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Solheim Cup 2023: Pedersen and Sagstrom put Crucial Point on the Board

Emily Pedersen and Madelene Sagstrom kept the much-needed momentum of Team Europe’s 2023 Solheim Cup campaign on Saturday afternoon going, putting a crucial point on the board. Both players reflected on the day, indicating their satisfaction with their play and the newfound energy in the European team.

Emily Pedersen: “We backed each other up”

Pedersen emphasized the enjoyment she experienced playing alongside Sagstrom, saying, “It was a lot of fun. We backed each other up, playing pretty solid golf all the way around.” A 10-under result highlighted the duo’s superior gameplay, with each complementing the other perfectly, especially when one faced difficulties.

The team’s unity was pivotal following a frustrating start, with Sagstrom stating, “We all knew that good golf was in us.” The team collectively managed to reset their mindset after an initially disappointing performance on Friday morning, and the subsequent sessions have seen a more resolute and coherent European team. Pedersen echoed this sentiment, feeling proud of the team for “picking ourselves up” and maintaining a positive mindset.

Solheim Cup 2023: Team Europe turned the tide

The duo credits the team’s mental toughness for turning the tide after the initial setbacks. Pedersen had a personal moment of resolve after hitting a remarkable 3-wood on the 11th, committing to a more decisive and aggressive approach. This unwavering belief in their abilities and the motivational push from their captain, Suzann, played a crucial role in the team’s reinvigorated performance.

Madelene Sagstrom: “The past is in the past”

Sagstrom highlighted the importance of focusing on the present and learning from past mistakes, saying, “the past is in the past. All we can focus on is what we’re doing this afternoon and today.” Both players agreed on staying present and not tracking the scoreboards, focusing primarily on their matches and maintaining a constant aggressive approach.

Both players harmonized well in their strategies and club selections, offering mutual support and complementing each other’s playstyles. Sagstrom remarked, “Emily and I play extremely similar. It was a different feeling for me today. It was great.” The mutual understanding and alignment in strategies marked a different yet fruitful experience for both players.

Their meticulous preparation, unyielding spirit, synergy, and focus on the present moment propelled them to deliver a pivotal point for Team Europe, setting the stage for an intriguing finale at the Solheim Cup.

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Solheim Cup 2023 – Leona Maguire: “Mission accomplished”

In a compelling show of skill and partnership, Team Europe’s Leona Maguire and Charley Hull dominated Saturday afternoon, leaving no room for the Americans to claw back, reinforcing Europe’s presence on the 2023 Solheim Cup leaderboard.

Solheim Cup 2023: Interview with Leona Maguire and Charley Hull

Leona Maguire showcased great reverence and respect for opponents Nelly Korda and Ally Ewing, acknowledging their prowess from previous encounters. “We knew we had to bring our A games this afternoon. So, just played really solid and didn’t really give them a chance to fight back at all,” reflected Maguire on the scintillating performance she delivered alongside Hull.

Charley Hull echoed her partner’s sentiments, citing the harmonious synergy and the composed demeanor they both share as crucial elements in their match play. “I’m not really a player that gets the crowds going like this or big fist pumps, neither is Leona, and we kind of just jell and do our own thing and we work well together,” said Hull, pleased with putting more blue on the board.

The mutual admiration between the pair was evident, with Hull labeling playing alongside Maguire as an “honor” and applauding her “unbelievable” play. Maguire reciprocated, expressing her anticipation for this pairing, “I think this was a pairing, me and Charley, I’ve been looking forward to for awhile.”

Despite a slightly rough morning, Maguire managed to recalibrate, reinforcing her determination and focus for the afternoon session. Maguire and Hull’s refreshing chemistry and alignment in approach were critical in maintaining control, and their performance was a testament to their resilient spirit and unwavering fight.

Leona Maguire: “Mission accomplished”

The match’s strategic significance was not lost on them. “Suzann was pretty clear of what our job was today, so mission accomplished so far, and we’ll go cheer on the rest of the girls and hopefully they can bring it home,” Maguire stated, underscoring the influence their match could have on the subsequent groups.

Team Europe’s Captain, Suzann Pettersen, had evidently set clear expectations for the duo—attaining a point was paramount. The succinct directive resonated with Maguire, “Come out, get your point, simple as,” was the order of the day, one that they successfully fulfilled, subduing the Americans from the get-go.

Charley Hull, despite struggling with a neck sprain, dubbed a “facet sprain,” displayed remarkable resilience, adapting her swing and continuing to display high levels of energy and gameplay. Her exemplary courage, coupled with Maguire’s relentless pursuit of excellence, fortified Team Europe’s standing.

As Team Europe extends its grasp on the Solheim Cup, the camaraderie and relentless spirit showcased by Leona Maguire and Charley Hull have not only fortified the morale within their ranks but have also painted the leaderboard with more shades of blue, promising an exciting showdown as the tournament progresses.

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Solheim Cup 2023: Team Europe catches up in the Fourballs

All four fourball matches on Friday afternoon at the Solheim Cup 2023 were hard contested. While Team Europe secured itself 3 of the 4 possible points, Team USA will still take the lead with a total of 5 points into Saturday.

Solheim Cup 2023: Fourball Matches

Match 5 – Rose Zhang/Megan Khang (USA) tied Gemma Dryburgh/Madelene Sagstrom (EUR)

The United States held the lead from the jump, going 1-up after the first hole. It stayed a 1-up USA advantage through three before Madelene Sagstrom birdied No. 4, deadlocking the match for another hole. Then, Rose Zhang birdied No. 4 just to find the match tied once again after another European birdie on 6. Megan Khang put the Americans back in the lead, where it stayed until being knotted up after 12. The Europeans took their first lead of the match thanks to another Sagstrom birdie but quickly found themselves tied again after 15. Gemma Dryburgh looked to give Europe the edge again after holing out from the fiarway on 16, but Zhang sunk a clutch birdie putt to keep the match dormy. A round of pars on 18 kept the score that way, securing a half point for each squad.

“Halves are huge. I think from past Solheims, you forget how important halves are,” said Khang when asked about how important the half-point was for the team. “But, you know, obviously we’d love to get a full point, but Madelene and Gemma played really well and it was a fun match, honestly. Shots were exchanged, a couple tap-ins here and there from both teams, and again, both clutch putts from both, like, Gemma, Madelene, and everyone in the group.”

Match 6 – Georgia Hall/Leona Maguire (EUR) def. Lexi Thompson/Lilia Vu (USA) – 1 up

After losing each of their foursomes matches this morning, Georgia Hall and Leona Maguire took the Solheim Cup stage again, this time paired together for fourball. The duo stayed even with Americans Lexi Thompson and Solheim Cup rookie Lilia Vu through the first three holes. Hall birdied hole No. 4, giving Europe the 1-up lead for the next nine holes. On 14, Thompson drove the green on the short par 4 and sunk an eagle putt to knot the match. Not for long, though, as the Europeans once again reclaimed the lead and held it for Nos. 15 and 16 before Vu birdied hole 17, tying it up just before the final hole. Coming down to the wire, Maguire chipped in for an impressive birdie and the Americans could not match it, giving Europe their first full point of the event.

“I think our games complement each other really well,” Hall said about why her and Maguire make good partners. “Leona’s short game, as you saw, is phenomenal. I think having a short iron into some holes that gives us maybe a bit more of an aggressive play. But we get on really well, and I think we know each other’s games pretty good. Yeah, it’s nice to be undefeated.”

Match 7 – Jennifer Kupcho/Allisen Corpuz (USA) tied Maja Stark/Emily Kristine Pedersen (EUR)

The U.S. Team took the early 1-up lead thanks to a birdie from Jennifer Kupcho. Her and partner Allisen Corpuz stayed comfortably in the lead through five of the first six holes until Maja Stark tied the match with a birdie on No. 7. America reclaimed the lead on 8 and held it for the next three holes until Emily Kristine Pedersen aced hole No. 12, using her 7-iron to earn just the second hole-in-one in Solheim Cup history and first since Vice Captain Anna Nordqvist made one in 2013. The celebration did not last long with Kupcho adding another birdie on No. 13, giving the U.S. the lead through 15 where Europe tied it up once again. After an even 17, the teams took to No. 18 with the match on the line. Corpuz applied the pressure, sinking a birdie putt to give America the chance before Stark stared down a birdie putt of her own, sinking it and halving the match. 

“Yeah, I mean, I made a lot of birdies. She made a lot of birdies. They made a couple of really good shots holing out. So it was a good match. We played really well,” said Kupcho of the match. 

Match 8 – Carlota Ciganda/Linn Grant (EUR)def. Angel Yin/Ally Ewing (USA) – 4 and 2

In front of her home crowd, Spaniard Carlota Ciganda and her frouball partner Linn Grant earned a decisive win over Angel Yin and Ally Ewing. Ciganda birdied hole one, giving the Europeans their first lead of the day. That lead gradually grew as the matches went on, thanks to low scores by Ciganda and Grant on No. 4, which pushed the lead to two. Yin birdied No. 6, bringing the lead within one. It would stay that way for the next four holes until a Grant birdie on 11 and another Ciganda birdie on 14 put the Europeans 3-up. They finished 4&2 thanks to a pair of birdies on 16, giving Europe their second full point of the day. 

“I was just embracing it and having fun. I think the atmosphere on the first hole, it’s amazing. I’m so happy that we get to play here in Spain. It’s very special for me. I think, yeah, we played great. I feel very comfortable with Linn. She’s an amazing player. I really like how she is on the course and I think that we played a really good four-ball and we were in control all the time. Hopefully, we can keep it the same tomorrow,” said Ciganda. 

(Text: LPGA Communications)

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Solheim Cup 2023: Suzann Pettersen: “We’re all very ready”

In the run-up to the eagerly anticipated Solheim Cup 2023, a series of press conferences revealed a buzzing atmosphere of excitement, anticipation, and unity within the European team. The captain and players shared their insights, expectations, and reflections on their journey, emphasizing the strength, harmony, and strategy leading into this prestigious event.

Solheim Cup 2023: Strongest Team Europe ever?

European Solheim Cup team captain, Suzann Pettersen, and her vice-captains Anna Nordqvist, Laura Davies, and Caroline Martens, radiated confidence and enthusiasm as they discussed the upcoming event. Pettersen went on to boldly declare her squad the “strongest Solheim Cup team ever,” a testament to their consistently remarkable performances in recent years. She stressed the elevated expectations this brings but reassured that her team is well-prepared and eager, affirming, “we’re all very ready to go.”

Anna Nordqvist opened up about her experience juggling the roles of a player and vice-captain, acknowledging the newfound insights she has gained into the meticulous organization of the Solheim Cup. This deeper perspective has increased her appreciation for the dedication required to make the event successful. Nordqvist expressed her gratitude, “It makes you appreciate the experience playing inside the ropes even more.”

Caroline Martens, focusing on her role behind the scenes, emphasized her efforts to align resources and act as a support pillar for the team members. Laura Davies lauded Pettersen’s leadership style as “calmer” and “friendlier” than anticipated, gaining the respect of the young players within the team. Both veterans recognized the unprecedented depth of talent in the team, attributed to the players’ extensive experience and success on the LPGA Tour.

Pettersen and the team revealed their anticipation for the head-to-head, focusing on showcasing the strength of European golf and discussing strategy. The captain highlighted the importance of transparency, teamwork, and understanding the human aspect to create dynamic pairings where players complement each other, emphasizing, “it’s all about the team. This is not about individuals.” The conferences concluded with players expressing unity and excitement while keeping their strategies close to the vest.

Eager European Rookies

The Swedes on the team, including rookies Linn Grant and Maja Stark, expressed their eagerness and excitement, emphasizing the unity within the team and their positive experiences playing in Spain. “We’re all trying to become one united group,” Grant stated. Both rookies shared insights on their learnings from past matches and the growth of Swedish golf, expressing comfort in playing together amidst the great atmosphere and unity in the team.

Leona Maguire and Celine Boutier shared their excitement and perspectives on the course conditions, team dynamics, and endurance. Maguire highlighted the need for both physical and mental endurance, stating, “Managing energy, I think, is going to be big.” They also emphasized their focus on delivering their best performance without succumbing to pressure and highlighted the incredible reward of team victories.

Spanish Hero Carlota Ciganda

Carlota Ciganda, relishing in the charm of Spanish traditions, expressed her thrill to play in her home country, Spain, describing it as “a dream come true.” She provided insights about the challenging course conditions and commended captain Pettersen for her competitive spirit. Ciganda emphasized the strength of the current team, depicting a harmonious blend of youthful energy and seasoned experience and shared her strategic approach to foster the growth of the game in Spain.

Gemma Dryburgh, making her debut, emphasized that the experience had “exceeded every expectation” and noted the excitement around being a part of the team and representing Scotland. Georgia Hall highlighted the “great atmosphere within the team room,” reflecting the harmonious and relaxed environment created under Suzann’s leadership.

Solheim Cup 2023: Team Europe is ready

The series of press conferences have painted a vivid picture of a united, excited, and ready European team, poised to make a mark in the upcoming Solheim Cup. The combination of seasoned veterans, ambitious rookies, and a harmonious blend of experiences and insights have set the stage for a riveting showdown. The fervor and anticipation emanating from Team Europe are palpable, promising an enthralling spectacle for the golf aficionados worldwide.

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Stacy Lewis on the missed Opportunity of Ryder Cup/Solheim Cup 2023 Double Feature

As the anticipation builds ahead of the Solheim Cup 2023 in Spain, Team USA, led by Captain Stacy Lewis, emanates a sense of excitement, unity, and confidence. The press conferences provided a platform for the players to express their feelings, expectations, and preparations for the high-stake tournament, revealing insights into their mentality, camaraderie, and strategic approaches.

Team USA Captain Stacy Lewis: “We’re moving in the right direction”

Captain Stacy Lewis and her squad have hit the ground running, focusing on unity and trust within the team to navigate the challenges presented by the course layout. Lewis expressed her excitement, saying, “We’ve had good practice rounds, and we’re moving in the right direction.” Her sentiments were echoed by Morgan Pressel and Natalie Gulbis, with the latter describing the Solheim Cup as her “absolute favorite work week.”

Analyzing the event’s location and logistics, Lewis highlighted how analytics played a pivotal role in their preparations, “It’s been my start point for everything… analytics are a huge part of what we’re doing.” The strategic significance of the drivable par-4 on the first hole was also discussed, seen as an opportunity to put some pressure on Team Europe right from the start.

Despite some setbacks and disappointments over missed opportunities for joint promotions with the Ryder Cup Lewis remains hopeful about future collaborations for the betterment of women’s sport, “I thought this could have been marketed together as two weeks in Europe, two Cups for play… Let’s further the game of golf in general,” she stated.

The camaraderie, mutual support, and the shared excitement are forming the essence of Team USA’s experience ahead of the Solheim Cup 2023. The amalgamation of experienced guidance from the veterans, the youthful energy from the rookies, and the strategic insights under Captain Lewis’s leadership have made the team optimistic about facing the challenges and putting up a spirited fight in the tournament.

Solheim Cup 2023 Rookies are excited

The rookies of Team USA, Andrea Lee, Rose Zhang, Cheyenne Knight, Allisen Corpuz and Lilia Vu, expressed their surreal experiences and excitement at being part of such a prestigious event. Lee described being in Spain and witnessing everything coming together as “super exciting,” while Zhang emphasized her commitment to the team’s success, “Regardless of how much I’m playing, I’m going to be fighting out there every single event or every single match that I participate in.”

Vu likened the team environment to her experiences with college golf, emphasizing the enjoyment she’s found in practice rounds and team bonding activities. The comparison between their shared history and experiences at the Solheim Cup 2023 was marked as special, especially by Stanford Cardinals, Andrea Lee, and Rose Zhang, who valued their shared experiences in Spain.

Veterans offer Insights and Guidance

The veterans, Angel Yin and Angela Stanford, offered valuable guidance and support to the newcomers, helping them navigate their nerves and adrenaline. Yin expressed confidence in the rookies, citing them as well-experienced and praising the leadership of Stacy, “she really keeps the team together, and she’s very transparent, very good at communicating…”

Stanford shared advice to rookies on enjoying the unique experience and being honest. She along with Morgan Pressel emphasized the team’s competitive nature and considered it a real asset for the upcoming matches.

The players engaged in special bonding activities like trivia games and dinner outings, cherishing the moments and gifts received, especially their USA golf bags. The players, including Cheyenne Knight and Allisen Corpuz, highlighted the cohesive dynamics, supportive atmosphere, and the beautiful landscape of the golf course.

Ally Ewing, Lexi Thompson, and Danielle Kang emphasized the honor of representing their country and showed enthusiasm about the team’s strength and leadership. They discussed the course’s condition, the strategy involved, and the importance of statistics in preparing partnerships, providing better insights for teaming up.

With the new approach fostering unity, challenging terrains sparking strategic discussions, and the unequivocal commitment from every member, Team USA seems ready to represent their country with their best efforts and is looking forward to the competition with zeal and anticipation. The Solheim Cup is thus setting the stage for a spirited clash, blending experience with fresh talent and strategic gameplay, promising an enthralling experience for the spectators.

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Phil Mickelson’s Heartfelt Warning on the Perils of Gambling

Phil Mickelson, the renowned golfer with the storied career, has taken to Twitter to share a deeply personal reflection on his past struggles with gambling addiction. As the football season kicks off in the United States, Mickelson’s words serve as a poignant reminder of the perils of betting and the impact it can have on personal relationships.

He begins by acknowledging the majority who enjoy the football season in moderation, indulging in fantasy leagues and friendly bets. However, he candidly admits, “I won’t be betting this year because I crossed the line of moderation and into addiction which isn’t any fun at all.” Mickelson’s struggles were never about financial insecurity, he claims. Instead, the true cost of his addiction was the emotional and relational toll it took on him and his loved ones. A haunting sentiment he recalls from those close to him is: “You’re here but you’re not with us.” This sense of detachment, likened to being in a shelter during a hurricane, oblivious to the destruction outside, encapsulates the isolating nature of addiction.

Phil Mickelson On His Gambling Addiction

Mickelson’s account also highlights the dangers of surrounding oneself with enablers, who can often be mistaken for friends. His public profile added another layer of complexity, making him vulnerable to those who sought to profit from his missteps. Yet, amidst the turmoil, a beacon of support remained: his partner, Amy. He lauds her unwavering love and strength, crediting her with helping him navigate through his “darkest and most difficult times.”

The journey to recovery wasn’t swift. After years of professional help and abstaining from gambling, Mickelson describes a newfound sense of peace. He admits, “I still have a lot of cleaning up to do with those I love the most but I’m doing it slowly and as best I can.”

In closing, Mickelson implores his followers to approach this football season with caution. The allure of betting should never overshadow the value of presence, for, in his words, “the moments with the ones you love will be far more remembered than any bet you win or fantasy league triumph.”

Mickelson’s heartfelt confession underscores the potential dangers of gambling and sports betting. While many engage in such activities harmlessly, it’s crucial to recognize the fine line between enjoyment and addiction. For those teetering on the brink, or already ensnared, Mickelson’s story is a testament to the power of love, professional help, and personal resolve in the face of adversity.

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DP World Tour: Harrington and Lowry delighted to be back on home soil

Former champions Pádraig Harrington and Shane Lowry can’t wait to tee it up in front of the home crowds as they return to The K Club for the Horizon Irish Open on the DP World Tour.

Irish Open at the K Club

Harrington ended a more than 30 year wait for an Irish winner when he claimed the coveted title at Adare Manor in 2007, while Lowry made history two years later when he became the first amateur to win the event at County Louth.

Lowry arrives at The K Club buoyed by his recent selection as part of Luke Donald’s European Ryder Cup team set to compete at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in three weeks’ time, with Harrington also in a rich vein of form after capturing his fifth title on PGA TOUR Champions three months ago.

The pair are part of a world class field teeing it up as the Horizon Irish Open returns to The K Club for the first time since 2016. The tournament will also be played at the County Kildare venue in 2025 and 2027, with 2027 marking the 100th anniversary of the first staging of the event.

Both players are committed to raising money for the tournament’s Official Charity Make-A-Wish Ireland, with each pledging to donate €500 for every birdie and €1,000 for every eagle they card during the week as part of the fundraising efforts.

DP World Tour Player Quotes

Pádraig Harrington: “This is very close to my home. I spent most of my summer practice down here, so very familiar.  This is very close to my home. This is where I do my practice when I’m at home. Love the fact that we’ll have the Irish fans out as I expect – not because of the weather, but because we haven’t had a got in this area for a while. The crowds are going to be big, enormous. The support is going to be brilliant. The weather is going to be great. All we really have to do as the Irish golfers is play a bit of good golf.

“For a tournament, there’s so many exciting shots on the course. You can remember Rory’s second into what we call the 16th of the championship course and the 18th, but the 16th is that one that was an incredible golf shot. There’s so many risk-reward, do-or-die shots out here. It’s a fabulous golf course to come and play, and I’ve got to say, the Smurfits were very good to me, and Michael Fetherston has carried that on. It’s unbelievable how welcome he makes the pros and the young players when they come down here and lets us have the run of the place.”

Shane Lowry: “I think it’s going to be an amazing week. Forecast is very good. Golf course is great.  We’ve got a great field here. It’s very exciting to be here. It’s always one of my favourite events to play, obviously, and with it being so close to home this year, as well, it’s extra special, so it’s nice.

“Obviously there are certain years where you get bad weather where people maybe don’t show up as much as you’d like, even though you get great crowds all the time, but I fully expect the crowds to be huge this week, and I think it’s going to be a great event.

“As I said to somebody earlier, it’s an amazing month to have ahead of you, to be honest. Obviously this week is our fifth major, and it really is – I do treat it like that, and then we have obviously I’m defending at Wentworth, which is one of my favourite events, next week, and then buildup for the Ryder Cup the week after that. Yeah, it’s kind of dream stuff and something that I’m looking forward to the challenge the next few weeks, and very excited for what it could bring.”

(Text by DP World Tour)

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A Solheim Cup venue unlike any other

The 24 European and American players have been selected for the upcoming Solheim Cup, the biennial competition between the best women golfers of Europe and the United States. With the opening ceremony just a few weeks away, it is time for the final touches at Finca Cortesin, “one of the best venues ever”, according to Swedish veteran Anna Nordqvist, who will be teeing it up in her eighth Solheim Cup.

Solheim Cup 2023: “Breathtaking surroundings, world-class amenities, and unwavering dedication to championship golf”

The week of celebrations in Finca Cortesin, nestled in the rolling hills of Southern Spain with sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea, will start on Monday, September 18th, with a combination of team practices, flamenco exhibitions, gastronomic evenings, and candlelight concerts.

Finca Cortesin (Photo: Solheim Cup)

“It is the perfect destination and setting to host the Solheim Cup. With breathtaking surroundings, world-class amenities, and unwavering dedication to championship golf, we hope to create an unparalleled experience for players and spectators during the event,” said Rocio Sanchez, Assistant Golf Manager at Finca Cortesin.

The golf course, designed by Cabell Robinson, a graduate of Princeton and Harvard residing in Spain, has hosted numerous high-profile tournaments including the Volvo World Match Play Championship (2009, 2011, 2012). It is one of the longest layouts in Europe with around 7,500 yards, large undulating greens and more than 100 strategically placed bunkers.

The matches will start on Friday, September 22nd, with a risk-reward tee shot over a large lake that guards the front of the green of the short par-4 first hole. The excitement will continue with the third, a magnificent par-5 that features an approach over the water; the tenth, a downhill par-3 with incredible views of the nearby mountains, and the eleventh, a long par-5 that provides a great test for all players.

“Finca Cortesin is definitively the best venue of the Solheim Cup. It has so many fantastic facilities with an incredible hotel and one of Europe’s best golf courses,” said Norwegian Suzann Pettersen, Captain of the European squad, which boasts players from six different countries.

“It is a great golf course for match play,” said Spaniard Carlota Ciganda, who will be playing in her sixth Solheim Cup and the first one on home soil. “I love that it is in Spain, with the food, the ‘jamon’, the hospitality, and the great weather,” added Ciganda, member of the winning squad at the last edition in Toledo, Ohio (2021).

(Photo: Solheim Cup)

“Since day one, the resort has been committed not only to showcasing the finest golfing conditions, but also fostering opportunities for women to excel in the sport, both through playing and in business. The Solheim Cup will not only celebrate competition, but the legacy of women in golf and their vital role in shaping the sport’s future,” said Sanchez.

It has been 24 years since Southern Spain displayed its attractions for golfers at the male equivalent of this transatlantic tournament, the 1999 Ryder Cup. The competition and the experiences during this first Solheim Cup will showcase what Finca Cortesin and the region have to offer to women professional and amateur golfers from around the world.

Beyond golf, the property contains a classic Andalusian hotel with 67 spacious high-ceiling suites and three restaurants featuring Asian-Mediterranean fusion, authentic Spanish cuisine, and award-winning Italian dishes. The resort’s Beach Club is less than a mile away at Bahia Casares, with Balinese beds and sun loungers dotted around an infinity pool.

Finca Cortesin sits in the middle of an area that covers the mountains and the wineries led by women oenologists in Ronda, the museums and art scenes of Malaga, capital of the Costa del Sol, and two of the most important and luxurious marinas in the Mediterranean coast, Puerto Banus and Sotogrande.

It does not take long from Finca Cortesin to explore other local attractions, like the recently renovated La Hacienda Links Golf Resort, the Andalusian horse show and sherry wineries in Jerez, the Alhambra in Granada, the Guadalquivir River in Sevilla, or the Arab baths by the Mosque in Cordoba.

And for recovery, detox, and refreshment, there’s the Spa at Finca Cortesin, home to thermal baths, a fitness center, tennis and yoga instruction, a heated indoor saltwater pool, three thermal areas—each with their own sauna, Turkish bath, and relaxation area—and a Snow Cave.

In the words of US Team Captain, Stacy Lewis: “The resort at Finca is amazing. It is first class. We are going to be so spoiled and then the golf course itself is in unbelievable condition. It is going to be a treat for all of us.”

(Text: Solheim Cup)

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DP World Tour Announces Schedule for 2024 with Record Prize Money

The DP World Tour today announces its schedule for the 2024 season, one which will feature a minimum of 44 tournaments in 24 countries and across five continents, underlining its status as golf’s global Tour.

Showcasing diverse international players, cultures, countries and venues, the 2024 season also features a host of new enhancements across its entire 13 month global odyssey, with members competing for an overall record prize fund of $148.5 million (excluding the Majors). Click here to view the full schedule.

The 2024 Race to Dubai will feature three new and distinct phases – five innovative ‘Global Swings’ from November 2023 to August 2024; an historic ‘Back 9’ from September 2024 to October 2024; and two ‘DP World Tour Play-Offs’ in November 2024.

As in previous years, the consistent thread throughout the course of the season will be the five Rolex Series events – the premium category of events on the DP World Tour. In 2024 these will be: the Hero Dubai Desert Classic (January), the Genesis Scottish Open (July), the BMW PGA Championship (September), the Abu Dhabi Championship (November) and the season-ending DP World Tour Championship, Dubai (November) – tournaments which will continue to showcase the Tour’s leading players and innovation.

The schedule also features two new tournaments – the Dubai Invitational (Jan 11-14) and the Bahrain Championship (Feb 1-4), while the Volvo China Open (May 2-5) returns to the schedule for the first time since 2019. There are also date changes for three existing tournaments – the Danish Golf Championship (which moves to Aug 22-25), the Betfred British Masters hosted by Sir Nick Faldo, (Aug 29 – Sept 1), and the Abu Dhabi Championship (Nov 7-10). The Nedbank Golf Challenge Hosted by Gary Player moves into December and will be one of the opening events on the Tour’s 2025 schedule.

Keith Pelley, the DP World Tour’s Chief Executive, said: “Our 2024 season will see our members come together to compete across a global schedule, with greater opportunities and rewards than ever before.

“The many new and original enhancements we have introduced will guarantee drama and excitement for our fans, our broadcasters and all our stakeholders across the entire season and means, more than ever, that every week counts on the DP World Tour.”

The 2024 DP World Tour Schedule – A Breakdown

Phase One – The ‘Global Swing’

This phase will comprise five individual ‘Swings’ – the Opening Swing, the International Swing, the Asian Swing, the European Swing and the Closing Swing – and will run from November 2023 to August 2024. Each Swing will have its own individual Swing Rankings.

The Opening Swing will run from November 2023 (Fortinet Australian PGA Championship) to December 2023 (AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open)
The International Swing will run from January 2024 (Dubai Invitational) to March 2024 (Jonsson Workwear Open)
The Asian Swing will run from March 2024 (Singapore Classic) to May 2024 (Volvo China Open) (*)
The European Swing will run from May 2024 (Soudal Open) to July 2024 (BMW International Open) (*)
The Closing Swing will run from July 2024 (Genesis Scottish Open) to August 2024 (Danish Golf Championship) (*)

(*) While points accrued in the Major Championships will count on the Race to Dubai Rankings, they will not count in the Swing Rankings.

Each Swing will have its own identity and its own Champion who will each earn $200,000 from an overall $1million Bonus Pool. Swing Champions will also qualify for each of the ‘Back 9’ events.

At the conclusion of the Global Swings phase, a further $1million Bonus Pool will then be shared amongst the leading ten players on the Race to Dubai (who have played a minimum of eight ‘regular’ Global Swings events outside the Major Championships and co-sanctioned Genesis Scottish Open).

The International Swing includes a new Pro-Am event – the Dubai Invitational played at Dubai Creek Resort from January 11-14 – as well as the Bahrain Championship, which marks the Tour’s return to the Kingdom of Bahrain for the first time since 2011.

The five Swings will also offer qualification into the first three Rolex Series events:
The leading member (not otherwise exempt) from the Opening Swing will qualify for the Hero Dubai Desert Classic.
The leading member (not otherwise exempt) from each of the International Swing, the Asian Swing and the European Swing will qualify for the Genesis Scottish Open.
The leading member (not otherwise exempt) from the Closing Swing will qualify for the BMW PGA Championship.
The overall top performers from the Global Swings will be rewarded with qualification into Phase Two of the season, with ten spots in each of the ‘Back 9’ events for the highest ranked members (not otherwise exempt) within the top 110 on the current Race to Dubai Rankings.


Phase Two – The ‘Back Nine’

This phase will encompass nine of the DP World Tour’s most historic tournaments and national Opens and will run from August 2024 to October 2024.

It will begin with the Betfred British Masters hosted by Sir Nick Faldo (August 29 – September 1, 2024) and will end with a tournament to be confirmed from October 24-27, 2024.

In addition to exempt DP World Tour members, the leading 15 non-members from the top 70 on the FedEx Cup will be eligible to play in these events and qualify for the DP World Tour Championship.

The top 110 players on the Race to Dubai Rankings at the conclusion of this phase in October will earn their DP World Tour cards for 2025 while the top 70 qualify for Phase Three, the DP World Tour Play-Offs.

Phase Three – The DP World Tour Play-Offs

This phase, running in November 2024, will comprise the two final Rolex Series events of the season: the Abu Dhabi Championship and the DP World Tour Championship, Dubai.

The Abu Dhabi Championship, which moves from its traditional January slot to a new date of November 7-10, will feature the leading 70 players on the Race to Dubai Rankings while the top 50 at the end of that tournament, qualify for the season-ending DP World Tour Championship, Dubai from November 14-17, where the DP World Tour’s Number One player will be crowned.

At the conclusion of the DP World Tour’s 2024 season, the leading ten players will share a $6million Bonus Pool.

Finally, as per at the end of the current 2023 season, the top ten DP World Tour members on the final 2024 Race to Dubai Rankings (not otherwise exempt) will earn PGA TOUR cards for the 2025 season.
Press release by the European Tour

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From Tigers to Triumphs: Jon Rahm on Golfing Greats, Driving Stress, and Carlos Alcaraz’s Inspiration

Jon Rahm, preparing for his first Open at Royal Liverpool, has positive memories of the course from a previous tournament. He reflects on Tiger Woods’ 2006 win, adapting his strategy to the course conditions. Rahm hopes to be the first Spaniard since Severiano Ballesteros to claim the Claret Jug. He looks forward to the passionate fan support and acknowledges Rory McIlroy’s strong form. Rahm seeks advice from past champions and fondly recalls winning the Masters. With the Ryder Cup ahead, he’s focused on winning. Rahm admires fellow Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz’s tennis success, providing inspiration for his golf performance.

Jon Rahm speaks ahead of the 151. Open Championship

This is your first Open at Royal Liverpool. Have you had a chance to play here before as a junior or amateur or have you had the chance to practice much? What are your impressions of the course?

Jon Rahm: I played 18 today and I played a Brabazon trophy here. I can’t remember the year, it was a good 11, 12, 13 years ago. It’s funny because a lot of the names in that tournament on the leaderboard are names that you see nowadays. I liked it from the beginning, it was one of my first experiences of links golf. It’s a little bit different to what we play in The Open rotation. Those fairway bunkers, a lot more penal, a lot of those greenside bunkers, a lot more penal. You have to obviously hit it really well. Tee to green, it’s a bit of added pressure. It’s a lot of holes, we’re on hole 14 right now. This 14th hole is a very difficult second shot, hole 12 very difficult tee shot and second shot. At first
glance I am surprised of how low they’ve shot here in the past, but really happy because I like the golf course.

Famously, Tiger Woods’ only hit his driver once over four days when he won at Hoylake in 2006, even with quite benign winds. What will be your approach to playing this course?

Jon Rahm: It was very dry and firm and yellow that year, you could get away with not hitting drivers in a lot of holes. Today, I played early, it was wet. There were some holes where I hit drivers and I didn’t get into any bunkers. I was hitting it on the same spots he was hitting the irons. I understand what he was trying to do, which is basically keep it just short of the bunkers and take on with longer clubs that give himself a more percentage shot. When the Greens are firm, it makes sense, have a little bit more control of the fairway. I don’t know what I’ll be doing. The game has evolved since then. When Rory played and won in 2014, he hit a lot of drivers. It is getting to a point nowadays where if you can hit a driver, you’re going to have to. Not only because of you, but somebody is going to be able to do it. It’s a little bit different game than what was played in 2006.

Jon Rahm not afraid of conditions: “It’s England”

Conditions are key to how an Open venue plays – what do you make of the forecast weather and speed of the course going into the week?

Jon Rahm: It’s England. It’s right next to the channel too. I don’t really look at what the forecast says because it changes so fast. I’m hoping we still see certain weather conditions because it’s The Open. There’s always going to be a wind. Hopefully rain is fair but there’s always going to be a wave that’s benefited one more than the other. It doesn’t look like it’s going to play extremely fast or extremely firm just because the rain and a little bit of the moisture should stay around but you never know. I think it’s going to play somewhat similar to what it did in 2014.

What would it mean to you to claim the Claret Jug as the first Spaniard since Severiano Ballesteros
in 1988?

Jon Rahm: Any time you can do something for the first time since Seve did it, it’s obviously a very big deal. It’s crazy that Sergio Garcia and Ollie (José María Olazábal), many other great players that had a chance, didn’t get to do it for Spain, but it’s not easy. I would be a true honour to be able to join Seve’s (Severiano Ballesteros) name on that list of The Open champions. Even aside from that, just being able to call yourself an Open champion is so unique, so special. To me, it is the most prestigious tournament we have in golf and there’s nothing like it.

“We are expecting over 250,000 passionate fans”

We are expecting over 250,000 passionate fans to cheer you on here this week – what are your expectations about the special atmosphere when the Open comes to Liverpool?

Jon Rahm: It’s always amazing when we come to this side of the world. The respect and knowledge for the game is so much higher than anywhere else and the fans know it. The only tournament in the world where we get celebrated for hitting a shot, sometimes even a wedge hit to 30 feet, just because they understand the conditions and how difficult it can be. You just hit it on the green no matter where you are, most of the time you will get claps. Sometimes you make a five or a bogey and they understand that it was a good five. It’s different and it’s really, really fun to play here.

Although Rory won here in 2014 and arrives here this week with a win at the Scottish Open and some recent strong finishes at the US PGA and US Open, many have you down as the favourite to win. How do you manage the pressure going into a Major?

Jon Rahm: Whatever people say, it doesn’t a really make a difference. Most likely I am going to have higher expectations than most people have about me either way. Luckily, I’ve been playing good for the last few years, I’ve heard that a few times, so you get used to it. Whether people think, if you’re going to win or not, I still come out here to win. Obviously, Rory and Scotty might be more of a favourite because they’ve been playing better lately, but I’m glad people still think I have a chance.

Which other players in the field do you think have the game and the momentum to perform well this week?

“If I have to say one player, you have to say Rory”

Jon Rahm: It’s golf, all 150 of us have a chance. That’s a beautiful thing about this game. When you tee off on Thursday, we’re all on equal ground and that’s it, weather aside. There’s a difference in weather, but nobody would have expected, let’s say, Tom Watson to do as well as he did in 2009, Greg Norman to do as well as he did in 2008 in Birkdale. Those are the circumstances that you can’t foresee and can only happen in Open golf. If I have to say one player, you have to say Rory (Rory McIlroy) because of what he did last week and how he is playing this year.

Ahead of adapting your game to links golf, do you chat to any of your fellow players or friends on tour about the best strategies for posting a low score at The Open?

Jon Rahm: I like to get advice from past champions and players that have done well. We all hit the golf ball in a different way, we all play golf a different way, but there’s always little things that you can learn. It’s always nice to ask for a little bit of advice to see what they consider they did well that week or what they think that needs to be done.

Three months down the road of another stellar year for you. Can you share some more reflections on winning the Masters?

Jon Rahm: Sometimes I still wake up in the morning and realize that I won the Masters this year. It’s crazy. The one thing I keep thinking about is just being able to join my other three fellow major champions from. Becoming part of the fraternity of golfers is very special. The only major that is played on the same golf course every year. It is a bit of a different feeling to it, just because we all know the golf course and just to come out on top is very special for me. If we’re talking especially about the week, just the weather conditions I had to deal with and then play as good as I did is what makes it so special.

After the last Major of 2023, all eyes will turn to the Ryder Cup and you will be a leading figure in the European team. What are your thoughts and expectations looking ahead to Rome in September?

Jon Rahm: My thoughts: Winning. Expectations: Winning. That’s all I can say. It’s such a fun event. It’s so different to what we do throughout the year. To be able to represent our continent, our countries, and play golf for European golf and do an exhibition. At the end of the day, it is an exhibition. Nobody’s getting paid and we’re playing for the love of the game and the love of our nations. It’s a lot of fun to be able to be a part of that. We have teammates celebrating with each other and we’re looking forward to getting that cup back to European soil.

“Hat’s off, his future is very, very, very bright”

For many people, a good way to unwind and relax is to take themselves off on a drive. What car are you driving here this week? Are you able to carve out any time to hit the road for some headspace or are the demands of a Major pretty all encompassing?

Jon Rahm: I have a Mercedes-Benz GLS this week. It’s not relaxing when I’m driving on the other side of the road. It’s very stressful but after a few days, you get used to it. In my case, my favourite car to drive is still at home. I know it’s not the most popular choice, but it is still the G-Wagon. That’s what I’m going to keep driving until I can get my hands on the EQG. It’s still a G-Wagon but a little different one.

Carlos Alcaraz made history yesterday at Wimbledon in a thrilling win over Novak Djokovic. You must feel proud to see the success of your fellow Spanish sport star – hopefully providing some extra energy and inspiration going into this important week for you? Have you ever met Carlos and if so, can you describe your relationship?

Jon Rahm: I’ve not met him but I followed his career. The last few years have been incredible, to be the youngest number one tennis player in the world. This isn’t likely with the three great players we had ahead and with Rafa’s (Rafael Nadal) shadow on Spanish tennis as well. To go and win the US Open and now Wimbledon and still stay the number one with Novak playing at the level he’s been playing. His first final on Centre Court and Wimbledon and beat basically, and this is hard for me to say as a Rafa fan, the best player ever in tennis after losing the first set six to one is quite incredible. The determination and strength he showed in all those sets, even after losing the fourth and come back in the fifth one and get it done was quite impressive. Hat’s off, his future is very, very, very bright. As a tennis fan, you’re kind of wondering, Rafa is coming to an end, Federer is done, Djokovic obviously might have a few years left. Alcaraz might be the next big thing, for somebody like him to come up and just burst into the scene like that was very, very special. So I’m really happy for him and hopefully he has a very long and great career.
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