help of our supporters and partners.”

“I would like to share my sincere thanks to everyone at the European Tour group, who have helped raised an incredible amount for UNICEF’s work around the world. Your support means that we can help deliver 50,000 vaccinations in low- and middle- income countries around the world.”

Press Release by the European Tour Group Communications Team.

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R&A Report Shows Golf Participation In Sweden Has Increased To 600K

New official reports highlight great golf participation growth across Europe. According to the EGA (European Golf Association) reports, there are currently 10.6 Million golfers playing the sport among The R&A’s European Affiliates and in the EGA members’ markets, a healthy increase from the 7.9 million last monitored for 2016.

Since the pandemic, the sport fans had to get used to follow their favorite sports through the screen. Teams and organizers suffered the hard consequences economically speaking because of the decreasing number of affiliates. However, golf has come out stronger, and the reason is simple – The players are outside, it is easy to keep the social distance at all times, and it reconnects you with the world after a global lockdown.

Golf Participation Growth in Sweden

Markets with a greater proportion of registered golfers include Spain and Sweden (10% independent / 90% registered). “We believe that counting independent golfers together with those who are registered as club members gives a more accurate view of the total number of golfers playing on a full-length course each year and reflects how the sport is being consumed from country to country.” – Phil Anderton, Chief Development Officer at The R&A.

Since 2019, Swedish golf participation increased by 54.6k golfers. Reports situate Sweden 3rd in the leaderboard of countries with the highest number of new registered golfers. Nowadays, there are 600,000 golfers in Sweden and 650 courses. Due to the rapid increment of new participants, the course demand has also grown. This is a gap to cover that could potentially pump up the National federations and Organizations to continue to expand the interest in golf among the Swedish population.

Women’s and Junior Participation – The biggest increment

Regarding women’s golf, there’s also a clear increase in Europe. Only in Sweden, the female participation increased by 27%, which translates into 129,949 new golfers. The sport of golf almost benefit from the global Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, there’s no denying that this is an unique opportunity to mediatise women’s golf and make more visible the quality among women golfers.

The Swedish are well-known for inculcating sports education in children from an early age. There’s also a reflection of that on the new reports by the R&A. Sweden leads the top of the list of European countries that has increased the number of junior participation. The junior enrolment has risen by 11%, or in other words, 61,839 new kids practice now the sport of golf. Junior participation is specially important because it represents the quarry of the future national teams.

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·Venue will host Italy’s first Ryder Cup from Sept 29-Oct 1, 2023
·This week, it welcomes the European Tour’s DS Automobiles Italian Open
·Venue on the outskirts of Rome will also host the Italian Open in 2022 and 2023

Press release

Marco Simone Golf & Country Club today formally welcomed its first major event following extensive renovation work as the venue on the outskirts of Rome continues its preparations ahead of hosting the 2023 Ryder Cup.

Representatives from Ryder Cup Europe, the Federazione Italiana Golf and Marco Simone Golf & Country Club gathered outside the clubhouse for a ribbon cutting ceremony to acknowledge the occasion on the eve of this week’s DS Automobiles Italian Open on the European Tour.

Major events hosting in the history of Marco Simone Golf & Country Club
It is the second time Marco Simone has hosted Italy’s national open, having previously done so in 1994, and this week represents another important milestone for the venue, built and owned by the Biagiotti family who run global businesses in fashion and fragrance, as it showcases its significant redesign to a global audience for the first time.

Italian Ryder Cup player Francesco Molinari who entered the history books by winning a maximum five points in Europe’s victory at Le Golf National in 2018, is among the first players to take on the spectacular course, which underwent 18 months of renovation work including the redesign of all 18 holes.

The new layout and the focus view of the project at Marco Simone. What it was thought to be meant for.
The redesign project at Marco Simone, led by European Golf Design in co-operation with Tom Fazio II, focused creating a golf course specifically with the drama of match play in mind, with the previous layout rerouted not only to provide numerous risk and reward opportunities for the world’s leading players, but also to maximise the natural rolling countryside terrain.

It means spectators will have unrivalled vantage points of the on-course action as well as distant views of the famous Eternal City, including spectacular views of St Peter’s Basilica and of the Castle of Marco Simone which together will provide the backdrop to golf’s greatest team contest.

The unique and charming golf course that will not only attract the Italian crowd, but all fans around the world.
Franco Chimenti, President of the Federazione Italiana Golf, said: “With the first Italian Open at the new Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, the path to the 2023 Ryder Cup comes alive. A sustainable golf course, representing international excellence, it is our pride not only for golf but for all Italian sport. The unique charm of Rome, combined with the adrenaline of the match between Europe and the USA will make the Italian edition unique. I thank all the institutions, Ryder Cup Europe and Marco Simone Golf & Country Club for supporting the development of the project.”

Guy Kinnings, European Ryder Cup Director, said: “With just three weeks until this year’s Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits, today marks another significant step in Italy’s own journey toward hosting its first Ryder Cup in two years’ time.

“The redesign project at Marco Simone is spectacular and we are delighted to showcase it to a global audience at this week’s Italian Open, giving fans a glimpse of what to expect when the venue welcomes golf’s greatest team contest in 2023.

“The global pandemic has restricted our opportunities to share several key moments in the reopening process, so we are also delighted to be able to join Lavinia Biagiotti and her team today, along with Franco Chimenti, Gian Paolo Montali and everyone at the Federazione Italiana Golf for this significant occasion which is the culmination of months of hard work and collaboration.”

Lavinia Biagiotti, President of Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, said: “After 27 years Marco Simone Golf & Country Club is excited to host the prestigious Italian Open and we are delighted to welcome the world’s best golfers to our newly renovated course. We are proud to showcase our unique destination to a global audience and we hope to inspire the next generation of Italian golfers as we look forward to hosting our national open and the 2023 Ryder Cup in the coming years.

“I would like to thank the Federazione Italiana Golf and its visionary President Franco Chimenti, along with Gian Paolo Montali, CONI and their President Giovanni Malagò, the European Tour and Ryder Cup Europe, the Biagiotti Group, our local and national institutions, Marco Simone’s CEO Emilio Carbonera, and the dedicated Marco Simone team that are all part of this incredible journey.”

General Director, Gian Paolo Montali exposes the latest and last details about this project.
Gian Paolo Montali, General Director of the Ryder Cup 2023 Project, said: “We are very proud to inaugurate the new Marco Simone Golf & Country Club golf course, venue of the 2023 Ryder Cup, with a great international tournament like the Italian Open. As promised, the golf course is ready thanks to the tremendous effort and coordination between the Italian Golf Federation, Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, Ryder Cup Europe and European Golf Design. The journey continues.”

The redesign of Marco Simone Golf and Country Club began in August 2018, with the back nine completed and reopened in October 2019 followed by the full 18 holes in October 2020.

In addition to the extensive work to the golf course, the clubhouse is currently undergoing further renovation which will be completed in 2022, and a new practice ground which will be constructed in the spring of 2022.

Part of the European Tour Destinations network, Marco Simone will host two further editions of Italy’s national open in 2022 and 2023, before becoming the third venue in continental Europe to host the Ryder Cup following Valderrama in Spain (1997) and Le Golf National in France (2018).

Press Release by the European Tour Communications

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Official World Golf Ranking: Jon Rahm holds on to first place

The latest from our concise analysis, to brief you on how the key events of the last week have effected the official world golf rankings.

Top 5 OWGR Leaderboard

# Name Nationality Points Total Points Gained Events
1 Jon Rahm ESP 486.08 279.31 48
2 Dustin Johnson USA 374.33 123.75 43
3 Collin Morikawa USA 444.23 312.25 52
4 Xander Schauffele USA 348.07 210.59 47
5 Justin Thomas USA 369.26 181.55 52
Jon Rahm leads in the official world golf ranking this week. The Spaniard’s points average is 10.1267 at the time of publication. Rahm’s rank has not changed since the last count. ​ Next up on the official world golf ranking list is Dustin Johnson, 37 years old, at rank 2. The American has, in comparison to last week, not gone up or down in the rankings. Coming in third this week is Collin Morikawa, 37, with a points average of 8.5428. Michael Hirmer has made the biggest leap this week in the official world golf rankings. has managed to jump 580 places in the world ranking list, and is now sitting at 765 rank. The German started last week at rank 1345, with a current point average of 0.13. The No.1 Englishman in the official world golf rankings is currently Tyrrell Hatton, in place 13 and has remained unchanged since last week.

A breakdown of the most famous golf players from around the world

From fan favorites to golfing legends, professional golfers have many accolades that place them in the eyes of the world. This sport has been around for decades, so it can be tough to compare some old greats to the new pros. But that’s what we’re here to do!

Do you know the top golfers? If you don’t, keep reading. We’ve focused on the most famous golfers worldwide to keep you up to date on the sport. We’ve got all the information you need, from big wins to championship players.

What are the most famous golfing tournaments?

If you’re interested in famous golfers, we’ll quickly cover the most famous golfing tournaments. Many famous golfers have won big at these events, so make sure you’re up to date with all the big tournaments.

Top professional golf events:
● The US Open
● The Masters Tournament
● The British Open
● The Ryder Cup
● The PGA Championship
All golf fans tune into these annual events for a chance to see history in the making. If you’re into golf, use sites such as to keep track of the latest events and games, so you don’t miss a thing! Many golf fans like to enhance their involvement in the sport by keeping up with the latest predictions and odds for upcoming games and tournaments. This can help when placing bets but can also keep you informed of the latest stats regardless.

Top famous golf players of all time

Ready to learn some core golf facts? Here are some of the most famous golfers from all over the world.

Tiger Woods
Since April 1997, Tiger Woods has been one of the best. In his first Masters as a professional, Woods impressed the world with a record 18-under par total. From this moment on, Woods has been one of the most well-known golfers globally. Whether you’re a fan of the sport or not, this is a golfer that you will recognize.

Sam Snead
Though Sam Snead never won a US Open, he’s still regarded as one of the best golfers of all time. Snead won three different masters, including the memorable 1954 playoff against Ben Hogan. Snead also won a British Open and three PGA Championships, cementing him as a legend in the sport.

Jack Nicklaus
Considered the best of all time for some, Jack Nicklaus has an impressive achievements resume. Nicklaus won’t be forgotten anytime soon, having earned 18 major championship wins and 37 top twos in main events. This golfer was mainly known for his skill, mental strength and meticulous accuracy on the course.

Arnold Palmer
Do you recognize the name Arnold Palmer? One of the best players in the 1960s, this golfer is known worldwide. Though his swing wasn’t the most beautiful, he still went on to win seven major championships, 60 PGA Tours and he went 15 consecutive years with at least one win. He was also
the PGA Tour money champ four times. Now, how many of us can say we can beat that?

Ben Hogan
Known for being broody and focused, Ben Hogan was another famous golfer from 1950 to 1970. With nine majors, 64 PGA Tours and countless other achievements, Hogan is still a legend. Also, Hogan is still the only player to win the British Open and the US Open in the same year. Talk about double trouble!

Bobby Jones
Finally, have you ever heard of Bobby Jones? New fans of the sport may not know the earlier players, but Jones is a player to note! This golfer was the leading name in the game from 1923 to 30. In the end, Jones walked away from golf at the young age of 28 since there were no more Championships for him to win. Jones finished his career in 1930 as he won the British Open, US Open and the British Amateur. However, he never stopped playing friendly golf as he got older.

Do you know your golf?
Did you recognize these players? If you’re a player or a fan of this sport, make sure your knowledge of the greats is up to date. Knowledge is power, on and off the green!
Who’s your favorite player? Let us know in the comments.

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Justin Rose is named the 2021 recipient of the Payne Stewart Award

Justin Rose, the englishman golfer who is a 11-time PGA winner, as well as the 2013 U.S. Open winner and 2016 Olympic gold medalist in Rio, was named the 2021 recipient of the Payne Stewart Award, which is presented annually by the PGA Tour to the golfer who best exemplifies character, charity and sportsmanship.

Stewart, a three-time major champion, perished in a 1999 plane crash as the reigning U.S. Open champion. A year after that fatal date, the PGA created this award to honor his name and character.
Rose, turned professional in ’98, a year before Payne died, and was able to have a few brief interactions with Payne long before Rose held a trophy in his honor. The 2021 recipient definitely remembers the kind words that Steward had with him at The Open Championship in ’98, when Rose was just hitting balls on the range and Payne stopped by to compliment his swing: “Oh, that’s how it’s done.”

The Payne Stewart Award is specially meaninful because it goes beyond the golfing skills, but instead this prize recognizes the characteristics that define a great role model for the rest of the world, without any descriminations.
Some of the most recognizable players have won this Award in the past as well, such as Ernie Els (2015), Gary Player (2006), Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer both in (2000).
It is a chance for the recipient to bring the world matters back to the spotlight and to create awarness through their actions or foundations. Justin Rose and his wife founded The Kate & Justin Rose Foundation in Florida, which helps members of the community with lack of sources and money to fulfill their plates and to enrich their minds, raising more than $3 million and providing “500,000 hunger-free weekends” and 300,000 books.

“Justin Rose embodies everything the Payne Stewart Award represents,” PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan said. “Like Payne, he has been one of the premier players of his generation while using his platform to better the lives of those around him.”