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Rory McIlroy with a changed attitude towards LIV Golf

As the LIV Golf Tour unveiled a new team just ahead of the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, boasting the likes of Jon Rahm and Tyrrell Hatton, Rory McIlroy shared his thoughts on these significant player migrations. McIlroy, a staunch supporter of the PGA Tour and DP World Tour, surprised many with his altered perspective on players making the transition to LIV Golf.

Rory McIlroy: “At the end of the day, everyone has to do what’s right for them.”

Days before teeing off at the iconic Pebble Beach Links in California, McIlroy delved into the topic during a press conference on Tuesday. Expressing his views on Tyrrell Hatton’s move, McIlroy emphasized the importance of each golfer making decisions that align with their personal journey. “At the end of the day, everyone has to do what’s right for them. I had a lengthy conversation with Tyrrell on Sunday, and I completely understand where he’s coming from. They’ve reached a point in negotiations where he feels comfortable. He has to do what he believes is right, so I won’t stand in anyone’s way of making a living. And if they view it as life-changing money, absolutely,” McIlroy stated.

The multiple Major-winner also touched upon the topic of potential sanctions for players looking to return to their original tours. McIlroy firmly stood against punitive measures, advocating for mutual understanding and collaboration between tours to propel the sport forward. This marked a significant departure from his earlier stance, as McIlroy emphasized his changed perspective, fueled by a desire to ensure the best for the sport as a whole.

Justin Thomas on the latest additions to LIV Golf: “I’m done with it”

Adding to the discourse, Justin Thomas shared his thoughts on the recent influx of players into LIV Golf during the Pebble Beach event. “I feel like at this point, I’m done with it. It is what it is,” Thomas commented. Reflecting on the diversity of opinions surrounding the moves, he acknowledged that people make decisions based on what they believe is best for them. While expressing disappointment over Hatton’s departure, Thomas displayed understanding and refrained from passing judgment, acknowledging the individuality of each player’s choices.

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TaylorMade: Look to the Next Generation with New Team TaylorMade Athletes

TaylorMade Golf Company, an industry leader in product innovation and technology, announced today the signings of some of the youngest and hottest prospects on the Challenge Tour to play TaylorMade equipment from 2024. With an average age of 22 they join an already incredibly talented stable of athletes plying their trade on both the DP World Tour and Challenge Tour as part of Team TaylorMade.

Four new players for Team TaylorMade Golf in the 2024 season

Angel Ayora

Angel, who won the first stage of Qualifying School at Donnington Grove Golf Club at the end of September, 2023, joins Team TaylorMade after he secured his Challenge Tour card for 2024. At just 19-years-old from Spain, Angel played both the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open and ISPS Handa Australian Open at the beginning of the 2023/2024 DP World Tour season, making the cut on both occasions, finishing 33rd and tied-21st, respectively.

Angel Ayora sings with TaylorMade. (Photo: TaylorMade Golf)
Angel Ayora sings with TaylorMade. (Photo: TaylorMade Golf)

Angel is one the quicker players so getting him dialled in was very important. Tour Representative Sam Day started with a heavier driver shaft which offered him more control with little to no trade-off in club speed. Because of the better strikes and more connected feel with the driver, he was able to gain ball speed and play something that is designed to be more stable. His miss is to the right, so going down in head loft and using the FCT sleeve to change loft and face angle helped fix this problem (9.0 head set two clicks higher playing at 10.5 – the more loft added to a driver will close the face angle and therefore less likely to miss right).
During golf ball testing, the soon-to-be-released 2024 TP5x was testing 3mph quicker with the driver, and when it came to irons, Sam actually moved his iron lofts a full 1 degree weaker to help him get better spin rates and land angles into the greens. Angel constantly works with his coach to increase his peak height, and with the new ball and iron lofts he gained 20 feet with his longer irons helping that stopping distance coming into greens.

Angel Ayora Expected WITB

  • Qi10 LS 9.0 driver
  • Qi10 16.5 3HL fairway
  • P770 3 iron
  • P7MC 4-9 iron
  • MG4 46.SB, 52.SB, 56.TW and 60.TW wedges
  • TP Reserve B13 putter
  • 2024 TP5x golf ball

Martin Couvra

Former French Number One Amateur, Martin Couvra, joins Team TaylorMade after becoming only the seventh player in history to win on the Challenge Tour as an amateur. Following his victory at the Challenge de España in September, 2023, Martin made the decision to turn professional. Martin finished the 2023 season ranked 46th on the Road to Mallorca rankings, solidifying a full Challenge Tour card for 2024 for the 21-year-old.

Martin Couvra sings with TaylorMade. (Photo: TaylorMade Golf)
Martin Couvra sings with TaylorMade. (Photo: TaylorMade Golf)

Martin likes to see a fade with the driver so he likes to see the ball starting left and falling to the right. Tour Representative Mark Thistleton worked with Martin a lot around face angle, and they found that the more Mark opened the face, the more fade Martin produced, reacting to what he saw at address. Couvra settled on a 10.5 head set a little lower playing at 10 degrees with a little open face angle that gives him the look of a fade club at address.
Mark then worked on wedge options to better fill his distances after spotting that Martin previously carried a 52 & 58 degree Hi Toe wedge and left himself a 20-metre gap between PW & 52. Martin ended up in the new MG4 50 & 54 wedges to have his approach play dialled in ahead of the season. They both spent a lot of the session working with the new TP5 ball, which Martin loved right away. Martin is not one of the longer hitters out there and found speed especially in the top end of the bag with the new ball which he was sold on right away.

Martin Couvra Expected WITB

Mark Power

Two-time Walker Cup star and Wake Forest University graduate, Mark Power (23), has put his trust in TaylorMade equipment as he starts the next phase of his career. Prior to heading to the US College system in 2019, Mark was a three-time winner of the Irish Boys Order of Merit (2016, 2017,2018) and two-time winner of the Irish Open Boys Championship (2016, 2017). Mark graduated in 2023 before making his professional debut on the DP World Tour at the Horizon Irish Open last year, finishing tied-33rd. He also made the cut at the ISPS Handa Australian Open this season on the DP World Tour and will ply his main trade on the Challenge Tour this year.

Mark Power sings with TaylorMade. (Photo: TaylorMade Golf)
Mark Power sings with TaylorMade. (Photo: TaylorMade Golf)

Mark likes to play with a draw, and with the new Qi10 LS driver he was able to match the correct amount of launch and spin to make his go-to shot a lot easier and perform better. His drop-off in spin with his previous gamer was penalising his miss shot and therefore performance off the tee.
Again, during ball testing, Mark gained 2mph ball speed switching into the 2024 TP5x golf ball from the 2021 TP5, and this was a massive step forward for him. Tour Representative Sam Day looked at the wedge and putter performance with the new ball to make sure the feel and sound married up with performance, which it did. The soft feel and low spin numbers he gained at the top end of the bag made this a clear winner.

Mark Power Expected WITB

  • Qi10 LS 9.0 driver
  • Qi10 Tour 15.0 fairway
  • P7MC 4-PW
  • MG4 50.SB, 54.SB and 58.LB wedges
  • TP Reserve M47 putter
  • 2024 TP5x golf ball

Maximilian Steinlechner

North Carolina State University scholar, Max Steinlechner (24), from Austria, completes the roster for 2024. Max, a former Austrian Number One Amateur, had a stellar amateur career before heading off to play for the Wolfpack. He won the Austrian International Amateur Championship as a 17-year-old with a score of 11-under par, and won the Austrian Boys Strokeplay Championship for three consecutive years between 2015-2017. Max played the majority of his golf on the Challenge Tour in 2023, where he will look to build on a strong foundation moving into 2024.

Max Steinlechner sings with TaylorMade. (Photo: TaylorMade Golf)
Max Steinlechner sings with TaylorMade. (Photo: TaylorMade Golf)

Max is very much a feel player and likes to focus on feel when testing clubs almost as much as performance. He does not change equipment easily or without validation, but he very quickly fell in love with the Qi10 driver. Tour Representative Mark Thistleton tested a couple of new shaft options, settling on the new Graphite Design VF in a 60 TX, tipped 1.25”, which is a little more than standard. Max has lots of speed and an extremely good ball striker, he offers precise feedback and any small changes Mark made to his equipment were seen instantly in the resulting ball flight.
During pre-season was Max’s first testing session with a TaylorMade Golf Ball. This made up a huge part of the testing procedure, testing the range of TaylorMade golf balls, diligently looking at the numbers and giving his precise feedback on sound and feel. Mark and Max soon concluded that the soon-to-be-released 2024 TP5x ball was the perfect fit for his game. It controlled his spin in the long game and offered great feedback and feel through the rest of the bag.

Maximilian Steinlechner Expected WITB

  • Qi10 LS 9.0 driver
  • Qi10 Tour 15.0 fairway
  • P7MC 4-6 iron
  • P7MB 7-9 iron
  • MG4 46.SB, 50.SB, 54.SB and 58.SB wedges
  • TP Reserve M47 putter
  • 2024 TP5x golf ball

“The golfing world all sees the success stories at the top with the likes of Rory, Tommy and Nelly when they win golf tournaments. But what they don’t see is how much work goes on behind the scenes in Team TaylorMade to find and develop the next generation of top class players. We believe this crop of talented young players from across Europe all have what it takes to compete and succeed on a world stage in the very near future. Each has their own successes as an amateur to be proud of, but more than that, we see a maturity and an attitude in these guys that stands them apart from their peers and because of this they are a great fit for the TaylorMade family. We are excited to continue this journey with them and look forward to seeing the individual success stories from each of them over the coming months and years.”

-Mark Thistleton, Tour Representative, TaylorMade Golf

Text: TaylorMade Golf


“Everyone benefits from the right golf ball” – Titleist expert in interview with Golf Post

This season, Titleist is launching three new versions of its AVX, TruFeel and Tour Soft golf balls. The brand’s 2-piece and 3-piece golf balls are designed to appeal to a wide range of golfers. In this interview, Jeremy Stone from Titleist explains the differences between the models and provides exciting insights into the brand’s development process.

Titleist golf ball expert Jeremy Stone in an interview with Golf Post

Golf Post: Three new golf balls coming this year from Titleist. Can you briefly talk us through them first of all?

Jeremy Stone: Yes. So, three new golf balls from Titleist for 2024. New AVX, new Tour Soft, new TruFeel. AVX is an alternative to Pro V1 and Pro V1X. It flies lower and spins less than than pro V1. So if you’re looking for a golf ball that has that lower flight, lower spin or softer feel, AVX might be your ball. What we’ve learned from AVX players is that they love the distance of AVX. They love the soft feel of AVX. If there’s one thing golfers wish they had was maybe a little more greenside spin.

So new for this year, we have a reformulated Core. That reformulated core lowers the long game spin. We also have a new softer cover that gives us softer feel, but increased green side spin. That’s the magic of AVX. So a golf ball where folks love the distance and love the feel, it gets longer and softer, but it also gets a little more green side spin for players that are looking for just a little bit more.

The new Titleist AVX golfball 2024. (Photo: Titleist)
The new Titleist AVX golfball 2024. (Photo: Titleist)

The new Tour Soft is a golf ball designed for people with very specific preferences about their game. If a golfer just wants to play their best, they should be looking at ProV1 or ProV1x or ProV1x Left Dash. Those are the golf balls that through a fitting process we can fit you into the best ball for your game.

But we do know there are golfers who have preferences for the colour golf ball they use. Maybe they want to use a yellow or a green golf ball. We also know there are golfers who have a price point preference. Tour Soft is at a lower price point. It’s a two piece construction golf ball. It has our largest core. The core is a bit of the engine.

This core is faster, giving us longer distance, but it also gives us a little bit more spin into the green with irons. So it’s a more playable all around golf ball designed to be soft, designed to be at a lower price point than a ProV1 as well.

And then finally TruFeel, I mentioned preferences. TruFeel is going to be our lowest price Titleist golf ball. It’s a very welcoming golf ball. There’s a lot of people coming to the game. But they want to trust the golf ball they play and they trust Titleist. TruFeel is the perfect golf ball for them because it connects them to our brand in a really unique, special way, but comes at a really agreeable price point.

It still goes through all of the rigorous Titleist quality testing because we know that every swing that you make, if you make a good one, you want to be rewarded for a great swing. TruFeel delivers on that promise. TruFeel comes in a white, yellow, and a matte red finish. So again, leaning into those preferences.

Golf Post: I assume that, in terms of customers you’re aiming for, in terms of ability, you went from top, I don’t want to say bottom because, that doesn’t sound very nice.

Jeremy Stone: No, but you know, what’s interesting is I wouldn’t use the word ability. I’d use the word mindset. Right? The way we look at it at Titleist is every player can benefit from the benefits of a well fit golf ball. Our well fit golf balls are going to start at the top. Pro V1, Pro V1X, Left Dash, AVX. And so If you want to play your best and that could be different for a lot of golfers, for some golfers that might mean they have a goal this year to break a hundred for the very first time.

Other golfers, they might have a goal to win their first PGA Tour tournament. Whatever your goal is, a well fit, high performing golf ball can suit you. And that stands out regardless of skill level. And so certainly if a golfer raised their hand and said, I want to play my best this year. We’re going to gravitate towards Pro V1 and we’re going to fit you for that golf ball.

The Titleist Pro V1 golfball. (Photo: Titleist)
The Titleist Pro V1 golfball. (Photo: Titleist)

But if you have a preference, if you are price point sensitive, we get that. We understand that. We want to have offerings because you shouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of your ball just simply because of the price point.

Golf Post: The ProV1 and ProV1x are still your flagship products. Are there any plans to replace it at some point?

Jeremy Stone: The answer is yes, always. It’s just a matter of when our research and development team is constantly looking for ways to improve performance. And when there comes such a technology that absolutely outperforms Pro V1, that would be the time where we would look to replace our own product with something better.

And that’s happened multiple times throughout our company’s history. Most recently, when we introduced Pro V1 in 2000, it was replacing the current number one ball, which was the Titleist Professional. The Titleist Professional was absolutely the number one ball played on planet Earth.

It was the number one ball across the worldwide professional tours. And it just simply didn’t have the same performance opportunity that this new Pro V1 had due to the innovation of research and development. So, we don’t know when that will happen, but we know it will because this research and development team is constantly tackling the challenge of taking the best golf ball on earth and making it even better. And when that day comes, that will be when we replace Pro V1.

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Titleist (@titleist)

Golf Post: Generally in research and development, what is currently the main focus? Is it more about enhancing the performance of the current products? Is it about widening the range of products, to suit more different types of golfers? Is it both of it?

Jeremy Stone: Yes, it’s both. So we’re always looking at what golfers are striving for, and we’re always looking at how dedicated golfers play the game. That’s going to define the attributes we pursue in new golf ball development. And so when we look at new golf ball development, and we’re investigating the appropriate constructions and the needs of the golfer.

That’s what’s going to drive our decision making. We’re always looking at, to oversimplify it, the flight, the spin, and the feel. If we can fine tune the flight, spin, and feel for you, you’re going to play your best. And so, in the midst of that, we’re going to look at aerodynamics, we’re going to look at chemistries, we’re going to look at construction ratios between different layers of golf balls, and everything that would go into a core, a dual core, a casing layer, a cover, and the dimple pattern in the aerodynamics.

Through that process, we’re also going to look at ways the world around us and golfers are demanding more custom options, more alignment options, different elements to personalize their golf ball. And we love the opportunity to do that as well. So lots of different areas for us to innovate. Um, and that’s why the research and development team has over 80 scientists of a variety of disciplines to help us do that.

LIV Tour

LIV Golf: Rahm’s Team Name and Members Confirmed

Three days before the start of the 2024 season in Mayakoba, LIV Golf announces the line-up and team name for the 13th team, which will be under the direction of Jon Rahm. Under the name “Legion XIII”, inspired by the Legion XIII Gemina in Ceasar’s Army, the new team will play with the mantra “Together we play. Together we conquer.” Captain Jon Rahm will be joined by Tyrrell Hatton, former amateur Caleb Surratt and Kieran Vincent. There are no more big surprises, the details have already been circulating in the social and traditional golf media with varying degrees of certainty. It was only on Monday that the apparently recent signing of Tyrrell Hatton attracted a great deal of attention.

LIV Golf: Jon Rahm and his 13th Legion

Legion XIII is the first new team to join LIV Golf since the tour’s inception.“We’ve come a long way in a short period of time and are extremely proud of the team and brand we are building,” said Rahm. “As we were developing the team’s brand it became clear that I wanted to fight alongside a group of guys who aligned perfectly with what the team stands for. Tyrrell is a fierce competitor, proven champion, and of course my Ryder Cup teammate. Caleb is one of the brightest next gen stars of the game. And Kieran is a steady, talented ball striker who earned his promotion to LIV and is elevating his game every day.”

Rahm explained more about the meaning he sees in the team name: “The XIII portion of the name was appealing early in the process as it fit the structure of captain (X) and the three players in the lineup (III),” said Rahm. “Plus, we are the 13th team in the league. As for the logo, that was something I was also very passionate about. The soccer team I grew up following (Athletic Bilbao) is called the Lions. It’s just a fierce animal that everybody respects and fears at the same time.”

Rahm’s Legion XIII will consist of:

Jon Rahm, two-time major winner and reigning Masters champion with a total of 20 wins in his professional career.

Tyrrell Hatton, Rahm’s Ryder Cup teammate and 6-time winner on the DP World Tour. “I’m really looking forward to this next chapter, working with Jon Rahm and Legion XIII and getting started this week in Mexico,” said Hatton.

Caleb Surratt, number 10 in the World Amateur Golf Ranking with a successful performance at the Walker Cup 2023

Kieran Vincent, who qualified for the league via the LIV Golf Promotions event and whose brother Scott is already a permanent member of the Iron Heads team.


World Golf Ranking: McIlroy and Hovland in Chasing Positions

Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm and Viktor Hovland maintain their positions at second, third and fourth position, respectively. With England’s Matt Fitzpatrick standing firm at eighth position in the World Golf Ranking, there are some contenders holding up to break American dominance in the top ten. Tommy Fleetwood, secured the 11th spot, with no changes from the previous week. England’s Tyrrell Hatton remains at sixteenth place.

British Players in the Official World Golf Ranking

Delving deeper into the British presence, England’s Justin Rose drops from position forty-three to forty-five while Scotland’s Robert MacIntyre and England’s Aaron Rai take spots sixty-four and sixty-eight, respectively.

At the top of the table, the World Golf Ranking sees Scottie Scheffler from the USA continuing his lead, followed by McIlroy at second. Spain’s Jon Rahm also retains his third place. The top five in the World Golf Ranking, including Viktor Hovland from Norway and Xander Schauffele from the USA, remain unaltered. Looking at slots beyond, there is also notable stability of American players with Patrick Cantlay, Max Homa, Brian Harman, and Wyndham Clark holding positions six to ten respectively, indicating a steady phase in the upper echelons of the rankings.

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Scheffler Tops World Golf Ranking: Top Americans Shine

In the latest World Golf Ranking, American players maintain significant positions with Scottie Scheffler holding the top spot for another consecutive week and Xander Schauffele residing at the fifth position. There were no changes in their rankings from the previous week.

Other notable American golfers within the World Golf Ranking top echelon include Patrick Cantlay at sixth, closely followed by Max Homa in seventh place, and Brian Harman residing at ninth. These high-ranking players’ positions also remained unchanged from the prior week, maintaining a steady presence at the top of the chart. The tenth position is held by Wyndham Clark, marking another week of consistent standing within the top 10.
Within the upper tier of the World Golf Ranking, six of the top ten spots are secured by American players. Beyond the top ten, American golfer Collin Morikawa is found at the 12th position. From the table leader to this position, there have been no changes compared to the previous week.
The ranking showcases that aside from the leading American players, notable positions come from Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy and Spain’s Jon Rahm, stable at second and third positions, respectively. Norway’s Viktor Hovland retains his fourth-place ranking, cementing his presence among golf’s elite in the World Golf Ranking.
Shifting focus to the middle portion of the top-10, England’s Matt Fitzpatrick holds fast at eighth. South Korean talent Tom Kim, climbs from the 15th to the 13th spot, marking the only significant shift within the top 15 as the tour progresses through the season.

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Equipment Products

Titleist Vokey Spin Milled 10: The new generation of iconic wedges

The Titleist Vokey Design SM10 wedges represent another step in Titleist’s evolution by offering advanced technologies and a variety of sole grinds specifically designed to provide golfers with enhanced control, feel and maximum spin. The Titleist Vokey SM10 series is characterized by its versatility, with six different sole grinds – F, S, M, K, T and D – available in 25 combinations of lofts, bounces and sole grinds. This wide selection should enable players to find the perfect wedge set-up to suit their individual swing type and the prevailing course conditions.

Titleist also incorporated feedback from tour pros and top amateurs into the development of the latest version of the Vokey Spin Milled Wedges. “Player feedback drives our development process,” says Corey Gerrard, Marketing Director of Vokey Wedges. “Whether we’re talking to tour pros or dedicated amateurs, every player’s input is important. All of the advancements we’ve made to the SM10, from the look and feel to the sole grinds and ball flight windows, reflect player input.”

What’s inside the Titleist Vokey SM 10 wedges

A key feature of the Titleist Vokey SM 10 wedges is the progressive CG positioning, which is designed to provide a lower, more controllable trajectory and a fuller feel across all wedges. This results in more precise distance and trajectory control with tighter dispersion, according to Titleist. The 46 to 52 degree models have a lower center of gravity for a smoother transition from irons to wedges and more consistent distance. The center of gravity is also positioned more in the middle of the clubface, which helps to achieve a neutral clubface at impact and a more solid feel. With the lofts from 54 degrees, the center of gravity is shifted upwards and forwards, which leads to a relatively lower trajectory and also supports a “square” clubface.

The center of gravity shift of the Titleist Vokey SM 10 Wedges 2024 (Photo: Titleist).
The center of gravity shift of the Titleist Vokey SM 10 Wedges 2024 (Photo: Titleist).

In addition, the patented Spin Milled process has been further developed. Each TX9 groove is individually cut and treated with high-frequency heat to ensure maximum durability and consistently high spin. Texturing is also applied between the grooves to maximize spin even on half shots. There are also extensive options for personalizing and customizing the wedges. As standard, they are equipped with the True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 shaft and the new Titleist Universal 360 grip.

The sole grinds of the Titleist Vokey SM 10 wedges

The different sole grinds offer golfers a wide range of playing options.

  • F-Grind: Versatile, particularly suitable for full strokes
  • S-Grind: Particularly good for loft control, particularly narrow sole
  • M-grind: Good for versatile use of the wedge
  • K-grind: Highest bounce, ideal for bunker shots
  • T-Grind Little bounce and a narrow sole for precise short game
  • D-Grind: Lots of bounce, for steep attack angles
  • The grinds left to right: M, S, T, F, D, K. (Photo: Titleist)

    The new SM10 wedges will be available in Tour Chrome, Jet Black and a new Nickel finish from February 15 for fittings and March 8 in golf stores worldwide. A raw finish can be ordered via WedgeWorks on The retail price is 199 euros for steel shafts and 219 euros for graphite shafts.

    What the pros say about the Titleist Vokey SM 10 Wedges 2024:


    Tyrrell Hatton to LIV Golf? The Brit could become Rahm’s new team member

    Tyrrell Hatton could be the latest and possibly last addition for the 2024 LIV Golf season. At least that’s what the British newspaper The Telegraph reports. According to the newspaper, Hatton has joined Jon Rahm’s new LIV Golf team and signed a contract worth 50 million pounds (approx. 58.6 million euros).

    Tyrrell Hatton in talks with LIV Golf

    Tyrrell Hatton, ranked 16th in the world, would be a high-calibre addition to the league and has already gained experience with Jon Rahm as a team-mate, most recently at the Ryder Cup in Rome, where Rahm and Hatton competed successfully together. This is another reason why rumours about Hatton have persisted for weeks. When asked about this at the Hero Dubai Desert Classic, he confirmed that he had held talks with LIV Golf, but also that he is still happy with his place on the traditional tours at the moment.

    “I would say there are several people who have had conversations,” Hatton said in Dubai. “I think that’s part of golf at the moment, but I’m very happy playing on the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour.”

    Hatton’s move would also be a very last-minute one, as the LIV golf season starts this week in Mexico. According to the Telegraph, the Briton is also set to make his debut on the new tour there. Hatton is currently still listed in the field for this week’s AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. There has been no official announcement from Hatton, LIV Golf or Jon Rahm and his “Legion XIII” team regarding this new addition.

    Speculation about new LIV Golf members

    The same applies to almost all of the newcomers who are expected to fill the open spots in the 13 teams. Not even the team name for Rahm’s team has been officially confirmed at the moment, but there is speculation that Kieran Vincent, who qualified for the league via the LIV Promotions event, and amateur Caleb Surratt will join the team alongside Hatton.

    The transfer of Adrian Meronk to LIV Golf, who is to find a place in Martin Kaymer’s Cleeks, has also allegedly been confirmed by Sports Illustrated. What is certain is that the Cleeks will be strengthened by Kalle Samooja alongside Kaymer and Richard Bland, as the captain himself confirmed in an interview with the National Club Golfer. Like Vincent, Samooja had also qualified via the promotional event. The third qualifier, Jinichiro Kozuma, is to be accommodated at Kevin Nas Iron Heads. Australian Lucas Herbert is also rumoured to be joining Cam Smith’s all-Australian Rippers team.

    Most of these speculations should either be confirmed or proved wrong with the start of the LIV golf season on 2 February in Mexico.

    PGA Tour

    Video: Shane Lowry holes from 234 meters to the albatross

    In addition to a hole in one, many a golfer dreams of an albatross. A triple shot win on just one hole is a rare event in golf and worth just as much jubilation and excitement as a hole-in-one. For Shane Lowry, it happened on the fourth day of the Farmers Insurance Open and the 36-year-old PGA Tour winner holed out for an albatross. The magic happened on the first par-5 of the South Course at Torrey Pines. Shane Lowry holed his ball from 234 meters and celebrated. In the end, the Ryder Cup player finished tied 25th at the Farmers Insurance Open 2024.

    In the video: Shane Lowry holes out for an albatross


    Adrian Meronk Rumored to Move to LIV Golf League

    Just recently, Adrian Meronk was named Player of the Year by his DP World Tour peers, but now the Polish golfer appears to be considering a move to the LIV Golf League. Meronk, who recently became a full-fledged member of the PGA Tour, is absent from the Farmers Insurance Open in San Diego, officially citing health reasons. However, speculations quickly arose linking his absence to a potential impending transfer.

    Adrian Meronk set to join the Cleeks

    Despite improving his world ranking to 39th after a strong performance in Dubai and securing a second-place finish at the Dubai Desert Classic, it seems the 30-year-old has made the decision to explore new opportunities. Initially reported by The Times in London, there are now numerous corroborating reports confirming Meronk’s imminent joining of Martin Kaymer’s Cleeks team. The Cleeks had a disappointing season on the LIV Tour, leading to the non-renewal of contracts with Bernd Wiesberger and Graeme McDowell. With the potential addition of Adrian Meronk, Team Captain Kaymer seems to have found a prominent player to fill one of the two vacant positions. A move to LIV Golf would likely result in Meronk being suspended from the PGA Tour before officially playing a round as a tour member.

    However, Meronk isn’t the only player considering a move to LIV Golf. Rumors suggest that Tyrrell Hatton, ranked 16th in the world, might also be contemplating joining the LIV Golf League. Although Hatton emphasized his commitment to the PGA Tour and DP World Tour last weekend in Dubai, LIV Golf seems to have renewed interest in the Ryder Cup player. An insider revealed that a deal with Hatton, strengthening Jon Rahm’s team, is imminent but not officially confirmed.