World Golf Ranking: Scottie Scheffler Stays on Top as Brian Harman Breaks into Top-10

The World Golf Ranking this week has Scottie Scheffler retaining his position at the top. While there were no changes among the top nine golfers, Brian Harman pushed his compatriot Max Homa out of the Top Ten and took tenth place.

Further Changes in the World Golf Ranking for American Players

In addition to Brian Harman’s rise into the top ten, another US American, Keegan Bradley, is also attracting attention. Bradley tied for second place with Scottie Scheffler at the Charles Schwab Challenge, climbing from 20th place in the OWGR to 14th. Tournament winner Davis Riley also made a big leap in the rankings, moving up from 250th to 78th place.

Changes within the Top-10 of the World Golf Ranking

The top 10 of the World Golf Ranking remains largely stable, with Scottie Scheffler firmly holding onto the number 1 spot. Rory McIlroy, Viktor Hovland, and Ludvig Aberg maintain their respective positions at 3, 5, and 6. Jon Rahm, Patrick Cantlay, and Collin Morikawa also witness no changes in their ranks. However, Max Homa drops to 11th as Brian Harman’s rise signifies the only major shift within the top 10 this week.

PlayerCurrent RankPrevious RankAverage Points
Scottie Scheffler1115.12
Xander Schauffele228.75
Wyndham Clark446.13
Patrick Cantlay884.61
Collin Morikawa994.57
Brian Harman10114.06

World Golf Ranking: Tommy Fleetwood Holds Top Position Among UK Players

The latest World Golf Ranking shows notable shifts among UK players. Tommy Fleetwood maintains his position as the top-ranked UK golfer at 13th place in the world, unchanged from last week, with an average points score of 3.9556. Matt Fitzpatrick follows as the second-highest UK player, currently ranked 17th, dropping from 15th last week, and averaging 3.4454 points.

World Golf Ranking: Third to Fifth Best UK Players

The third-ranked UK golfer is Tyrrell Hatton at 19th place, down from 18th last week, with an average of 3.3197 points. Justin Rose holds the 56th spot, with no change in position and an average score of 2.0296. Aaron Rai rounds out the top five UK players at 75th position, a slight drop from 74th last week, and an average of 1.5735 points.

Top 10 Players in the World Golf Ranking

The top of the World Golf Ranking remains stable with Scottie Scheffler holding the number one spot. Xander Schauffele remains second, followed by Rory McIlroy in third. Wyndham Clark and Viktor Hovland also maintain their positions at fourth and fifth place, respectively. Ludvig Aberg is steady at sixth, Jon Rahm at seventh, and Patrick Cantlay at eighth. Collin Morikawa holds ninth place, with the biggest change in the top ten being Brian Harman, who moved up to tenth from 11th place last week, displacing Max Homa to 11th.

Rank Player Nationality Change from Last Week Average Points
13 Tommy Fleetwood ENG 0 3.9556
17 Matt Fitzpatrick ENG -2 3.4454
19 Tyrrell Hatton ENG -1 3.3197
56 Justin Rose ENG 0 2.0296
75 Aaron Rai ENG -1 1.5735

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World Golf Ranking: Rory McIlroy Gaining Points with Recent Win

Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland maintains his 2nd position in the World Golf Ranking, reinforcing his status as the top-ranked golfer from the United Kingdom. Tommy Fleetwood from England, ranking 11th, has held steady with no movement since last week, confirming his position within the elite ranks.

World Golf Ranking and UK Players

Matt Fitzpatrick from England, occupying the 14th position, sustains his place with no change from the previous week. Tyrrell Hatton, also from England, experiences a negative shift, dropping to the 18th spot from 17th. Scotsman Robert MacIntyre, ranked 84th, remains consistent with his previous ranking.

New Top Three in World Golf Ranking

Scottie Scheffler from the USA continues to lead the World Golf Ranking as number one, followed by Rory McIlroy. Xander Schauffele of the USA climbs to 3rd place, seeing improvement from 4th.

World Golf Ranking Positions 4-10

Wyndham Clark from the USA experiences a decrease to 4th from 3rd. Jon Rahm of Spain remains in 5th position. Max Homa from the USA makes notable progress, advancing to the 9th position from 10th, while Brian Harman from the USA moves down to 10th from 9th.


World Golf Ranking: Xander Schauffele Moves up to Third Place

In the current World Golf Ranking, Scottie Scheffler retains the top position, demonstrating his continued dominance in the sport. Compatriot Xander Schauffele, now at third, has climbed one spot, marking a positive shift. Wyndham Clark, another American, moves down to fourth.

Analyzing further down the list, Patrick Cantlay holds steady in eighth, while Max Homa’s upward move to ninth indicates a favorable outcome from recent performances. Brian Harman rounds out the top 10, falling one position.

The ongoing fluctuations in the World Golf Ranking provide insight into the changing landscape of professional golf, particularly among American golfers who are consistently making their presence felt. Moving beyond individual achievements, the top 10-featured players like Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy staying static at second, Spanish golf professional Jon Rahm at fifth, and Sweden’s Ludvig Aberg holding the sixth position.  Viktor Hovland of Norway also remained in his seventh spot, maintaining a firm stance among golf’s best.


World Golf Ranking: Scheffler Remains Number One, Kohles Climbs Into the Top 100

At the summit of the World Golf Ranking, Scottie Scheffler of the USA retains his number one position, continuing his firm hold on the lead. Fellow American Wyndham Clark remains at number three, maintaining his presence in the upper echelon of the rankings. Both players have shown consistency, keeping their standings intact from the previous week.

World Golf Ranking: American dominance, Kohles with a big leap

In the second tier of top American golfers, Xander Schauffele holds steady at number four, Patrick Cantlay at number eight, and Brian Harman at number nine, all preserving their positions from the previous week, indicating a stable performance among the leading American contenders in the World Golf Ranking. Max Homa completes the US American dominance in the Top-Ten at position ten.

There is also good news for one US player at the end of the top 100 players in the World Golf Ranking. After Ben Kohles finished second behind Canada’s Taylor Pendrith at THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson on the PGA, the 34-year-old climbed from 139th to a career-best 82nd place.

The World Golf Ranking narratives continue to evolve with shifts at the top. Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland, a perennial figure in elite golf, is stationed at number two, a spot he has successfully defended from the prior week. Jon Rahm of Spain, at number five, and Viktor Hovland from Norway, ranked at number seven, contribute to the diverse international contingent in the upper ranks, reflecting the global competitiveness of the sport.

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World Golf Ranking: McIlroy Remains Second, Fleetwood Is the Best Englishman

In the latest World Golf Ranking, Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy remains as the best UK player at second place. Tommy Fleetwood holds the top spot among British golfers at 11th, maintaining his position from the previous week. Close behind, Matt Fitzpatrick also retains his rank at 14th. These stable placements represent a sustained performance at the highest level.

World Golf Ranking: Hardly any changes among the UK players

Tyrrell Hatton, another significant name from England, sits at 17th, preserving his rank alongside his fellow countrymen. The unchanged positions of these top players suggest consistency in their recent performances on the tour. Having three British players within the top 20 highlights the continued presence of UK golfers in the upper echelons of the sport.

Turning to golfers from Scotland, Robert MacIntyre ranks 84th, undergoing a small slide down the ranking from the previous week. Matt Wallace from England makes strides moving up to 85th. While MacIntyre’s downward adjustment is a setback, Wallace’s improvement can be taken as a positive sign going into the upcoming tournaments.

The current leader of the World Golf Ranking remains Scottie Scheffler, who continues to hold the 1st position, matching his standing from last week. Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy, a prominent figure in the sport, is the second-best golfer in the ranking. The stability at the pinnacle of the ranking with Scheffler and McIlroy reflects their dominant forms in recent competitions. Following these frontrunners, America’s Wyndham Clark stays at 3rd place, which completes the unchanged leadership trio in the World Golf Ranking. Down the order, Xander Schauffele (4th), Jon Rahm (5th), Ludvig Aberg (6th), Viktor Hovland (7th), Patrick Cantlay (8th), Brian Harman (9th), and Max Homa (10th) all maintain their previous week’s positions, revealing no movement among the top ten. In such an environment, maintaining position is a critical success factor for the elite golfers looking to cement their supremacy in the sport.

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World Golf Ranking: Xander Schauffele Moves Up To Fourth Place

The latest release of the World Golf Ranking sees Scottie Scheffler maintaining his position at the peak as the number one golfer. This stability at the top reflects a consolidation of his exceptional performance in recent tournaments. Fellow American, Wyndham Clark, holds the third rank.

Looking at the broader scope of Americans, Xander Schauffele, following a positive advancement from rank five to four, demonstrates upward momentum again. Meanwhile, Patrick Cantlay, is experiencing a static phase, remaining his previous eighth. Brian Harman witnesses an elevation from rank ten to nine while Max Homa drops from ninth to tenth in the World Golf Ranking.

The World Golf Ranking sees Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland holding firm at the second rank. Alongside him, Jon Rahm from Spain stands at fifth, preceding Ludvig Aberg from Sweden and Viktor Hovland from Norway, both retaining their previous sixth and seventh ranks.

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World Golf Ranking: Rory McIlroy Remains Second After PGA Tour Win

The current state of the World Golf Ranking showcases the dynamic landscape of professional golf. Leading the pack is Scottie Scheffler from the USA, maintaining his position at the summit. Rory McIlroy, representing Northern Ireland, also holds steady at the second spot. These rankings reflect consistency at the highest level of competition.

Shifts in the UK Golfers

The World Golf Ranking indicates movements among the leading UK players, with England’s Tommy Fleetwood at rank 11 and Matt Fitzpatrick at 14, both sustaining their previous week’s positions. England’s Tyrrell Hatton sees no change at the 17th spot.

Analysis of Top Ranks in the World Golf Ranking

Further examination of the World Golf Ranking reveals the stability among the top three, with the USA’s Wyndham Clark retaining the third position as well as Scottie Scheffler at the first rank. The remaining top 10 of the World Golf Ranking experiences some shifting. Xander Schauffele of the USA moves up to fourth, indicating a positive development in his ranking. Jon Rahm from Spain drops to fifth, reflecting a slight decline. Notably, Brian Harman of the USA ascends to the ninth position, a noteworthy positive change from the previous tenth spot, while Max Homa experiences a small setback, slipping to 10th.


World Golf Ranking: Fleetwood Best Brit, Movement in the Top 10

In the latest World Golf Ranking, two British players maintain prominence. Tommy Fleetwood, holding steady at the 11th position, remains the top-ranked British golfer. Matt Fitzpatrick, experiencing a slight dip to the 14th position, continues to be a key figure within the golfing fraternity.

Tyrrell Hatton at 17th has also witnessed a minor decline. Directly following, Justin Rose, previously 61st, now occupies the 62nd slot, indicating a slight regression. Robert MacIntyre moves from 80th to 82nd. The top ten of the World Golf Ranking sees Scottie Scheffler retaining the top spot without change. Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland continues as runner-up, anchoring the second position. Wyndham Clark, an American golfer, has ascended to the third place, indicating a notable rise from the fifth spot and showcasing significant form. By contrast, Xander Schauffele of the USA has slipped from third to fifth. Within the remaining top ten, movements are minimal with the exception of Sahith Theegala who has made a noteworthy leap from 17th to 12th. This indicates a strong performance trajectory in the competitive landscape of the World Golf Ranking.


World Golf Ranking: Scottie Scheffler Cements His Spot At The Top

In the latest World Golf Ranking update, Scottie Scheffler of the USA continues to lead as the world’s top golfer after his second win of the Masters Tournament 2024. Close behind, Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland maintains his second-place ranking after placing T22 in the tournament. McIlroy’s position remains unchanged from the previous week.

Further down the rankings, other UK golfers are experiencing varying degrees of movement. Tommy Fleetwood from England has made a jump to the 11th position, climbing from 13th, showcasing an upward trajectory. However, Matt Fitzpatrick has experienced a slight decline, dropping from 10th to 12th rank. Meanwhile, Tyrrell Hatton has improved his standing by climbing from the 19th to the 16th position.

Outside of the UK contingent, the rankings show notable changes among the elite top-10 golfers globally. Xander Schauffele of the USA has climbed to the third position, up from fifth, while Jon Rahm from Spain has slightly slipped to fourth from third. That marks the first time since July 2023, that a different player is number three. Additionally, Ludvig Aberg from Sweden and Max Homa from the USA have risen to the seventh and ninth positions respectively.