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Callaway Golf and Jon Rahm announce long-term partnership extension

Today Callaway Golf, one of the industry’s leaders in golf equipment design, performance, and innovation, and Jon Rahm, one of the best players in the world, announced a new long-term partnership extension.

Rahm joined Callaway in 2021 and earned his first major championship win at the 2021 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines, which moved him to Number One in the World Golf Rankings. He won three more times in 2022 and has continued his remarkable run of form this season. Jon leads the PGA TOUR with four wins in 2023, highlighted by his second major championship in April at Augusta, where he delivered a masterful performance to secure the Green Jacket.

Jon Rahm also on the road with Callaway in 2024

Rahm will continue to play a full bag of Callaway and Odyssey equipment, wear Callaway headwear, TravisMathew apparel and footwear, and support Topgolf’s global golf entertainment venue business. Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp. (NYSE: MODG) will leverage this partnership towards the Company’s strategic goal of strengthening its position as the leader in golf equipment globally, as well as its leadership positions across the modern golf ecosystem.

“I’m so happy to continue this incredible relationship with Callaway and I truly have played the best golf of my career with their equipment,” Rahm said in a provided statement. “From the driver to the golf ball, they continue to set the bar higher with every new product line, and I’m looking forward to many more great years with their team.”

“We’re so proud to have Jon on our staff, and we couldn’t be more excited about this extension of our long-term partnership,” said Topgolf Callaway Brands President & CEO, Chip Brewer. “Jon is an amazing talent, and he’s driven to be one of the very best to ever play the game. Equally important, he is a man of strong integrity and a brand ambassador who shares our passion for making a positive impact on our global sport. It’s a pleasure to work with him, and we look forward to focusing our considerable resources on his continued success.”

This extension includes an equity position for Rahm in Topgolf Callaway Brands, a position that both aligns the Company’s interests and demonstrates Jon’s confidence in the strategic direction of the Modern Golf family of TCB Corp Brands.

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From Tigers to Triumphs: Jon Rahm on Golfing Greats, Driving Stress, and Carlos Alcaraz’s Inspiration

Jon Rahm, preparing for his first Open at Royal Liverpool, has positive memories of the course from a previous tournament. He reflects on Tiger Woods’ 2006 win, adapting his strategy to the course conditions. Rahm hopes to be the first Spaniard since Severiano Ballesteros to claim the Claret Jug. He looks forward to the passionate fan support and acknowledges Rory McIlroy’s strong form. Rahm seeks advice from past champions and fondly recalls winning the Masters. With the Ryder Cup ahead, he’s focused on winning. Rahm admires fellow Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz’s tennis success, providing inspiration for his golf performance.

Jon Rahm speaks ahead of the 151. Open Championship

This is your first Open at Royal Liverpool. Have you had a chance to play here before as a junior or amateur or have you had the chance to practice much? What are your impressions of the course?

Jon Rahm: I played 18 today and I played a Brabazon trophy here. I can’t remember the year, it was a good 11, 12, 13 years ago. It’s funny because a lot of the names in that tournament on the leaderboard are names that you see nowadays. I liked it from the beginning, it was one of my first experiences of links golf. It’s a little bit different to what we play in The Open rotation. Those fairway bunkers, a lot more penal, a lot of those greenside bunkers, a lot more penal. You have to obviously hit it really well. Tee to green, it’s a bit of added pressure. It’s a lot of holes, we’re on hole 14 right now. This 14th hole is a very difficult second shot, hole 12 very difficult tee shot and second shot. At first
glance I am surprised of how low they’ve shot here in the past, but really happy because I like the golf course.

Famously, Tiger Woods’ only hit his driver once over four days when he won at Hoylake in 2006, even with quite benign winds. What will be your approach to playing this course?

Jon Rahm: It was very dry and firm and yellow that year, you could get away with not hitting drivers in a lot of holes. Today, I played early, it was wet. There were some holes where I hit drivers and I didn’t get into any bunkers. I was hitting it on the same spots he was hitting the irons. I understand what he was trying to do, which is basically keep it just short of the bunkers and take on with longer clubs that give himself a more percentage shot. When the Greens are firm, it makes sense, have a little bit more control of the fairway. I don’t know what I’ll be doing. The game has evolved since then. When Rory played and won in 2014, he hit a lot of drivers. It is getting to a point nowadays where if you can hit a driver, you’re going to have to. Not only because of you, but somebody is going to be able to do it. It’s a little bit different game than what was played in 2006.

Jon Rahm not afraid of conditions: “It’s England”

Conditions are key to how an Open venue plays – what do you make of the forecast weather and speed of the course going into the week?

Jon Rahm: It’s England. It’s right next to the channel too. I don’t really look at what the forecast says because it changes so fast. I’m hoping we still see certain weather conditions because it’s The Open. There’s always going to be a wind. Hopefully rain is fair but there’s always going to be a wave that’s benefited one more than the other. It doesn’t look like it’s going to play extremely fast or extremely firm just because the rain and a little bit of the moisture should stay around but you never know. I think it’s going to play somewhat similar to what it did in 2014.

What would it mean to you to claim the Claret Jug as the first Spaniard since Severiano Ballesteros
in 1988?

Jon Rahm: Any time you can do something for the first time since Seve did it, it’s obviously a very big deal. It’s crazy that Sergio Garcia and Ollie (José María Olazábal), many other great players that had a chance, didn’t get to do it for Spain, but it’s not easy. I would be a true honour to be able to join Seve’s (Severiano Ballesteros) name on that list of The Open champions. Even aside from that, just being able to call yourself an Open champion is so unique, so special. To me, it is the most prestigious tournament we have in golf and there’s nothing like it.

“We are expecting over 250,000 passionate fans”

We are expecting over 250,000 passionate fans to cheer you on here this week – what are your expectations about the special atmosphere when the Open comes to Liverpool?

Jon Rahm: It’s always amazing when we come to this side of the world. The respect and knowledge for the game is so much higher than anywhere else and the fans know it. The only tournament in the world where we get celebrated for hitting a shot, sometimes even a wedge hit to 30 feet, just because they understand the conditions and how difficult it can be. You just hit it on the green no matter where you are, most of the time you will get claps. Sometimes you make a five or a bogey and they understand that it was a good five. It’s different and it’s really, really fun to play here.

Although Rory won here in 2014 and arrives here this week with a win at the Scottish Open and some recent strong finishes at the US PGA and US Open, many have you down as the favourite to win. How do you manage the pressure going into a Major?

Jon Rahm: Whatever people say, it doesn’t a really make a difference. Most likely I am going to have higher expectations than most people have about me either way. Luckily, I’ve been playing good for the last few years, I’ve heard that a few times, so you get used to it. Whether people think, if you’re going to win or not, I still come out here to win. Obviously, Rory and Scotty might be more of a favourite because they’ve been playing better lately, but I’m glad people still think I have a chance.

Which other players in the field do you think have the game and the momentum to perform well this week?

“If I have to say one player, you have to say Rory”

Jon Rahm: It’s golf, all 150 of us have a chance. That’s a beautiful thing about this game. When you tee off on Thursday, we’re all on equal ground and that’s it, weather aside. There’s a difference in weather, but nobody would have expected, let’s say, Tom Watson to do as well as he did in 2009, Greg Norman to do as well as he did in 2008 in Birkdale. Those are the circumstances that you can’t foresee and can only happen in Open golf. If I have to say one player, you have to say Rory (Rory McIlroy) because of what he did last week and how he is playing this year.

Ahead of adapting your game to links golf, do you chat to any of your fellow players or friends on tour about the best strategies for posting a low score at The Open?

Jon Rahm: I like to get advice from past champions and players that have done well. We all hit the golf ball in a different way, we all play golf a different way, but there’s always little things that you can learn. It’s always nice to ask for a little bit of advice to see what they consider they did well that week or what they think that needs to be done.

Three months down the road of another stellar year for you. Can you share some more reflections on winning the Masters?

Jon Rahm: Sometimes I still wake up in the morning and realize that I won the Masters this year. It’s crazy. The one thing I keep thinking about is just being able to join my other three fellow major champions from. Becoming part of the fraternity of golfers is very special. The only major that is played on the same golf course every year. It is a bit of a different feeling to it, just because we all know the golf course and just to come out on top is very special for me. If we’re talking especially about the week, just the weather conditions I had to deal with and then play as good as I did is what makes it so special.

After the last Major of 2023, all eyes will turn to the Ryder Cup and you will be a leading figure in the European team. What are your thoughts and expectations looking ahead to Rome in September?

Jon Rahm: My thoughts: Winning. Expectations: Winning. That’s all I can say. It’s such a fun event. It’s so different to what we do throughout the year. To be able to represent our continent, our countries, and play golf for European golf and do an exhibition. At the end of the day, it is an exhibition. Nobody’s getting paid and we’re playing for the love of the game and the love of our nations. It’s a lot of fun to be able to be a part of that. We have teammates celebrating with each other and we’re looking forward to getting that cup back to European soil.

“Hat’s off, his future is very, very, very bright”

For many people, a good way to unwind and relax is to take themselves off on a drive. What car are you driving here this week? Are you able to carve out any time to hit the road for some headspace or are the demands of a Major pretty all encompassing?

Jon Rahm: I have a Mercedes-Benz GLS this week. It’s not relaxing when I’m driving on the other side of the road. It’s very stressful but after a few days, you get used to it. In my case, my favourite car to drive is still at home. I know it’s not the most popular choice, but it is still the G-Wagon. That’s what I’m going to keep driving until I can get my hands on the EQG. It’s still a G-Wagon but a little different one.

Carlos Alcaraz made history yesterday at Wimbledon in a thrilling win over Novak Djokovic. You must feel proud to see the success of your fellow Spanish sport star – hopefully providing some extra energy and inspiration going into this important week for you? Have you ever met Carlos and if so, can you describe your relationship?

Jon Rahm: I’ve not met him but I followed his career. The last few years have been incredible, to be the youngest number one tennis player in the world. This isn’t likely with the three great players we had ahead and with Rafa’s (Rafael Nadal) shadow on Spanish tennis as well. To go and win the US Open and now Wimbledon and still stay the number one with Novak playing at the level he’s been playing. His first final on Centre Court and Wimbledon and beat basically, and this is hard for me to say as a Rafa fan, the best player ever in tennis after losing the first set six to one is quite incredible. The determination and strength he showed in all those sets, even after losing the fourth and come back in the fifth one and get it done was quite impressive. Hat’s off, his future is very, very, very bright. As a tennis fan, you’re kind of wondering, Rafa is coming to an end, Federer is done, Djokovic obviously might have a few years left. Alcaraz might be the next big thing, for somebody like him to come up and just burst into the scene like that was very, very special. So I’m really happy for him and hopefully he has a very long and great career.
Interview distributed by Mercedes Benz

Equipment Panorama

Jon Rahm hoping to follow in footsteps of greatness with custom TRAVISMATHEW Cuater shoes at PGA Championship

Heading to Oak Hill Country Club in good form following four PGA Tour wins in 2023, including The Masters at Augusta National in April, the Spaniard will once again be wearing a custom-painted pair of The Ringer golf shoes.

Vamos Rhambo

The shoe will be in a different colourway to the bespoke custom design white and green pair he wore at Augusta, with this week’s white design detailed with a blue and gold colour combination that pays homage to the PGA Championship logo and the word ‘Vamos’ along the outside of shoe, in reference to his “Vamos Rahmbo” tagline.

As part of his partnership with TRAVISMATHEW, Rahm will be wearing the custom Ringer shoes at Oak Hill this week as he looks to join an illustrious group of players to have won three major championships – with his first two arriving since partnering with TRAVISMATHEW in 2021, which has coincided with his rise to world number one.

Rahm sees the shoes as a gamechanger

Rahm said: “I think the game changer is the shoes I am wearing. They are a lot more comfortable. I have done some great work with the Cuater and TRAVISMATHEW team and I think it has allowed me to be a little bit more stable and up my ball speed and swing speed without being concerned. I can keep that speed up from the first tee shot on Thursday to the last one on Sunday a little bit more consistently.”

TRAVISMATHEW’s premium Cuater performance golf shoe, The Ringer delivers ultimate comfort with lightweight support, breathability, and moisture management in an attractive, waterproof style. The shoes come with layers of moulded foam for ultimate comfort to give golfers the most secure and responsive fit on the market.

Several other top professional golfers also wear Cuater footwear, including Ryder Cup hopeful Sam Burns. The five-time PGA Tour winner will be hoping to continue US dominance at the PGA Championship this week by becoming his country’s eighth consecutive winner of the tournament.
In celebration of the PGA Championship, TRAVISMATHEW is running a Cuater promotion, with anyone purchasing a pair of Cuater shoes gifted a free pair of Cuater socks.

For more information on Cuater click here.


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Jon Rahm: “The greatest honour you can achieve in golf is becoming The Open Champion in St Andrews”

Jon Rahm excited ahead of The Open Championship 2022

Jon Rahm is a Spanish golfer of the DP World Tour and the PGA Tour. In 2020 and 2021, the global Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador led the world golf rankings for over 30 weeks. His greatest success was winning the US Open in 2021. This year he plays his first Open in St Andrews, at the “Home of Golf”. After a very good result at the last Open in 2021 (T3), he wants to build on his good performance at the big 150th Open in 2022.

The 27-year-old Spaniard not only talks with us about his first Open in St Andrews, he also explains what it would mean to him to be the first Spaniard after Seve Ballesteros (Champion Golfer of the Year 1979, 1984 and 1988) to win the trophy and thus follow in the footsteps of a sports icon. In addition he gives an insight into his preparation and expectations.
Text and video by Mercedes Benz

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US Open 2022: Jon Rahm squanders the lead with “six good strokes

For Jon Rahm, it’s all about defending his title this week at the US Open 2022. The 2021 Open winner is well in the running, alone in third place. But still on the 17th hole of his third round it looked like the leading position in the final. Rahm got bogged down on hole 18, and in an interview after the round he gives an insight into his view of the final hole.

Jon Rahm: “It was six good shots”.

With a one-stroke lead, Rahm went onto the 18th hole. The little drama already started on the tee shot, his ball did not hit the expected right turn, but landed in the left fairway bunker. From there, Rahm needed two shots at once, with shot two ending up in the greenside bunker. Rahm chipped the dug-in ball to the flag at just under 20 feet and needed two more putts. So a total of a double bogey brings him to a 71 – one over par for the moving day of the US Open 2022. Before that he holed another putt for birdie and the sole lead:

So much for the facts, but for Rahm this chaos railroad had many positives: The truth is, 18, it was six good shots. Unfortunately, it added up to 6, but it was all good swings. If anything, it was maybe a choice or a decision on the fairway bunker, but swings were good, so execution was proper. So I’m happy about that in that sense.

Regarding the bunker hits, Rahm continues when asked,  “I haven’t thought really about it. Quite frankly, it was a little dark, and it was hard to see. After I hit the shot, I realized the ball was a little bit deeper in the sand than I could really truly see.” He admits he misjudged the situation, “But I think I got maybe — tried to be a little too perfect with the shot. I had a 9-iron in hand. That’s plenty to get over that lip. Maybe I was trying to get too cute, making sure — looking for another birdie, where I could have just hit a 9-iron and hope it gets over the bunker and see what happens.”

Rahm goes into the final motivated

For the last day, the Spaniard wants to focus on himself and his game. “I can’t control what the guys ahead or behind me are doing,” the Spaniard said. ” I just have to focus on myself and my game and play my golf, shot by shot. Try to be as committed as possible to each shot, and that’s it.” Continuing, Rahm explained, “The second you get too caught up in what others are doing at a U.S. Open is when you start making bogeys and double-bogeys in a row. Yeah, exactly that. Just nothing special. Nothing that needs to change. Just, again, making decisions and executing.”

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US Masters 2022: Will Jon Rahm continue the Spanish tradition at Augusta?

We are in a week unlike any other in the entire year. When the gates of Augusta National Golf Club open in April, the entire golfing world goes into a trance for seven days, triggered by the uniqueness and simple beauty of this tournament. In Augusta, everything simply fits and the entire scenery seems perfectly coordinated, as if in a choreography that has been rehearsed for years. For this very reason – and because Augusta is Augusta – the US Masters is considered the most prestigious and important tournament of the year, even among players.

US Masters 2022 – Tee Times

That’s how Jon Rahm sees it, too. Although the Spaniard lost his first place in the world rankings to Scottie Scheffler a few weeks ago, the bookmakers still consider the 27-year-old to be the biggest contender for the title at the 2022 US Masters, and for good reason. For one thing, Rahm has always finished in the top 10 in his last four appearances at Augusta, and for another, this golf course has a very special Spanish aura about it. Seve Ballesteros, Jose Maria Olazabal and Sergio Garcia have already won the Green Jacket, and now the next great Spaniard is to follow. But Jon Rahm is aware of the difficulty of this task, as he revealed at the press conference on Tuesday.

US Masters 2022: No major like any other

The Masters is unique. Not only because of its history, but also because it is the only major tournament that is played on the same course every year. Admittedly, the Augusta National Golf Club has made some minor changes to the course again this year, but anyone who has ever played the Masters can gauge exactly what to expect. Jon Rahm knows that, too: “It makes preparation a little easier. You can simulate the situations for different shots a little easier in practice than you can at the other three majors, when you play a new course every year,” says the world number two.

Based on this fact, but also on his strong results in recent years, the Spaniard considers himself well prepared for the coming week: “I know I can play well here and hopefully on Sunday I can be a little closer on the last nine holes than in recent years.”

Tiger Woods on US Master 2022: “I belive I can win!”

In addition to the beautiful golf course built by Perry Maxwell in 1937, it’s also the crowds of fans that make the tournament what it is today. For Rahm, the 2022 US Masters is unlike any other event. After limited crowds during the pandemic, they are returning to full capacity this year. And as if the anticipation wasn’t already high enough, Tiger Woods is also announcing his comeback for the same week. “We were on the 7 on Monday and Tiger was just playing the 2,” Rahm reports of his first impressions. “I’ve never seen such a big crowd on those two holes, even on a Sunday. There’s a lot more excitement in the air.”

Jon Rahm: “Justin Thomas is the only one who gets real tips from Tiger.”

If you want to hold your own at Augusta National Golf Club, you need a good mix of experience and your best golf game. Forty-two years ago, Seve Ballesteros became the first Spaniard to win the U.S. Masters, ushering in a small Spanish tradition that last continued in 2017 when Sergio Garcia won the Green Jacket. Jon Rahm knows about that tradition and would only be too happy to do his part:

“Since I’m the only Spanish player who is a Major champion but not a Masters champion, that would be something special. Hopefully I can be fourth on that list. There have been a lot of good Spanish stories here that I would like to add to.”

US Masters 2022: Hideki Matsuyama serves outrageous menu of Japanese cuisine

If Rahm can show his best game this week, he will undoubtedly be considered the top favorite. But the Masters wouldn’t be the Masters if even the best players in the world didn’t break a sweat in this setting. Experience is the be-all and end-all at Augusta. When Tiger Woods was about to play his first US Masters, then as an amateur, he got helpful tips from Seve Ballesteros about the condition of the greens and how best to master the difficult shots at Augusta. When asked if Rahm himself had ever asked Tiger for such tips, the Spaniard responded with a nice anecdote:

“Justin Thomas is the only one who gets real tips from Tiger. I asked him for tips once before, back in East Lake. He just turned around and said ‘it’s all about the feeling and just keep going’ and I stood there thinking ‘cool, thanks for that’. Then when I turned around he was standing next to JT telling him a whole dissertation.”

Even if Rahm can’t hope for any tips from Tiger, it should also be enough if he fully trusts his game; after all, it made him the best golfer in the world last year. And there’s one more thing to be hopeful about. Rahm has his biggest fan with him again this week for the 2022 US Masters. “My son Kepa was a lucky charm at the U.S. Open. He wasn’t there at the British Open, so I hope he makes it lucky again this time.”

PGA Tour

Jon Rahm cards 9 on par-4 at Players Championship

On the final round of the Players Championship, Jon Rahm robbed himself of his chance for a good finish early on. On hole 4 (a par-4), the Spanish US Open champion recorded a 9. It is the worst score on a single hole in his professional career. Previously, a 7 was his worst score.

The 27-year-old found the water from a fairway bunker with his second shot. He then missed the next shot from the drop zone as well and had to call for another relief. His third attempt then just reached the green, but it was still more than 20 metres to the hole. After the three-putt and three penalty strokes, Rahm recorded a 9.

Jon Rahm cards 9 on a par-4

European Tour

Rahm eyeing historic hat-trick on home soil

Tournament Preview

Jon Rahm is chasing history on two fronts as he tees it up on home soil at this week’s 2021 Acciona Open de España presented by Madrid.

The World Number One lifted the trophy in 2018 and 2019 before last season’s edition was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic and he is now looking to join Seve Ballesteros as the only three-time winner of the event in the European Tour era.

Sir Nick Faldo and Ian Woosnam, both former World Number Ones, and eight-time European Tour Number One Colin Montgomerie are the only players to have won a European Tour event outside of the Major and World Golf Championships in three consecutive editions and Rahm is also looking to join that elite company at Club de Campo Villa de Madrid.

Rahm back on his home soil

Rahm represented his country in the European Boys’ Team Championship, European Amateur Team Championship and Eisenhower Trophy as an amateur, while also winning a multitude of events at age group level. To cap that with a victory at his national Open was a very proud moment for the 26-year-old and he is delighted to be once again playing on home soil.

Rafa Cabrera Bello believes the good scores are “right around the corner” as he prepares to tee it up on home soil. The 37-year-old first played in his home Open in 2002 but had his best result in the last staging two years ago when he finished second to countryman and now World Number One Rahm.

With a Rolex Series event among his three European Tour wins and a Ryder Cup appearance under his belt, the Spaniard clearly has the game to get back to the very highest echelons of the sport, and he believes patience is the key to achieving that ambition.

Rahm is joined in the field by Ryder Cup teammate Bernd Wiesberger and vice captain Luke Donald as this week marks the start of three consecutive events in Spain on the European Tour, with next week’s Estrella Damm N.A. Andalucía Masters being followed by the Mallorca Golf Open, making it six tournaments in Spain on the 2021 Race to Dubai.

Player Quotes

Jon Rahm: “It would be very unique. I know names like Ollie (José María Olazábal), he couldn’t win it and I know he would have loved to have done it. I would hope to be able to get to a third not only to tie Seve but to win it three times in a row.

“It doesn’t matter what event it is, not many people have been able to win one three times in a row so I’m hoping I can get it done – it would be truly my honour.

“I was able to win at many different levels as an amateur but to be able to end it winning the pro event was very special for me. It’s coming back home that’s important. It’s very fun to play in front of the crowd, they’re very golf hungry in this country. Especially after Covid and the pandemic they haven’t really had the opportunity to enjoy many sporting events so I’m hoping we can put on a good show for them.

“For a Spanish player they are important. Both of them are iconic in each way: I have a chance to win three in a row and then Valderrama is Valderrama. It’s an iconic golf course, it’s an iconic stop on the European Tour and it would be amazing to get my first win there.”

Rafa Cabrera Bello: “It obviously has a lot of history within Europe but I think to all Spaniards it has a special place in our hearts.

“When you’re a kid and the biggest event you can play is the Spanish Amateur and every Spanish amateur championship there is and this being the pinnacle of Spain’s golf – the biggest event you can win in Spain for golf, regardless of everything else. I’ve had some success in the past in this event, it has a special place in my heart and hopefully I can lift the trophy some day.

“I always enjoy a lot playing in Spain. I always feel the support of the crowd, Madrid is one of my favourite cities and the fans always come out in big numbers here so you always feel the love and their encouragement. 

“It’s been a hard two years. Obviously I’ve dropped down a lot on the world rankings and the scores haven’t been going the way I want. There have been some moments where I’ve really felt a little lost and not understanding why. I don’t feel like that right now. I know my game is much better, I know I’m hitting the ball much better and I know the good scores are right around the corner.

“I just have to be patient, it’s something I hate to do but that’s the only way, just be patient, keep working, keep working on building my confidence again and trusting myself and I know the scores will come.”

Bernd Wiesberger: “It is weird because there was a lot of hype and a lot going on over the last few weeks ahead of the Ryder Cup, so you are on such a high coming into the week, during the week, and then trying to get into the day job as you say, it is kind of difficult.

“That week brings a lot of excitement for me to push for 2023, it’s an unbelievable motivator to play well and to make the team again, and that helps motivate me coming into this week after the Ryder Cup and to be here playing in Madrid. It’s the first time I have been to Madrid, I have never played a golf tournament here, it’s a lovely course and I am looking forward to the week and the tournament. 

“I had to kind of reset the goals a little bit. Not only short term but the long term because I dropped a little bit in the world rankings, so I want to make up a bit of ground there to get closer to the top 50 and try to qualify early for the first Major of the year at Augusta so that is a big goal, especially for the end of the year. I believe I am 13th in the Race to Dubai, so I am trying to push in those last four events that I play until the end of the year to see if I can pick up a few spots as well.

“I think that is what’s nice about the European Tour, you get a lot of different tasks on the golf course from golf course design to surroundings, weather as well, fairly different to what the guys faced last week at Dunhill to then come here now, so you have to adapt and that is what is exciting about the European Tour.”

Press Release from European Tour Communications

PGA Tour

Jon Rahm: “If the putter gets a little hot, you’re going to put some good low scores..”

Q. Talk about the round of golf; it seemed like the course was very gettable with the soft greens today.

JON RAHM: It was. It’s a lengthy golf course. You’re going to have a lot of long irons into some of the holes. If you can put it in the fairway when it’s as soft as it is, you can be aggressive. Had a great ball-striking day and made a couple of good putts early on and had it going early and continued the mojo throughout the day.

I think not huge numbers of bogeys can happen easily. Rough is thick, long holes, you can make a bad swing and have a tough one for par like, for example, Tony did on 13. It’s not like he really missed a shot, but he had pretty much an impossible up-and-down. If you manage it well and hit it as well as I did today, you can post a low one.

Q. Tell me about how you approach this type of event when you’re playing with Tony who’s ahead of you in the FedExCup standings and Cameron is right behind you but you’re also playing against 67 other guys in the field. Do you look at that this early?

JON RAHM: No. I pretty much know if I win I’ll be going No. 1 to next week, so that’s the goal. I’m not thinking about points or anything. I’m just trying to hit the best shot I can and move on to the next one.

Q. Last week being in contention, coming here, the Monday finish, everything that comes with leading a golf tournament is exhausting. How are you, and how do you keep your energy up but you still have lots of golf to play?

JON RAHM: Luckily I had a month off, so it helps. Those guys that went to the Olympics and played Memphis and played more events than me may be a little bit more tired, but really that shouldn’t be an excuse in my case. Just rest and recovery, knowing what to do properly.

On Tuesday when I came to the course I didn’t do too much. I didn’t even venture out on the golf course because I knew it was a tough walk. I just hit some balls, a little bit of putting and chipping and went home.

On days like that, Monday afternoon, Tuesday, what I really do, and I really, really prioritize, is hydration. When you know you’re going to have weeks like last week, humid this week and humid next week, if you get dehydrated in the middle it’s going to affect you coming the next few weeks. What I’m doing yesterday and today and tomorrow and every single day and this afternoon is going to help me be able to stay in good form, so I think that’s the most important key. Eating enough calories and drinking enough, as well.

Rahm laughs off his finish from last week

Q. You had a disappointing finish last week and yet you come right out here, bang, right up at the top. What does it say about your ability to do that?

JON RAHM: I must say, for all those Ted Lasso fans out there, be a goldfish. (Laughter).

If you haven’t seen the show, you’ve just got to check it out. I feel like almost everybody knows. Have you seen the show?

Q. I have not.

JON RAHM: It’s basically happiest animal in the world is a goldfish. You know why? He’s got a 10-second memory. Played great golf last week, just a couple bad swings down the stretch, and that’s the most important thing to remember.

Q. Who’s the best goldfish out here?

JON RAHM: Oh, without a doubt Dustin Johnson. He has the ability to forget unfortunate moments better than anyone else.

Q. When you look back to your scores from I would say Memorial on, what are you doing in practice? Are you maintaining? What do you do? It’s been a nice run of no real dips.

JON RAHM: Just always trying to get better. That’s all I can say. I think the bigger thing has been the putter. I found a putter that really works for me that I’m comfortable with. I would say ball striking is probably not that different before and after Memorial, but my putting stats are guaranteed to be a lot better, and that’s the key difference. When you’re hitting it as good as I have the last few months, giving myself plenty of opportunities, if the putter gets a little hot, you’re going to put some good low scores.

Q. Have you ever been surprised by a bad round?

JON RAHM: No. I mean, it happens. It is what it is.

Q. It happens, but what surprises you more, a really good one or a really bad one?

JON RAHM: Neither surprises me. You want to play good, but sometimes it doesn’t happen.

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PGA Tour Champions

Jon Rahm and his “unfinished business”

World Number One and U.S. Open Champion Jon Rahm will return to the world-famous Real Club Valderrama this October after confirming his participation in the Estrella Damm N.A. Andalucía Masters.

Two of the 26-year-old’s seven European Tour victories have come on Spanish soil, and Rahm now has his sights on capturing another home title on one of Europe’s most-renowned golf courses in the seventh edition of the tournament, from October 14-17.

In his last appearance at Valderrama in 2019, which became the first course on Continental Europe to host the Ryder Cup in 1997, Rahm finished runner-up to Christiaan Bezuidenhout.

“I have some unfinished business at Valderrama, that’s for sure,”

said Rahm, referencing his runner-up finish two years ago. “As a Spaniard, it’s a golf course where we all want to win. 

“As soon as you arrive you get a real sense of the history of the venue and the great moments that have taken place there over the last 30 years. To be a part of that would really be an honour.

“I’ve had nothing but great experiences of playing in front of home crowds. Spanish golf fans are truly special, and I can’t wait to see them lining the fairways again.”

Since turning professional in 2017, Rahm has amassed 13 victories across the European Tour and PGA TOUR, also adding a Major title – in June’s U.S. Open at Torrey Pines – to his four Rolex Series victories.

In 2019, Rahm won the Race to Dubai, becoming the first Spaniard since Seve Ballesteros in 1991 to finish the year as European Tour Number One.

Press Release by European Tour Communications