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Ryder Cup 2023: Cantlay uses the rough crowd as fuel

Patrick Cantlay and Wyndham Clark decide the last match of the day against Rory McIlroy and Matt Fitzpatrick on the 18th hole for themselves. With strong nerves Cantlay putted the American team to victory in this match. The day was accompanied by rumors about his missing hat and possible money demands in Team USA. Cantlay now said, “the hat just doesn’t fit me, it’s as simple as that”.

Patrick Cantlay at the Ryder Cup 2023: “We use the rough crowd as fuel”

Q. How clutch was that for you?

PATRICK CANTLAY: Hopefully have a ray of light and we can build on this session and try and pull off a big victory tomorrow.

Q. What was it like playing with this guy in this atmosphere?

WYNDHAM CLARK: Well, I told him, I said, I lose my money games all the time so I hope he can go out and make birdies and beat me like a money game. Coming down the stretch, he showed why he’s the best in the world.

Q. Hat gate has stormed into Italy from the United States. First of all why aren’t you wearing a hat?

PATRICK CANTLAY: It just doesn’t fit. It’s as simple as that. I didn’t wear it at Whistling Straits because the hat just doesn’t fit, so that’s really all it is?

Q. We talked to Sam Burns a little bit earlier about the crowd roughing him up a little bit about his mullet and got on you about the hat as well. Does that feed positive energy from your way when you’re getting it from a road crowd and giving it back to them, just a little bit, how much fun are you actually having?

PATRICK CANTLAY: I was smiling every day. I told him walking to the first tee, use it as fuel and we did all day.

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Ryder Cup 2023: Europe heads into final day with five-point lead

Saturday afternoon in Rome brings a small turnaround in the narrative of the 2023 Ryder Cup so far. The Americans can at least fight their way back into the tournament with three wins in Saturday’s fourballs. Only Ryder Cup veteran Justin Rose secures a point in his match with Robert MacIntyre. Thus, Europe nevertheless goes into the singles matches and the final day in Rome with a comfortable lead.

Europe vs USA
10,5 5,5

Ryder Cup 2023: The results of the four Fourballs of Saturday

Europe Result USA
Viktor Hovland and Ludvig Aberg  4&3 USA Sam Burns and Collin Morikawa

After the incredible performance in the foursomes with the 9&7 victory over Scottie Scheffler and Brooks Koepka, the Scandinavian duo can’t keep their form in the afternoon in the Fourballs. Hovland and Aberg have to fight for every tied hole from the start after the Americans can already take the lead on hole 1. The only point win on the front nine for Team Europe comes on hole 4.  Team USA goes into the back nine with 4Up and Hovland/Aberg fight to stay in the match. At one point it looked like a comeback with scores on holes 13 and 14, but they would have to win every hole to turn the match around. Then on number 15, the par was enough to “All Square” the hole and win the match for Sam Burns and Collin Morikawa. This means that Hovland has to give up the first point in this Ryder Cup 2023.

Europe Result USA
Nicolai Hojgaard and Tommy Fleetwood 2 & 1 USA Max Homa and Brian Harman

The match Tommy Fleetwood and Nicolai Hojgaard against Max Homa and Brian Harman developed early in favor of the American team. After a few hole losses on the front nine, Team Europe goes into the second half of the round with 4Down. It was not until the back nine that Team Europe was able to catch up and win a few holes. Fleetwood and Hojgaard show strong nerves and fight their way back to the dominating Americans with scores on holes 10 and 14. The first match hole then follows on hole 16, where Harman and Homa could decide the match in their favor. With a strong chip-in, Fleetwood at least temporarily prevents the match loss. At the following hole, however, the Europeans finally have to admit defeat after neither Fleetwood nor Hojgaard could hole the birdie on the par 3. Team USA wins 2&1 and secures the second point of this fourball session.

Europe Result USA
Justin Rose and Robert MacIntyre 3 & 2 Europa Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas

Rose and MacIntyre start with an exchange of blows on the front nine. Two holes go to the Europeans, Spieth and Thomas can secure two points. But on the back nine, the veteran of Team Europe really turns up the heat and relegates the duo from the USA to the spectator ranks. First, Rose gets the important point on the 10th hole for 1-up, then “Bob” MacIntyre can hole out for a birdie and a win on the 13th hole. Rose then takes the third point of the back nine on hole 14. After that, the two only had to maintain their lead to finally end the match on hole 16. Of course, Justin Rose shows his Ryder Cup strength here as well and holes the putt for a 3&2 win in front of the packed grandstands on the 16th hole.

Europe Result USA
Rory McIlroy and Matt Fitzpatrick 1Up USA Patrick Cantlay and Wyndham Clark

Rory McIlroy and Matt Fitzpatrick find themselves in probably the most even match of the afternoon. The thriller between the Europeans and Cantlay/Clark allows only one hole win for Europe on the front nine. Team USA can secure two holes on the back nine, the most important of which is certainly hole 17 with a nerve-racking putt from around three meters to bring the match to a split on the 18th hole. Team Europe secured another point on hole 14 to make it all square before the final hole. After two weak drives by the Europeans, Cantlay and Clark have every chance to win the 18th hole. Finally Cantlay holes for birdie and Fitzpatrick has the chance for a tie with the birdie putt on the part of the Europeans, after McIlroy already missed the birdie. The putt falls short and the Americans finish the afternoon with three points out of four.

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Ryder Cup 2023: Jon Rahm narrowly misses hole-in-one

Not only Viktor Hovland seems unstoppable on this Friday morning, but also Jon Rahm inspires with incredible golf. His tee shot from around 180 meters on hole 7 hits the flagstick and just misses the hole-in-one at the Ryder Cup 2023. The birdie after that is just a free skate.

Ryder Cup 2023: Jon Rahm’s almost-hole-in-one in video

It took six holes and an iron shot for Jon Rahm to almost play his way into the Ryder Cup history books. On the par-3, the Spaniard goes straight for the flag with an aggressive shot and hits the line to the stick perfectly. The shot comes up a few feet short of the flag, bounces a few times and then rolls toward the flag. But the speed of the ball seems a bit too high and the golf ball bounces off the flagstick and stays next to the flag for a tap-in.

The spectators in Rome, of course, celebrate the shot and cheer along during the ball flight and many a person cannot believe that this incredible tee shot did not land in the hole.

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Ryder Cup 2023: Historic victory for Team Europe in the Friday Foursomes

The first matches of the Ryder Cup 2023 are played and Team Europe starts with outstanding Foursome-Matches into the tournament. Jon Rahm and Tyrrell Hatton led the way, with Hovland/Aberg and Straka/Lowry following suit to secure points for the European team. Lastly Rory McIlroy and Tommy Fleetwood beat the previously unbeaten duo of Schauffele/Cantlay in an incredible match.

The historic result with four points from the morning sessions has never been seen before at a Ryder Cup. After the clear defeat two years ago, a real liberation for the European team.

Europa vs USA
4 0

Ryder Cup 2023: The Foursomes of Friday at a glance

Europa Ergebnis USA
Jon Rahm und Tyrrell Hatton  4 & 3 Europa Scottie Scheffler und Sam Burns

The first match of the Ryder Cup 2023 goes clearly to the Europeans. Jon Rahm and Tyrrell Hatton get going early and secure the first wins on holes 3 and 5. The only point for Team USA follows on hole 6, one hole before Jon Rahm narrowly missed a hole-in-one. After that, the match was almost decided from a European point of view. With further point wins on holes 11 and 12, the two finished the match early with 4&3 on hole 15.

Europa Ergebnis USA
Viktor Hovland und Ludvig Aberg  4 & 3 Europa Max Homa und Brian Harman

Viktor Hovland and rookie Ludvig Aberg also ended their match early on hole 15. Already on the first hole Hovland showed his current outstanding form and holed out of the semi-rough for birdie after a stumble by Aberg. Hole 2 also went to the two Europeans. With hole wins on holes 3 and 4, Homa and Harman closed the gap early on, but Hovland was unstoppable. All in all, the Scandinavian duo could win three more holes on the front nine, even if Aberg showed his fluttering nerves a few times. On the back nine, the Europeans didn’t give up another point to their opponents and secured another hole win on hole 14. With a shared 15, the match also ends with 4&3.

Europa Ergebnis USA
Sepp Straka und Shane Lowry  2 & 1 Europa Rickie Fowler und Collin Morikawa

The European duo impressed with an outstanding front nine and five hole wins, with only one point allowed by the Americans on hole 5. They then faltered on the back nine and allowed Fowler and Morikawa to make up three points. After the disappointing 16th hole, Lowry and Straka finally managed to prevail, but had to tremble once more.

Rickie Fowler almost carried the match against Straka and Lowry to the 18th hole. With “2 Up” for Europe it went to hole 17 and Team USA needed a birdie to win the hole. The shot missed the hole by a few centimeters and Straka can book his first Ryder Cup point.

Europa Ergebnis USA
Rory McIlroy und Tommy Fleetwood  2 & 1 Europa Xander Schauffele und Patrick Cantlay

It is probably the most even match of the morning. Rory McIlroy and Tommy Fleetwood are engaged in an unparalleled battle with Xander Schauffele and Patrick Cantlay. Although the Europeans do not give up the lead, Team USA remains constantly within reach. This is also the case on hole 16, when Team USA can once again cut the lead to 1 down after Fleetwood misses his tee shot into the left water hazard. But McIlroy and Fleetwood manage to do what no one has done before. They beat the previously unbeaten American duo with an outstanding shot on the green of the 17th hole and secure the historic fourth point for Europe.

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Fourball – an exciting form of tournament play

Fourball (also called bestball or fourball) is played in golf with two, three or four players per team. Each golfer in a team plays his or her own ball. However, after each hole, only the best score is included in the team score. If one player locks in a four and the team partner needs five or more strokes, only the four is scored.

The fourball format holds some tactical possibilities: In the team it can be decided, for example, that one player plays more on risk and attacks the flag directly in order to win the hole (in match play). The other team partner tries to provide back-up by trying to place the ball safely on the green and thus take the pressure off. Who takes on which role depends on the current game situation.

Fourball with numerous variations

If a player with a very low handicap competes against players with a higher handicap, another variant is conceivable: The strong golfer is on his or her own and plays alone against a team that can take advantage of the synergy. In addition, the pairing of low handicap with high handicap is advantageous in fourball tournaments played according to Stableford. Such tournaments are often offered at the beginning or end of the season, when the course is not yet or no longer in the best condition.

In stroke play, the best scores of all the holes played by a team are added together and the total number is counted at the end of the course. In match play, as it is played at the Ryder Cup or Solheim Cup for example, you play against your opponents for each hole. The team that needs fewer strokes for the respective hole gets a point. In the event of a tie, the hole is split – both teams receive half a point. The team that wins the most holes wins the match.

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Foursome format – the rules in match play

In foursomes, two teams (usually two players each) compete against each other. Within a team, players take turns stroke by stroke: Player “A” tees off. Once at the ball, player B takes the second shot with the same ball. This continues until the respective team has holed the ball in team work.

A tactically extremely important decision is made by the team before the match even begins: the two team members agree on who will tee off on the even holes and who will tee off on the odd holes. Depending on who feels confident with their driver or irons, the par 3 and par 5 holes can be divided accordingly.

Foursomes – Matchplay with your partner

Foursomes can be played both as stroke play and as match play. Alltough the match play variant is the most common and is also played in this form at major team events such as the Ryder Cup and the Solheim Cup. In English, the foursomes format of play is also often referred to as the “Alternate Shot”.

The Foursome Teams at the Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup

In major tournaments such as the Ryder Cup or the Solheim Cup, the captains of both teams have to take great care in deciding their lineups for the foursomes format. Playing strength and current form must be factored into the decision on pairings, but equally the captains would have to pay attention to the human element in the lineup – the players must function as a team.

In addition, golfers should ideally complement each other in many ways. For example, a popular option is to pair rookies, who are on the team for the first time in a major tournament, with an experienced player. Some pairings have already proven themselves in previous events and have a strong record together – so it is logical not to change anything. In the end, gut feeling certainly plays a not insignificant role in the pairing of the captains.

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Equipment: Vibrant designs light up new Galvin Green women’s collection

Women golfers seeking the most vibrant outfits for this Autumn can count on the latest collection from premium hi-tech golf apparel brand Galvin Green, with a striking pallete of colours and patterns on offer in every apparel category throughout the extensive line-up.
Featuring more than 30 distinctively bold styles, including seven new garments, the 2023 Part Two range has been designed to ensure women golfers can light up the fairways over the cooler months wearing ultra-modern styles that deliver top performance.
“Women golfers can expect a superior level of style and sophistication from the incredibly vibrant colourways and patterns on offer in our latest performance-driven collection,” said Product Manager Sofia Ask Klason. “We expect the new designs to be especially popular with those golfers seeking some of the most sustainable, long-lasting garments on the market without compromising on the incredible attention to detail that we take great pride in at Galvin Green,” she added.

The use of responsibly sourced bluesign® approved fabrics confirms the brand’s commitment to minimizing its social and environmental impact, while providing golfers with incredible warmth and comfort whatever the weather.

The new Part Two Fall Collection from Galvin Green

The latest addition to the 100% waterproof jacket range is the AIDA style in GORE TEX fabric with a lightweight mesh lining for added warmth and breathability. The chic design features a two-way front zipper in White to deliver an eye-catching appearance; shaped sleeves and adjustable cuffs for easy movement; plus, an elasticated drawstring at the hem to deliver the perfect fit. The bright Coral/White/Cool Grey option is sure to draw attention for all the right reasons. Available in two other colour combinations, the fully waterproof and windproof jacket can be matched with the lined ANNA pants in a wide range of sizes. Other standout waterproof jackets include the mesh-lined ANYA in a refreshing Blue option; the dashing ALLY style in GORE-TEX Paclite® Stretch fabric in as many as four stylish colourways; plus the ALICE GORE-TEX Paclite® in a vibrant Sugar Coral colour. The versatile LEORA full-zip jacket is the latest addition to the water resistant and windproof INTERFACE™ range. Made from stretch fabric and Thermore® padding to deliver a high warming effect, the jacket features a soft quilted pattern across the front and back of the garment for all-day comfort and an exceptional look. The style is available in three classy colours to ensure it can be worn with several outfits both on and off the golf course.
It is joined in the latest outerwear range by the padded LENE gilet constructed from partial stretch bluesign® approved fabric and LARISSA full-zip jacket in four colourways. The three garments are designed to be paired up with the LEVANA INTERFACE-1™ trousers, now available in a new Navy option, to form the ideal outfit for golf in demanding conditions.
The eco-generation INSULA™ range of warm mid-layers crafted using recycled polyester from PET plastic bottles is strengthened by the addition of the DARLENA – the brand’s first ever padded Women’s sweater. The soft and stylish garment provides an extremely warm and breathable option for chilly days, while offering a supremely sophisticated look. It is complemented by the introduction of the trendy DAGMAR hoodie with a subtle ‘GG’ logo and slits at the hip to deliver a sporty appearance, while the DONYA V-neck sweater rounds out the new warm options on offer in the INSULA™ range.
A marine-inspired combination of the MALENA shirt and matching MABEL skort in the Navy/White/Blue Bell colourway spearheads the VENTIL8™ PLUS range offering top breathability and thermal regulation during the round. Designed using soft and comfortable stretch fabric, the stylish pairing delivers an individual look that will be sure to catch the eye of playing partners.
Other top pairings include the popular MELANIE short-sleeve shirt style and smart NICOLE trousers in four matching colour combinations, plus the MEG sleeveless shirt and vivid NESSA skort for warmer days. The highly breathable NICCI leggings are a great option for those seeking a versatile piece that can be worn both on and off the course. The base layer range is comprised of the patterned ELLA shirt in SKINTIGHT™ fresh fabric offering UV 50+ protection for golf in sunny conditions, while the ELAINE shirt and EBBA leggings have been specifically designed to deliver incredible warmth in colder weather.

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New Galvin Green range reflects the ocean in top design

The 2023 Part Two collection of top designs launching in August from premium high-tech golf apparel brand Galvin Green reflects the influence of the ocean on the game of golf, with a vibrant palette of colours and patterns that will resonate with golfers who enjoy playing coastal courses.
The latest designs from the brand at the forefront of clothing technology and sustainability incorporate an array of mesmerising maritime motifs and prints, matched with bright colours across each apparel category to ensure serious golfers can play with full confidence in their clothing in all weather conditions.
“The maritime world plays a key role at many golfing venues around the world and so we wanted to showcase this aspect in our latest all-encompassing golf apparel collection,” said Designer Batur Raza Muhammad. “These distinctive designs feature some of our brightest and popular colours to deliver stylish looks, while the use of the latest high-tech fabric technologies guarantees our promise of unrivalled performance that golfers have come to expect from Galvin Green,” he added.
Working with responsibly sourced bluesign® approved fabrics across all apparel categories, the brand is introducing more than 100 new pieces to offer men, women and junior golfers the most extensive choice of long-lasting golf apparel on the market.

The new Part Two Men’s Collection

Headlining the new GORE-TEX jacket options is the sporty AXLEY half-zip with a striking hexagonal print and contrasting piping across the chest to deliver a signature Galvin Green look. The timeless waterproof and windproof style features a mesh lining for added warmth, as well as shaped sleeves, adjustable cuffs and chest tabs for easy movement and a comfortable fit. It comes in three modern colourways, including the nautical-themed Navy/Blue/White option.
Another addition is the stretch fabric ASHFORD Paclite® half-zip jacket. It features the subtle brand logo in a tonal print that spans the chest and a contrasting zipper to ensure the versatile option can be worn both on and off the course. The lightweight garment is available in three stylish colour combinations.
The jacket range is comprised of 27 pieces that can be matched up with three different waterproof pants to form the ultimate rain suit. These include the top-of-the range ALPHA pant; lined ANDY style offering added warmth, plus the ARTHUR Paclite® pant in a practical and lightweight design.

The trendy LUCIEN is a welcome addition to the versatile INTERFACE™ jacket range and is a great windproof and water repellent option. The breathable jacket features a vivid strip with woven Galvin Green branding to the right side of the garment and provides a warming effect level 2. The ultra-modern LATHAN vest in a sharp design completes the standout INTERFACE™ options and incorporates stylish colours, including Navy/White, Cool Grey/Navy and Forged Iron/Black.

The eco-generation INSULA™ range of warm mid-layers is bolstered by the arrival of the smart DURANTE in an athletic design for the coldest days on the course. Available in three striking patterns, the sweater features Thermore® padding on the shoulders and back to deliver extra comfort and warmth. It is joined by the on-trend DESMOND hoodie incorporating a new lightweight material.
Launched earlier this summer, the leading VENTIL8™ PLUS shirt range offers more than a dozen styles, including the MALCOLM and MO shirts that feature striking maritime prints inspired by the natural beauty of bucket list golfing venues to deliver unrivalled premium looks and top performance. All VENTIL8™ PLUS shirts provide excellent moisture-transportation properties and breathability to keep the body dry, while offering UV 20+ protection in warmer temperatures.

The Galvin Green Part Two Women’s Collection

The new women’s GORE-TEX range delivers top performance in the harshest of conditions and is headlined by the all-new AIDA waterproof jacket with lightweight mesh lining for added warmth and breathability. It features a two-way front zipper for a perfect fit and comes in a super eye-catching Coral/White/Cool Grey option for a perfect blend of functionality and style.
A new addition to the water resistant and windproof INTERFACE™ jacket range is the LEORA. Made from stretch fabric and Thermore® padding for a warming effect level three, the versatile jacket features a soft quilted pattern and comes in three classy colours.
The leading INSULA™ line-up is strengthened by the addition of the DARLENA – the brand’s first ever padded Women’s sweater. The soft and stylish mid-layer provides an extremely warm and breathable option. It is complimented by the sporty DAGMAR hoodie with a subtle ‘GG’ logo and slits at the hip for the perfect fit. The garment is also crafted using the new lightweight material.
A marine-inspired combination follows into the VENTIL8™ PLUS range. The MALENA shirt in the Navy/White/Blue Bell colourway and matching MABEL skort spearhead the stylish options for women golfers designed to deliver top breathability and thermal regulation in warm conditions.

The Galvin Green Junior Collection

The trendy RYKER hoodie leads the way in the contemporary range for younger players. Designed to deliver unrivalled comfort, the garment features the distinctive ‘GG’ logo at the centre and prominent branding on the left sleeve. The RAZ sweater is also new in a vibrant, ocean-themed Blue colourway. The full Part Two collection is completed by a selection of shorts and skorts, SKINTIGHT™ thermal garments, plus complementary accessories such as caps, belts and bandanas.

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British Open 2023 target of climate activists “Just Stop Oil

On the second day of the British Open 2023, despite efforts by the organizers, some climate activists from the protest group “Just Stop Oil” made it onto the grounds of the Royal Liverpool Golf Club. Using orange paint, the four individuals targeted the 17th green of the golf course.

British Open 2023: Billy Horschel helps police with “Just Stop Oil” protest

On the morning of the second round, the four activists from the climate group “Just Stop Oil”, who have already caused a stir at other sporting events such as Wimbledon, arrived on the grounds of the Open Championship. On the 17th green, one activist threw orange paint in the direction of the course. Shortly after, however, she was already taken into police custody with the help of Billy Horschel. His flight was about to putt on the short par 3 during the action.

After the incident, the R&A released a brief statement on the incident. “A protester was quickly apprehended on the 17th hole and is one of 4 people who have been arrested by the police. Play was not disrupted and we would like to thank the marshals, players and other spectators for their vigilance and understanding as the protestors were removed.”

R&A and police already prepared for protest actions

Police have already been working in advance with the organizing R&A on plans for incidents of this nature to minimize disruption to match operations, visitors and local residents. “The public should be prepared for the police to maintain a high presence throughout the event as we complement and support other security agencies. There are a number of plans and processes in place to deal with any incidents and prevent significant or ongoing disruption to spectators, residents and businesses,” said local police Chief Superintendent Mark Wiggins.

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Callaway Golf and Jon Rahm announce long-term partnership extension

Today Callaway Golf, one of the industry’s leaders in golf equipment design, performance, and innovation, and Jon Rahm, one of the best players in the world, announced a new long-term partnership extension.

Rahm joined Callaway in 2021 and earned his first major championship win at the 2021 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines, which moved him to Number One in the World Golf Rankings. He won three more times in 2022 and has continued his remarkable run of form this season. Jon leads the PGA TOUR with four wins in 2023, highlighted by his second major championship in April at Augusta, where he delivered a masterful performance to secure the Green Jacket.

Jon Rahm also on the road with Callaway in 2024

Rahm will continue to play a full bag of Callaway and Odyssey equipment, wear Callaway headwear, TravisMathew apparel and footwear, and support Topgolf’s global golf entertainment venue business. Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp. (NYSE: MODG) will leverage this partnership towards the Company’s strategic goal of strengthening its position as the leader in golf equipment globally, as well as its leadership positions across the modern golf ecosystem.

“I’m so happy to continue this incredible relationship with Callaway and I truly have played the best golf of my career with their equipment,” Rahm said in a provided statement. “From the driver to the golf ball, they continue to set the bar higher with every new product line, and I’m looking forward to many more great years with their team.”

“We’re so proud to have Jon on our staff, and we couldn’t be more excited about this extension of our long-term partnership,” said Topgolf Callaway Brands President & CEO, Chip Brewer. “Jon is an amazing talent, and he’s driven to be one of the very best to ever play the game. Equally important, he is a man of strong integrity and a brand ambassador who shares our passion for making a positive impact on our global sport. It’s a pleasure to work with him, and we look forward to focusing our considerable resources on his continued success.”

This extension includes an equity position for Rahm in Topgolf Callaway Brands, a position that both aligns the Company’s interests and demonstrates Jon’s confidence in the strategic direction of the Modern Golf family of TCB Corp Brands.