Virpiniemi Golf Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence in Finnish Golf

On April 28th, 2004, Virpiniemi Golf‘s journey began. Today, marking two decades since its inception, the club pauses to reflect on its evolution and the vision for its future. In commemoration of its corporate anniversary, the crucial early figures and the pivotal moments that have defined Virpiniemi Golf are brought to the fore.

In an interview, Matti Heikkinen—one of the founding members and a long-standing supporter—offered insights into the journey. Heikkinen’s extensive involvement, right from partnering with architectural firm Uki Arkkitehdit Oy to shape the technical design of the course, demonstrates a deep-seated commitment to elevating the golfing experience.

Celebrating two decades of operation, Heikkinen expressed satisfaction with the progression of the course, noting the initial challenges encountered. ‘It’s incredibly rewarding to see how the course has developed and improved year after year. Establishing a presence as a prime golf course has been a significant achievement,’ he stated.

The inception stemmed from a collective desire among the founding members to enhance golf activities beyond just course management. Their original ideas found little traction with their previous affiliation, leading to the birth of their own golf club. Virpiniemi was chosen after careful consideration and navigating a maze of possibilities, finalizing after a years-long process.

Certainly, there were hurdles. The proposal met with resistance and numerous objections, yet the undeterred team foresaw the enduring joy it would bring to local golf enthusiasts.

Looking to the future, Heikkinen’s aspirations include maintaining the course’s condition and the eventual expansion by adding nine more holes. Such enhancements must seamlessly integrate without disturbing the existing layout, benefiting the broader golf community and particularly junior programs.

On this significant anniversary, Virpiniemi Golf extends heartfelt gratitude to all individuals and entities that have supported its remarkable twenty-year journey thus far, laying a foundation for continued success and development in Finnish golf.

News from Virpiniemi Golf

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Rushden Golf Club Ladies Open: Secure Your Spot!

If you’re looking to be part of a golfing event that’s both competitive and social, mark your calendars for Friday, October 11th. Rushden Golf Club is hosting its customary Ladies Open, and this year’s edition promises to be as electrifying as ever. As the competition heats up, the call to action for interested participants is urgent – spots are filling up at a brisk pace, and the opportunity to enter a team is becoming scarce.

For a fee of £32 per person, visitors can join teams of three and revel in an offering that extends beyond the fairways. The entry fee not only covers participation in the event but also includes warm hospitality with coffee or tea upon arrival and a hot meal to round off the experience after you’ve tackled the course.

A noteworthy addition to this year’s event is the return of the Surprize Shop, an established purveyor of ladies golf clothing and accessories. Players will have the chance to explore a variety of golfing wares, making it the perfect occasion to stock up on the latest trends and essentials for the golf season.

To ensure participation in the Ladies Open, aspiring entrants are encouraged to proceed to the booking link featured in the promotional image or can reach out directly via email to the organizers. With organizational ease a priority, the Rushden team stands ready to assist with the booking process.

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Gareth Griffths Triumphs at the 16th Kauko Cup at Korineum Golf & Beach Resort

Korineum Golf & Beach Resort once again played host to the 16th Kauko Cup, a tournament memorializing the vision of Finnish businessman and golf enthusiast Kauko Rastas. This year’s edition saw 65 contenders vying for the title, with an array of international participants converging from various countries, including Finland, to honor the legacy that helped birth the stunning course in Northern Cyprus.

Emerging victorious was Gareth Griffths, whose impressive 41 points earned him the top spot on the leaderboard. Griffths’ performance was the highlight of an event that equally celebrated the communal spirit of the golfing fraternity and the competitive zest that characterizes this annual gathering.

The trophy for Best Gross was clinched by Soner Yetkili, showcasing exceptional skill and consistency throughout the tournament. Süha Akpınar followed closely, securing the Second Place, with Lee Ivers rounding out the top three amidst intense competition.

In the special categories, James Jang took home the Longest Drive Men’s title, while Pirjo Kortesoja reaffirmed her prowess with the Longest Drive amongst the ladies. Yet, it was Tima Hamalainen who delivered the tournament’s marquee moment with a Hole in One, capturing the Closest to Pin accolade and sparking celebrations.

The 16th Kauko Cup not only celebrated the game but fostered the bonds of friendship and sportsmanship that remain the cornerstone of the Korineum Golf & Beach Resort.

News from Korineum Golf & Beach Resort

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DP World Tour: Matthew Baldwin and Co. Start at the Volvo China Open

The DP World Tour is moving to Shenzhen, China, for the Volvo China Open. The tournament, held at the Hidden Grace GC, has a prize fund of $2.25 million and a par-72 layout.

British, Welsh and Scottish Players’ DP World Tour Tee Times

The first UK player scheduled at the tee box is Englishman Matthew Baldwin, set to start his first round at 06:50 on Thursday from the 10th tee. His co-players include Spanish Angel Hidalgo and Chinese Xiang Fang. His second round kicks off at 11:50 on Friday from the 1st tee.

Scottish player Richie Ramsay will start at 07:00 from the 10th tee on Thursday, paired with Dutch player Joost Luiten and South African Ockie Strydom. His second round is scheduled for 12:00 on Friday from the 1st tee.

The second round of participants includes Englishman James Morrison beginning at 07:10 on Thursday from the 1st tee, alongside Clément Sordet from France and Chinese Haizhao Tang. His 2nd round commences at 12:10 on Friday from the 10th tee.

Matthew Jordan from England starts his rounds with Italian Edoardo Molinari and Marcus Kinhult from Sweden at 07:20 from the 1st tee on the first day and at 12:20 from the 10th tee on day two.

Tom McKibbin from Northern Ireland will pair with German Yannik Paul and Hong Kong’s Taichi Kho, kicking off at 07:30 from the 10th tee on Thursday and 12:30 on Friday from the 1st tee.

Scottish golfers Scott Jamieson and Connor Syme start their rounds at 07:50 on Thursday from the 1st and 10th tees respectively. Jamieson is with Santiago Tarrio Ben from Spain and Chinese Han Xue while Syme plays with Englishman Jordan Smith and Chinese Lian-wei Zhang. They both tee off at 12:50 on Friday from the 10th and 1st tees respectively.

English player Jordan Smith will compete with Lian-wei Zhang from China and Germany’s Maximilian Kieffer. The group will start on Thursday at 7:50 from the 10th tee and Friday at 12:50 from the 1st tee.

More Tee Times can be seen via the Tee Times link above.

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DP World Tour: Tee Times for Johannes Veerman and American Compatriots

The DP World Tour continues with a showdown at the Volvo China Open held at Hidden Grace GC, located in Shenzhen, China. Competitors from around the globe will play for the prize money of $2.250.000 across 72 par courses, aiming for the top spot.

DP World Tour: Tee Times for American Players

Nicholas Paez will be the first to represent the USA at the Volvo China Open. For Round 1, Tee time on Thursday will be 06:50. He will be playing along with Joel Girrbach from Switzerland and Yanhan Zhou of China. For Round 2 on Friday, Paez will start at 11:50, once again, in the company of Girrbach and Zhou.

Another American golfer, Johannes Veerman follows suit, with an initial start time of 12:00 for the first Round on Thursday. His co-players for both rounds will be Masahiro Kawamura of Japan and Ugo Coussaud of France. The second round will see this trio tee off at an earlier time of 07:00.

Last but not least, Gunner Wiebe is set to start his first round at a later time of 13:00 on Thursday. He will be joined by Michael Lorenzo-Vera of France and Chenyou Nan of China. The same group will begin the second round on Friday, starting at 08:00 (Times are all in local time zones)

Player Name (USA) Round 1 – Tee Time Round 2 – Tee Time Co-players
Nicholas PAEZ 06:50 11:50 Joel Girrbach (SUI), Yanhan ZHOU (CHN)
Johannes Veerman 12:00 07:00 Masahiro KAWAMURA (JPN), Ugo Coussaud (FRA)
Gunner Wiebe 13:00 08:00 Michael Lorenzo-Vera (FRA), Chenyou NAN (CHN)

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Golf de Touraine Hosts Senior Trophy Event

As the spring season ushers in blooming fairways, the Golf de Touraine is all set to roll out the green carpet for its esteemed senior golfers. The venerable club located in Ballan-Miré, France, is currently accepting registrations for a captivating contest designed for golfers aged 50 and above. Scheduled for the 14th and 15th of May, this event promises two days filled with precision, strategy, and the enduring spirit of competition that defines the game of golf.

The event will adopt a stroke-play format across 36 holes. With slots still open, the call for entries has been met with enthusiasm, with several golfers having already secured their spot at the starting tee. For perspective competitors, the entry fee is set at 90€ for guests, while members of the Golf de Touraine benefit from a reduced rate of 30€.

The tournament brochure and registration form are readily available on the Golf de Touraine’s official website, and also upon request. As the club stands ready to host this prestigious event, adept golfers are encouraged to sign up promptly.

Golf de Touraine is not merely setting up a tournament, but celebrating the time-honored tradition of the sport in the heart of France’s garden. Potential competitors are advised to secure their place on the roster to avoid missing out on two days of unforgettable golfing action.

News from Golf de Touraine

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Grim’s Dyke Golf Club Vets Team Secures Victory at Stanmore Derby

As the British weather continued its usual dreary narrative, the veterans of Grim’s Dyke Golf Club offered a stark contrast with a sizzling performance that set the stage at Stanmore. With a series of impressive early season wins under their belt, the Vets team approached the derby with a confidence that resonated through the fairways. After four matches, the score was deadlocked at 2-2, setting a dramatic tone for the remaining games.

The tide turned in the fifth match, where everything hung in the balance until a masterful chip by Grim’s Dyke fell just an inch shy of the 18th pin, clinching the match. The momentum carried into match 6, which the Grim’s Dyke team closed out comfortably, securing a memorable 4-2 victory over their local rivals.

The victors extended their gratitude to the hosts at Stanmore Golf Club, not only for the competition but for the warm hospitality that included a superb lunch and the traditional pre-match custard creams with coffee, enjoyed perhaps a little too heartily by some team members who might’ve benefitted from a bit more ‘loosening up in the nets’.

News from Grims Dyke Golf Club

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Watch: Luke Donald Switches to New Mizuno Irons after Test Session

In October, Luke Donald made his way to Sea Island for a video session featuring the Mizuno Pro 245 iron. Little did he know, this gathering would actually mark a turning point. Following the shoot, Luke expressed interest in acquiring a full set of the 245’s, a decision influenced not only by the allure of extra distance but also by the comprehensive package offered by these irons. Of particular importance was the control over trajectory, a test the 245’s passed with flying colors. Luke’s choice to opt for the most forgiving model made quite an impression, especially considering his initial reservations. It was a moment captured on film, marking the beginning of a notable journey with the Mizuno Pro irons.

The test that made Luke Donald switch to a hollow body iron


Race to Dubai: Two Americans in the Top 30

The DP World Tour season continues to excite as players vie for top spots in the Race to Dubai rankings. There are 3 American players placing within the top 120, exemplifying golf’s global appeal and competitive diversity.

Highlighting American Performance in Race to Dubai

Among their ranks are Jordan Gumberg sitting at 22nd with 523.7 points after 8 events and a single victory, Johannes Veerman at 26th with 483.72 points from 9 tournaments, and Sean Crocker, who secures the 94th position with 174.17 points from 9 events.

Top-tier Triumphs on the DP World Tour

At the pinnacle of the Race to Dubai rankings resides Rory McIlroy, the Northern Irish sensation leading the pack with 1699.5 points from 3 tournaments, including a win, followed closely by Japan’s Rikuya Hoshino in second, Sweden’s Jesper Svensson in third, England’s Tommy Fleetwood in fourth, all boasting one win each this season, and Sweden’s Ludvig Åberg completing the top 5, without a win so far but with a performance impressive enough to rank him 5th. These athletes exemplify the fierce competition and high skill level present on the DP World Tour this season.

How the DP World Tour Race to Dubai works

The Race to Dubai is the season ranking of the DP World Tour (former European Tour). The top 60 players in the Race to Dubai ranking are allowed to take part in the final play-off tournament of the former European Tour at the end of the season. The season ranking also determines who is allowed to play on the DP World Tour the following year. At each tournament, the players who make the cut collect points. The total number of points awarded at a tournament depends on the value of the event. Major tournaments earn the most points. For winning a DP World Tour tournament, the winner receives at least 460 points and a good 300,000 euros.


Race to Dubai: Tommy Fleetwood Among the top Five Players

The DP World Tour has finished its tournament in Japan. Rory McIlroy remains at the top of the Race to Dubai rankings with 1699.5 points. England boasts a formidable presence with 20 players among the top-120, a testament to the country’s depth in golfing talent.

Top English Players in Race to Dubai

A trio of English golfer have carved out their spots within the upper echelons of the Race to Dubai rankings. Tommy Fleetwood, a household name and an exemplary figure in English golf, reigns as the highest-ranked Englishman, currently positioned at fourth with hard-earned 1142.6 points from his three tournament outings, including one victory. Not far behind, Jordan Smith occupies the 23rd rank. Following his stead, Laurie Canter  rounds out this notable trio at 25th position, their combined efforts a display of England’s golfing prominence.

Leaders in the Race to Dubai

Rory McIlroy offers a masterclass in consistency and championship ethos, steadfast at number one with an imposing lead. Japan’s Rikuya Hoshino, with a steadfast surge across 10 tournaments, maintains the second spot, having also clinched a title. Sweden’s Jesper Svensson sticks close at third position after 11 events. Spanning multiple continents and golfing backgrounds, they, alongside the likes of Tommy Fleetwood from England and Sweden’s Ludvig Åberg, round out a diverse and talent-laden top five.

How the DP World Tour Race to Dubai works

The Race to Dubai is the season ranking of the DP World Tour (former European Tour). The top 60 players in the Race to Dubai ranking are allowed to take part in the final play-off tournament of the former European Tour at the end of the season. The season ranking also determines who is allowed to play on the DP World Tour the following year. At each tournament, the players who make the cut collect points. The total number of points awarded at a tournament depends on the value of the event. Major tournaments earn the most points. For winning a DP World Tour tournament, the winner receives at least 460 points and a good 300,000 euros.