LPGA Tour: Nelly Korda Wins 5th Straight Tournament

Nelly Korda wins the 2024 Chevron Championship by two strokes ahead of Maja Stark. She thus secures her fifth consecutive title on the LPGA Tour. After Korda had to finish her third round in the morning, she started the final from a tie for second place and secured victory with a round of 69.

LPGA Tour: Five wins in a row for Nelly Korda

Korda started her round with two birdies to take the lead of the tournament. After another birdie on hole 8, she had a three-shot lead at the end of the front nine. She continued as before on the second nine, gaining a strike on the 10th. Her first bogey followed on the 11th hole, but the competition also faltered and Korda still had a four-stroke lead after that. After another bogey on the 15th, the gap narrowed again and Maja Stark started her final spurt, but Korda left no doubt about her victory with a birdie on the 18th.

Nelly Korda on her “crazy” series of success

MODERATOR: Here with Nelly Korda, the winner Of the Chevron Championship.

Can you put it into words, epic jump, epic moment. Can you describe everything that you’re feeling right now?

NELLY KORDA: Well, one, I’m shivering right now, so I’m a little cold. It’s just been a crazy, crazy, crazy couple of weeks, with some really solid golf. I can finally breathe.

I was really nervous on that back nine. I really, really wanted this win. It feels amazing to get it.

Q. You had a lot of emotion there at the green talking about your team and the people around you. For you personally, what does this one mean? What does it mean to capture your second victory, make history, and get to take a jump?

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, in ’21 I had an amazing year, got my first major at KPMG. Just a lot of doubt crept into my mind in 2022 and especially 2023. I heard some outside voices from other people saying that they don’t know if I’ll ever be able to win another major again, and I stuck to working extremely hard on and off the golf course, and I’m so thankful to have the team that I do.

They’ve gone through all the highs and lows with me, especially Jason. I just can’t be more thankful for the hard work that each one of them put into it.

Q. What’s Jason in particular meant to you?

NELLY KORDA: I honestly don’t have any words, just because there are too many. He has been by my side for every single one of my wins out here, and in a sense he’s my punching bag out there, he’s my best friend, and he’s my teammate.

I wouldn’t be able to do it without him because his encouragement on and off the golf course has been amazing, and I’m just so, so, so thankful for him. I hope he knows it.

Q. You hit some fantastic shots down the stretch on those last couple of holes; with all that was on the line, how were you able to lock in on those moments and pull off those shots?

NELLY KORDA: Obviously my mind kept wanting to go to 18. It was such a long day. I felt like we were out there — well, I’ve been up since 4:00 a.m., so it has been a long day.

But I have to give props to Jason because he’s the one that kept me in it. He’s the one that kept telling me a shot at a time, a shot at a time, don’t get ahead of yourself, stick to what’s in front of you and work on that.

Q. How did you push those doubts out that you were referring to earlier?

NELLY KORDA: By having a great team around me full of positivity and working hard. Hard work will always get you somewhere.

I kept my head down, and I worked really, really hard.

Q. You kind of touched on it earlier, but when you were going through that really tough time with your surgery and your arm, could you have imagined being in this position, winning five in a row, tying an LPGA record, everything that you’ve been able to do?

NELLY KORDA: Back then, no, because obviously then I was just more scared for my health. Competing was kind of on the backseat. I was not thinking about competing at all.

But I think all of the sad times and the health scares that I have gone through have made me who I am today. I think it has matured me a lot, and I would say it’s shaped me into the person I am today, and I’m very grateful for the ups and downs.

Q. I saw that you jumped in with your Richard Mille. Is it waterproof?

NELLY KORDA: Yes, it is. Not the strap, but it’ll be fine.

Q. You pointed to your team, and the system you have in place is a big reason for your success. How did that system support you today?

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, I mean, I had an early day today. I had six holes that I had to finish of my third round, so I had my coach, Jamie Mulligan, with me the entire way.

I had Kim making sure that my body was all good.

Then obviously my teammate out there, Jason.

We’re always together. Even if it’s between the rounds, we’re always hanging out together, we’re joking around, we’re keeping it light. We all know each other so, so, so well, and we tell each other almost everything, and I’m so grateful for the friendships that we also have.

Q. We’ve talked about you keeping this historic streak to the side. You’ve now accomplished it. What does this mean to you now that you’ve won five in a row?

NELLY KORDA: It’s an amazing feeling because all the hard work and the doubt that I had in my head from 2021, I worked through it, and it’s been an amazing feeling these past couple weeks knowing that I can go on this stretch and that if I stay in my bubble and I keep golf in a sense simple and let it flow, then I can have so, so much fun out here.

It’s just been an amazing time. To get five in a row, and my lucky number is 13, and for me to get it here in Houston and it to be a major feels even better.

Q. After the first two front-nine birdies, no one ever came closer than two shots to you. Did you feel like as long as you kept your head down and made pars and — you were in control? Was there ever a time you thought it could slip away, or did you always feel like just keep moving forward and you had control?

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, the headspace that we were in was take it a shot at a time. I bogeyed No. 11 after chipping in on 10, and then I hit it into the water on 15. Those mistakes kind of — you start to put a little bit more pressure on yourself that you don’t know what the other girls are doing ahead of you. You only know what the two girls that are playing in the same group are doing.

Having Jason tell me that I really need to take it a shot at a time really, really helped.

Q. Also, do you plan to play next week in LA?


Q. So is that exciting, that you could go for six, something no one else has done?

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, I’m going to enjoy this right now and then I’ll think about that. But yeah, it’s been an amazing time. Hopefully keep the streak alive. But I’ve been so grateful to compete week in and week out and get the five in a row, too.

Q. Were you aware that you had gone 39 holes without a bogey?

NELLY KORDA: No, I was not. I was thinking — I was like, I wonder when the last time I made a bogey was on No. 11, but I was not aware that it was that long.

Q. Throughout that streak it didn’t really look like you even came close to one. You didn’t have to make many long putts. How do you maintain that kind of calm, cool, collected headspace? You’ve credited your team, but it’s just you and Jason out there. How do you maintain that when things could have gotten away on 11 and 15?

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, I’m just hitting it really solid, honestly. I was hitting the fairways, and then if I wasn’t hitting the fairway, we made sure that I was going to go center of the green.

We played really smart out there, as well. You take your opportunities when you can, especially on reachable par-5s or par-4s that you have a shorter club in, but other than that, you just try to play safe, middle of the green.

Q. In major championship golf, how important are pars in that situation when it’s easy to say I can make a par even on some of the par-5s?

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, I think it’s harder being in a position when you’re the one ahead. Sometimes people get a really good round going. But for me, I was going to take my chances on the par-5s where there may be a little reachable. But the golf course was playing so, so different today with the wind out of the north that we just tried to stick to the game plan.

I missed a couple of birdies down the stretch, as well, but other than that, we were aggressive when we could be aggressive, and we were smart when we needed to be smart. That’s major championships.

Q. Did you ever find yourself daydreaming at all out there? Did you ever think before you hit the green on 18 that I’m getting closer to my fifth straight win? Do you ever find that, and if so, what do you do in that situation?

NELLY KORDA: No, I stop myself every single time. Every single time it tried to creep into my head, I stopped myself immediately.

Q. Can you speak to the state of American golf just as a whole?

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, I think it’s trending in the right direction, not just American golf but women’s golf in general. I think you see the past couple of major winners are — Alison won at the U.S. Open and Lilia won here last year. I think we’re just performing really well, and I think that’s everyone on Tour, honestly. It’s so hard to win out here, and I say that with all honesty that it is really, really hard to win out here. The competition is getting harder and harder every year.

I think women’s golf is just trending in a great direction, and hopefully we can showcase it to everyone, as well.

Q. Is this a moment you dreamed of? We talk about little girls, big dreams out here. Is this a moment you dreamed of as a little girl?

NELLY KORDA: For sure, yeah. My first ever major, competing in a major, was at the U.S. Women’s Open at Sebonack, and that was when I dreamt of winning major championships.

To have two under my belt now is a dream come true.

Q. You talked about your injury, being in your own way mentally. What would you tell little girls to build their mental fortitude?

NELLY KORDA: Honestly, to never give up, to stay patient, to stay your course and not to compare yourself to others because everyone has a different path in their life. And to never let the adversities of life or anything take you down. Always rise.

Q. Now that you have five in a row and a second major, what can this run you’re on do to elevate the profile of your sport and get more eyeballs on it week to week, and the great play of you and your fellow players, too?

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, my answer is going to be the same. It’s a stage. We need a stage. We need to be on primetime TV, and we need to showcase the talent we have out here, which is a lot. Hopefully we have — a bunch of people came out this week. The crowds were amazing. That’s just what we need.

We also need the support from not just the crowds but the television networks.

Q. We have been following you and your victories for the last three months. We’ve just been cheering you on. Your first victory out of these five straight came from the Bradenton Country Club. Can you tell me what it was like to sort of start this five-win journey in a place that you called home for a short amount of time?

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, there’s no better place than home. The support that I received that week and just a whirlwind of the last day that week was absolutely crazy, and to play in front of a home crowd was a dream come true.

I’m so, so thankful that everyone came out to support not just me but the entire Tour.

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The Masters Tournament 2024 Live Blog: Rory McIlroy finishes Masters with solid 1-over 73

Rory McIlroy is one of this generation’s top golfers. The now 34 year old Northern Irishmen captured various PGA Tour titles and DP World Tour victories all while winning several Major Championships as well. But the Masters Tournament and its prestigious green jacket is still missing in McIlroy trophy collection. Previous to the Masters 2024 McIlroy changed his routines and plays the Valero Texas Open as a test run for Augusta National. He also misses out on the famous Par 3 Contest on Wednesday.

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Rory McIlroy – Carreer and Past Results

Rory McIlroy won his first professional event at the age of just 20, launching his great career on the DP World Tour (formerly known as European Tour). Two years later, he achieved his first major title when he captured the win at the US Open with 16 strokes under par, that is the best score ever achieved at this tournament so far. In March 2012, he became the second youngest number 1 in the world golf rankings of all time being just 22 years old, crowning this success with his second major at the PGA Championship in August of the same year.

McIlroy scored his third major title in 2014 with his victory at the Open Championship. In the same year, the Northern Irishman also achieved his fourth Major success when he won the PGA Championship for the second time. That means McIlroy is now only missing a Masters Tournament victory for the career grand slam. And is on a “major drought” for around ten years.

Away from the majors, Rory McIlroy also won the Players Championship, the flagship tournament of the PGA Tour, in 2019. In addition to his impressive performances at the season highlights on the Tour calendar, McIlroy has already secured overall victory in the PGA Tour’s annual rankings twice, winning the Tour Championship and the FedExCup in 2016 and 2019 respectively.

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US Masters 2024: Scottie Scheffler and The Secret to Winning Majors

Quite a few people believe that this 88th Masters has already been decided after the world number one made a captivating start on a difficult afternoon with unpredictable gusts of wind and conjured up a bogey-free 66 (-6) on the green. Thanks to his two victories and a second place before the first major of the year, Scottie Scheffler was already the heavy favourite at Augusta National Golf Club; the odds have been completely even since yesterday. The 27-year-old is not even in the lead.

The Only Way to Masters Success is Through Scottie Scheffler

And it’s not as if he didn’t have any problems yesterday either. Scheffler had to get out of difficult positions several times, especially in Amen Corner, and still managed to reach 13 greens in regulation thanks to his outstanding shotmaking. “Scottie is just incredibly efficient,” said playing partner Rory McIlroy after his own round of 71: “His ability to avoid bogeys is the secret to winning majors and major golf tournaments.” There are still 54 holes to play and disaster lurks around every bend at Augusta: But it is already clear that the only way to the Green Jacket is through Scottie Scheffler. And he also has a beard again.

By Michael Basche

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ANGC Chairman: “We Support the Decisions That Have Been Made As They Have Addressed the Impact of Distance”

“Government statement”: Fred Ridley, Chairman of Augusta National Golf Club, addressed a few things at the traditional media event ahead of the 2024 US Masters that don’t just concern the AGNC or the first major of the year. And above all, he made it clear that the grandees in green are completely and almost enthusiastically behind the USGA and R&A’s decision to curb ball flight distances. “For almost 70 years, the Masters was played at just over 6,900 yards. Today the course measures 7,550 yards from the markers, and we may well play one of the tournament rounds this year at more than 7,600 yards. I’ve said in the past that I hope we will not play the Masters at 8,000 yards. But that is likely to happen in the not too distant future under current standards”, explained Ridley on the distance debate. “Accordingly, we support the decisions that have been made by the R&A and the USGA as they have addressed the impact of distance at all levels of the game.”

Augusta Chairman supports golf ball rollback at The Masters 2024

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Golf Digest (@golfdigest)

He also indicated that Augusta would also support other related rule changes such as minimum driver lofts and others. He also warned the PGA Tour, where they had spoken out against a rollback of the ball: “Well, assuming that these regulations are adopted by the PGA Tour and the other tours, and I certainly hope they will be, I think were they not adopted it would cause a great deal of stress in the game, which it doesn’t need right now.”

These statements cannot be overestimated. The success and importance of the Masters have made Augusta National Golf Club an authority without whose support nothing would work in golf. Accordingly, everyone listens when the club boss comments on such topics. Or as Ridley emphasised: “I would go back to really what I believe is one of the key parts of the mission of the club and that is to serve the game of golf.”

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Skipping the ball at the Masters Tournament – here’s how!

The practice rounds before the start of the first major of the golf year are usually accompanied by countless spectators. The players are free to decide whether and how they take part in the practice rounds, but most of them logically take the opportunity to sound out the course once again before the Masters Tournament begins. As Augusta National, perhaps the most exclusive club in the world, is not always playable for everyone, even for the professionals, very few miss out on the chance of a dress rehearsal. And towards the end of the round, a special appetiser awaits that the players won’t miss, even without spectators.

Martin Kaymer and Jon Rahm with chip-in at the Masters Tournament

The highlight of the dress rehearsal is the 16th hole. Here the players traditionally try to let the ball flit over the pond of the almost 160 metre long par-3 and then get up the bank onto the green. Martin Kaymer achieved an extraordinary feat in 2012: it felt like 25 taps over the pond and then in it goes! A hole in one of the “once in a lifetime” variety – and the crowd goes wild.

Jon Rahm performed this feat in November 2020 without a spectator – but the video went around the world.

Skipping the ball in style

The fact that Rahm and Martin Kaymer have mastered such a shot is not surprising. But the question is how you can take an extra ten from your flight partner in the next round if you do the same to Martin Kaymer – well, perhaps at least as well. Kelly Rohrbach and Blair O’Neal show you how to do it in the GolfDigest service.

So: long iron or hybrid – the main thing is low loft – then open up the stance and the clubface a little and, most importantly, hit the ball first. Balls that are hit fat rarely make it over the water. A flat punch swing does the rest and before you know it, the reward is secured in the clubhouse.

Flicking balls like at the Masters Tournament- here’s how

Bryson DeChambeau explains the science behind it. The ball has to hit the water at an angle of around 30°, he explains. His theory: the spin of the ball creates a higher water density under the ball than above it. If the ball hits the water with enough force, it will then orientate itself in the direction of the lower water pressure and bounce back up.


Club de Golf La Cañada Elevates Golf Experience with Enhanced Buggy Fleet

Club de Golf La Cañada in San Roque, Spain, renowned for its elevated position in the golf-enthusiast-rich community of Guadiaro, is ensuring that players can navigate the course with even greater ease and comfort by enhancing its fleet of buggies. Golfers can now make their way through the 18 holes aboard a modern buggy, simply by opting for this service when they reserve their tee time. The convenience of a smooth ride is at the players’ fingertips, promising an upgraded and leisurely golfing experience.

More Golf Cards For Even More Comfort

This latest addition is intended to complement the picturesque course, often regarded as a jewel on the Costa del Golf, and cater to golfers of all levels seeking a pleasant round in the midst of the Mediterranean landscape. The availability of a reliable and comfortable buggy fleet not only adds a touch of luxury but also underscores the club’s commitment to providing the best for its members and guests. Whether you’re looking to protect your energy for the perfect swing or just relish a breezy transition from hole to hole, Club de Golf La Cañada’s buggies are poised to deliver.

Beyond the practical benefits, the option to ride in style highlights La Cañada’s dedication to elevating the overall golfing experience, ensuring that visitors can indulge in the area’s natural beauty without compromising on comfort. With the aim of delivering exceptional service and fostering a memorable round of golf, Club de Golf La Cañada’s initiative is set to attract both local players and international visitors to the vibrant greens of Spain’s prestigious Sotogrande region.


Lee Harpin Makes Return to North Wales Golf Club as PGA Professional

In a move that’s set to bolster the instructional prowess at North Wales Golf Club (NWGC), the club has just announced the return of Lee Harpin as a PGA golf professional. Lee, a familiar and respected figure in the golfing community, is set to reprise his role in mentoring and training at the club. His homecoming is not just a boost for the club’s coaching team but also for members and guests who are keen to enhance their game under his guidance.

North Wales Golf Club: “Welcome Back Lee Harpins”

Lee Harpin’s return is certainly cause for celebration among the club’s staff and members. His previous stint at NWGC laid down a legacy of excellence and a commitment to the sport that is still fondly remembered. Lee will be integrating his extensive knowledge and experiences with the existing coaching crew, led by Richard, to create a dynamic and comprehensive coaching environment. With a focus on developing players’ skills and helping them to achieve their full potential, Lee’s role will be integral to the continued success of the club’s training offerings.

With the promise of renewed vigor in the club’s instructional programs, both novices and seasoned players at NWGC can look forward to reaping the benefits of Lee’s expertise. His approach to teaching, characterized by a combination of traditional techniques and innovative methods, promises to keep the training modules fresh, challenging, and effective. The announcement has definitely stirred excitement and now, with Lee back on the green, the future of golf looks even brighter at the North Wales Golf Club.

European Tour

Guy Kinnings Takes Over as European Tour Group CEO

Guy Kinnings officially begins his new role as the European Tour Group’s Chief Executive Officer today, Tuesday April 2, 2024. 

Kinnings, who succeeds Keith Pelley, has been the European Tour Group’s Deputy CEO, Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Director – Ryder Cup since 2018, and now becomes only the fifth person in the CEO position since the Tour was established in 1972. 

Guy Kinnings: “A shift in our sport to a more global mindset”

He said: “Today is a very proud day for me and my family. It is a real privilege to become the Chief Executive of the European Tour Group and it is a responsibility I do not take lightly. 

“Our Tour has such a wonderful history, and I am delighted to have this opportunity to help shape the next exciting phase in its evolution. 

“I have been working closely with our players, our Board, our partners and our staff over the past six years and I feel we have a great opportunity to look forward and to focus on unity and alignment in the game. There has been a shift in our sport to a more global mindset and that is something, as golf’s global Tour, that we welcome. 

“We have a widely recognised international footprint, stemming from 50 years of building relationships and staging tournaments in many different countries and continents and this allows us to appeal to golf fans from a wide variety of different backgrounds and demographics. We very much look forward to continuing that.”

Eric Nicoli, Chairman of the European Tour Group, said: “This is a hugely significant day for the European Tour Group as a whole and on behalf of the entire Board, I am delighted to welcome Guy to the role of CEO.

“He is vastly experienced, is hugely respected throughout the golf industry and has strong relationships right across our sport. Our deliberate and purposeful succession planning will ensure a seamless transition in our leadership at this pivotal time in the evolution of the men’s professional game.

“We are looking forward to working closely with Guy to take advantage of the opportunities that await us, and to take our Tour to even greater heights on behalf of the entirety of our membership.”

Ryder Cup and Strategic Alliance as previous accomplishments

Kinnings has been an influential figure in golf for more than three decades. A law graduate from University of Oxford, he left Freshfields law firm to join IMG’s legal team in London in 1989 and moved to its golf division in 1991 where he worked with some of the world’s leading players in the professional game. 

He went on to become IMG’s Senior International Vice President and Global Head of Golf, leading the company’s worldwide golf business comprising both clients and events, as well as managing its key relationships with all governing bodies and brands involved with the sport. 

He joined the European Tour Group prior to the 2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National in France and as Executive Director – Ryder Cup, he has overseen the growth of the biennial contest’s Worldwide Partner programme. 

Kinnings also had overall responsibility for the 2023 Ryder Cup in Rome – the most successful edition to be staged in Europe – as Luke Donald’s European Team defeated the United States 16½-11½ at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club. 

As Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Commercial Officer, he also oversaw the growth of the Tour’s commercial operation.  

Alongside the Board and the Executive Leadership Team, he helped to secure the Strategic Alliance with the PGA TOUR in 2020 which has helped grow the DP World Tour prize funds to record levels. He was also central to the ground-breaking agreement for DP World to become the title partner of the main Tour at the start of the 2022 season.  

Kinnings becomes the fifth Chief Executive of the European Tour Group, following John Jacobs (1972-1975), Ken Schofield (1975 – 2004), George O’Grady (2005-2015) and Keith Pelley (2015-2024).

(Text: European Tour Group)


Golf Pride Announces The Honorary Starter Limited Edition Grip

Golf Pride, an industry leader in golf performance equipment, is celebrating the annual trip to Augusta, GA with the unveiling of its 2024 Honorary Starter grip, a commemorative version of the MCC Plus4™ that is available through select retailers beginning April 8. Golf Pride has a long and storied history of success in Augusta with its first victory coming in the 1967 tournament. Over the last 56 years, Golf Pride has been trusted by the hands of 43 champions, including an unprecedented run of 17 consecutive victories between 1987 and 2003.

Golfers Favorite Grip In A New Masters Look

Golf Pride’s MCC collection is the most widely used golf grip in the world. This is true at the amateur level as well as all professional tours across the globe. In fact, MCC will be trusted by many of the athletes competing in the 2024 tournament. Golf Pride expects to be in the hands of at least 80% of players in Augusta with MCC representing 30% of those players.

As such, this grip is designed to evoke the prestige, lore and mystique of the tournament and pays homage to the success of both Golf Pride and MCC over the years in Augusta. As with all MCC Plus4 models, it is a hybrid golf grip designed with a larger lower hand section that simulates four additional wraps of tape to encourage lighter grip pressure, reduced tension, and increased speed.

“The first major championship of the season is here and we are proud to have been trusted by the hands of so many past champions in the event’s storied history,” says James Ledford, President of Golf Pride. “The legends who have chosen our grips over the past 60 years are a testament to the innovation, quality and longevity of our brand. The Honorary Starter pays tribute to the past while utilising the modern technology that has made Golf Pride the most recognisable grip brand in the world.”

The 2024 limited edition design will be available in both standard and midsize.

About Golf Pride

Since its founding in 1949, Golf Pride has become synonymous with the highest quality performance equipment in golf. Today, from its Global Innovation Center (GIC) in Pinehurst, NC, Golf Pride continues to lead in grip innovation by continuing to obsess over the only connection between our golfers’ hands and the club. That’s why more than 80% of the world’s highest performing golfers choose Golf Pride. For professionals, top amateurs and recreational golfers of all skill levels, Golf Pride sets the standard – in performance and design. To learn more about Golf Pride, go to

Text: Golf Pride


PGA Tour Live Blog: Peter Malnati wins the Valspar Championship 2024

Valspar Championship 2024 Live Scores

The Valspar Championship in the season 2024 is being played in Palm Harbor, Florida, United States of America at the Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead Course). The tournament starts at the Thursday, 21st of March and ends at the Sunday, 24th of March 2024.
The Valspar Championship is part of the PGA Tour in the season 2024. In 2024 all players competing for a total prize money of $8,400,000.
The course for the tournament at Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead Course) plays at Par 71.

The PGA Tour remains in Florida. After the Players Championship, the tour will once again play on the east coast of the United States as part of the Valspar Championship, which was founded in 2000.

PGA Tour live

Through the Golf Post Live Blog you can follow all results on the PGA Tour live. Alongside the DP World Tour (formerly the European Tour), the PGA Tour is the world’s largest tournament series in men’s professional golf. The tour attracts prize money that is just as high as the level of the international elite that comes together at quite a few of the tournaments. The annual highlights of the season are the four major tournaments (co-sanctioned by the DP World Tour), the Players Championship and the final FedExCup playoffs, which conclude the season every year. Signature events were created for this purpose. These include the three FedExCup playoff tournaments, The Sentry, the invitational tournaments (Genesis Invitational, Arnold Palmer Invitational and Memorial Tournament) and four other tournaments, which can change annually.

The PGA Tour has gained its importance primarily through its ability to retain top players through the attractiveness of the tournaments and the size of the prize money, which has risen steadily in recent years. The FedExCup is the American equivalent of the European Race to Dubai, with players collecting points throughout the season until the FedExCup winner is crowned in three tournaments in August. The FedExCup playoffs consist of three tournaments: the FedEx St. Jude Championship, the BMW Championship and the final Tour Championship. The winner of the Tour Championship also becomes the winner of the FedEx Cup and secures the record jackpot of 25 million US dollars.