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Record hunt 2023: Bernhard Langer’s great triumph and more impressive performances

From impressive rounds to triumphant victories, the year 2023 in golf has been filled with astonishing moments. Bernhard Langer claimed the title of the most successful golfer on the PGA Tour Champions, Bryson DeChambeau left everyone in awe with a remarkable 58, and Scottie Scheffler’s wallet is likely brimming after a unique season. Let’s revisit the memorable records of 2023.

Bernhard Langers All-Time Record

At the 2023 US Senior Open, Bernhard Langer achieved a historic milestone by securing his 46th victory on the PGA Tour Champions, surpassing Hale Irwin’s record of 45 wins set in 2007. Langer, at the age of 65, showcased his excellence with an impressive seven strokes under par, maintaining a lead of two to three strokes over his competitors. This victory marked Langer’s twelfth major win on the Champions Tour, further solidifying his own record for the most senior majors. With numerous other successes in his illustrious career, Bernhard Langer remains a golf legend.

Bryson DeChambeau’s Picture-Perfect Round and a Double Record by Matt Wallace

While Bryson DeChambeau may not have reached legendary status yet, he astounded the golf world with a legendary round this year. At the Greenbrier Event of the LIV Golf League, the American clinched an undisputed victory, concluding the tournament with an impressive 58. A 59 is a rare feat, but a 58 in men’s golf is exceptionally uncommon. The last time such a low round was recorded was in 2016 by Jim Furyk on the PGA Tour and Stephan Jäger on the Tour.

However, record-breaking rounds were not limited to the LIV Tour. Matt Wallace set two records in a single round at the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai. While nine birdies in a round are impressive on their own, Wallace achieved nine birdies on the back nine, matching James Nittier’s record for the most consecutive birdies on the European Tour/DP World Tour and setting a new record for the Back Nine.

Long-Drive Record: No One Hits Farther than Kyle Berkshire

Kyle Berkshire, a multiple-time world champion and the number one-ranked long driver, set two new records in 2023. During his world record attempt, Berkshire struck the ball at an incredible speed of 241.6 miles per hour, a feat never before achieved in golf. This equates to approximately 388.8 kilometers per hour, establishing a new world record for the long-haired American from Maryland.

Just under two weeks later, Berkshire made another record-breaking announcement. In Wyoming, he launched the ball an astonishing 529 meters, aided by a tailwind of 32 km/h.

PGA Tour Money Shower

Early in the year, it became evident that 2023 would be a record-breaking year for players’ wallets, thanks to the generous prize money at PGA Tour Designated Events. In April, Jon Rahm surpassed the prize money record previously held by Scottie Scheffler in the 2020/21 season. Rahm had earned a record-breaking $14,465,840 at that point, driven by four victories, including the Sentry Tournament of Champions, Genesis Invitational, and the Masters, along with five additional top-10 finishes. By the end of the season, Rahm ranked second in the money standings with $16,522,608. Scottie Scheffler, however, outearned everyone, amassing an incredible $21,014,342 during this season.

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Bryson DeChambeau officially joins LIV Golf

LIV Golf officially confirms that Bryson DeChambeau will participate in upcoming tournaments of the new series. The American will join June in Portland for the second tournament of the Saudi Golf League.

Welcome @b_dechambeau 💪#LIVGolf

Bryson DeChambeau becomes LIV Golf member

Rumors already surfaced a few days ago that DeChambeau was moving to the LIV Golf Invitational Series along with Patrick Reed. “Bryson has always been an innovator,” his agent let slip about the reports. “The opportunity to be involved in the foundation of something unique has always intrigued him. Professional golf as we know it is changing, and changing fast.” 

The announcement comes as a surprise after DeChambeau said as recently as last week that he was not in a position to risk moves like this. As long as the best players in the world were playing on the PGA Tour, he said, he would play there. While the PGA Tour has made its suspension of LIV golf participants official, it may be the USGA’s announcement not to exclude any already qualified golfers that may have influenced Bryson DeChambeau’s decision.

DeChambeau’s sponsor Rocket Mortgage already reacted and parted ways with the US Open winner. Citing ties to the PGA Tour, the company said, “Rocket Mortgage has been a longtime supporter of the PGA Tour, both in our role as an official partner and as a tournament organizer.”

More LIV Golf participants revealed?

In addition to rumors of Patrick Reed and also Rickie Fowler, the teaser video for the new tournament series also appears to announce Matthew Wolff and Bubba Watson as future members. Both can be seen in the video, although they have not yet been officially confirmed. Pat Perez is also said to have signed a $10 million contract with the Saudis, negotiated with the help of the Gretzkys and Dustin Johnson.

According to a source Pat Perez has signed with LIV for 10 million. They added that Perez is close with the Gretzky’s and they, along with DJ they helped secure the deal. — Monday Q Info (@acaseofthegolf1) June 10, 2022

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2022 PGA Championship without Bryson DeChambeau

Phil Mickelson’s cancellation was followed by another cancellation shortly before the start of the major: at around 5 p.m. local time on Wednesday, Bryson DeChambeau announced in Tulsa that he would not be taking part in the 2022 PGA Championship. The second major of the year comes too soon for the 28-year-old after months of pain that was eventually followed by surgery. Although DeChambeau flew to Tulsa this week to the Southern Hills Country Club to be able to prepare himself optimally for a possible participation, he has to admit to himself shortly before the start of the tournament that he is not yet fit enough again.

His left wrist prevents him from playing in the PGA Championship 2022

Bryson DeChambeau underwent surgery on his left hand about five weeks ago. A fall while playing table tennis damaged a bone in his wrist. At first DeChambeau played over the injury, but ultimately could not avoid surgery. Eight weeks of regeneration were initially recommended by the doctors. After DeChambeau had already trained one-handed shortly after the operation, he tried to get back to his usual game as quickly as possible. After four weeks, he already achieved an impressive speed and distance with his driver, as he showed on Twitter.

He finally made his way to Southern Hills Country Club on May 16 to test his body on the course that will host the 2022 PGA Championship.

“I want to be 100% coming back”

After intense days of practice, he played nine holes on each of the last two days before the start of the major. The realization he gained was disappointing: “I just realized it wasn’t going to be the right decision for me to play this week – it was going to be a stretch.” He said he was only 70 percent fit and didn’t want to compete at this level. “I want to give somebody else a chance that’s fully prepared and ready to go out here. Feeling fatigued and tired, four days is a big stretch for me right now”, DeChambeau admits with a heavy heart.

The replacement for Bryson DeChambeau at the PGA Championship 2022 will be Denny McCarthy. The latter is confident despite his impromptu entry, “I had a feeling he was going to pull out. I was ready either way.”


Two weeks after surgery: Bryson DeChambeau trains one-handed

Two weeks ago, Bryson DeChambeau underwent surgery on his left hand, and now he’s back on the golf course. But even “The Hulk” has not made a miraculous recovery after this short time, but uses an unusual technique to hit a few balls despite his handicap. On the video platform TikTok, he presents his attempts at a one-armed golf swing – with success, mind you. As unusual as it may seem at first, the exercise makes perfect sense.

“DeChambeau out-hits our group one-handed”

First, DeChambeau posted a video from the driving range on Monday. You can see (of course) a drive of the longhitter, including the spin of the club after the shot.

But that was not the end of the story for DeChambeau. Together with former NFL kicker Josh Scobee, they went out for a round of golf and there, too, DeChambeau showed that you can also make up a few yards with just your right hand. His teammate’s comment: “No big deal, just Bryson DeChambeau hitting the ball one-handed past our group.”

Playing with one hand as a useful training method

Regardless of whether it is forced or voluntary, it makes sense to play one-handed strokes from time to time. Due to the lack of support from the second hand, the muscle groups are used more during the stroke and the swing movement occurs more consciously. In addition, the stability in the core of the body is strengthened and due to the higher strain on the muscles, the strength training for more length is also included. To train on the range with this technique you don’t need any special equipment, just a golf club and a few balls.
To start, it should be a short iron. With this iron, you first make a few practice swings with the right hand and focus especially on the movement of the shoulders, hips and back. A little tip: For more control over the club, you can grip a little lower than usual. Then follow up with a few strokes with the ball, keeping the unused hand on the hip or back. Repeat with the left hand before hitting a few balls with both hands and the normal golf grip.


Thumbs up: Bryson DeChambeau reports after successful surgery

Bryson DeChambeau injured his left hip as well as his left wrist while playing ping pong during the Saudi International in February 2022. As a result, DeChambeau was forced to drop out of two tournaments and missed the cut several times as he apparently failed to properly heal his injury. Disappointment also followed at the Masters at the beginning of April: After it had initially been said that DeChambeau would return to the first major of the year 100 percent fit, he still seemed to have had problems with his wrist and failed to make the cut. There was now no getting around surgery.

Bryson DeChambeau wants to play “at golf’s highest level” again

The injury in Bryson DeChambeau’s wrist involves the hamate bone, a carpal bone. Following the surgery, which was performed by renowned hand surgeon Dr. Thomas Graham, DeChambeau reached out on Instagram and Twitter with an update.

In his statement, the 28-year-old expressed his usual confidence. He is looking forward to playing at the highest level again in the coming months. DeChambeau seems to want to forget the past few weeks: “I made attempts to play through this injury at three recent events, including the Masters, but this is typically an injury that requires surgical treatment. Through continued discomfort from the fracture, it has caused me to alter my grip and swing, resulting in my inability to compete at golf’s highest level. This has not been easy physically and mentally for me.”

DeChambeau faces hard work ahead

Bryson DeChambeau also wrote that he will now take enough time to recover so that he can return to his usual form afterwards: “Thank you to my family, team, partners, and supporters during this tough stretch but I am excited to work hard to get back competing soon.”

It doesn’t look like DeChambeau will compete at the PGA Championship in May 2022 due to the length of time his wrist will take to heal. A return by the US Open in June 2022 would be desirable for the golfer.


Bryson DeChambeau undergoes surgery on left hand

Bryson DeChambeau has been suffering from pain since the beginning of the year

It is not yet a good calendar year for Bryson DeChambeau. The American has just six tournament appearances to his name so far in 2022, with two early withdrawals. The reason for his rather weak performances: injuries to his wrist and hip have kept BDC at bay for several weeks now.

This was also the case about a week ago during Scottie Scheffler’s triumph in Augusta, when Bryson DeChambeau said he felt 80% fit. Although his doctor had advised him against teeing off at the Masters, the 28-year-old decided to take part. The result: twelve over par after two rounds and a missed cut.

Now DeChambeau is taking the consequences and is undergoing surgery on his left hand to treat the fracture of his hamate bone. Curiously, he suffered the fracture while playing ping pong during the Saudi International. His agent Brett Falkoff told Sports Illustrated: “We look forward to a smooth recovery and rehab process. Bryson looks forward to returning as soon as he is cleared to do so”.

PGA Championship at risk due to surgery?

The surgery is scheduled to take place today, thursday. Actually, the 28-year-old would have been a guest at a Professional Long Drivers Association event in Florida this weekend. “He’s going to have surgery on Thursday” Bobby Peterson ,one of the organizers of the event, told Sports Illustrated. He added, “It’s unfortunate more for him. I hate that he’s not going to the event. But I hate it more for him. Obviously it’s not good or he wouldn’t be doing that. I know he was trying to avoid it, but I guess he felt it was something he had to do”.

The second major tournament of the season is already coming up next month. In May, golf’s elite head to Southern Hills Country Club for the PGA Championship. According to one long time PGA Tour trainer, the recovery time after surgery on the hamate bone is approximately 10-12 weeks. This means that participation in the PGA Championship is unlikely for the American. A more realistic goal for DeChambeau could be the US Open in June, which he already won in 2020. When the 28-year-old will finally return to the golf course depends largely on how the surgery and the recovery process turn out.

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US Masters 2022: Bryson DeChambeau plays despite injuries

In recent weeks and months, headlines have not reported Bryson DeChambeau’s strong performances, but his numerous health problems. Among them his wrist problems and hip pain. On Monday, he spoke about his health condition and how he is dealing with it at the 2022 US Masters. An important message for his fans: He will compete, but he is not yet back to 100 percent performance.

Bryson DeChambeau: “I’m at 80 percent performance”

DeChambeau is back in Augusta and training together with his coaching team. But due to his injuries, he can’t follow his usual training path. “I can give about 80 percent right now,” he answered in an interview when asked about his form. “That’s why I can’t do swing speed training and I have to train smarter in general. I have to be careful and effective in the things I practice.” But DeChambeau also sees improvement in recent weeks, just in time for the 2022 U.S. Masters. “I’m proud that I made it here in such a short time. I’m pleased with that,” he said. ““Hitting golf balls on the range today, I was able to sustain practice for a good amount of time,” he said. Despite his weaker form, he still manages a ball speed of around 190 miles per hour.

US Masters 2022: Doctors advise against participation

DeChambeau’s hip injury developed two years ago, he explained in an interview. The small tear in his hip labrum first became relevant when he slipped “Charlie Brown-like” during a table tennis match against Sergio Garcia and Joaquin Niemann in front of the Saudi International and fell on said hip, as well as his injured hand.
After that, DeChambeau underwent CTs and MRIs resulting in a hairline fracture of the hamate bone. This common injury, especially among baseball players, could also stem from his excessive workouts at the driving range, according to DeChambeau. Back in November, he was probably struggling with problems in his hand: “Last November, before I played against Brooks, I felt something. There was something on my hand that kind of popped, and I was like, ‘Ah, this isn’t normal.’ It didn’t really feel good either. It was hard to hit balls.”
The American’s injuries usually entail a four-month break, but DeChambeau was back on the golf course after just two months. This decision is not without risks and in the worst case could lead to surgery one his left hand. But for DeChambeau, one thing is certain, “the Masters is only once a year and I have to give it a go.”

For “The Hulk,” the last six weeks off were not a punishment. He himself said he used the time to give back to his viewers and to golf. “It’s really made me a different person, and – I hope – a better person who also has a different perspective on the game of golf.” He also learned to listen to his body better and give himself rest breaks, he said.
But despite that positive outlook, his comeback to the golf course was frustrating. After six weeks without playing practice, his rounds were marked by shouts of “Fore.” “It’s just not fun. It’s very difficult on your mental psyche as well.”

Bryson DeChambeau wants to take it slower

For him, the last few months have been a learning phase. He had to deal with the first major injury of his career and (at least partially) revise many attitudes toward sports. “You have to pay attention to every part of your body,” he explained in the interview. Still, he said he continues to enjoy pushing his limits and making improvements as a result. Due to his injuries, however, that approach hasn’t necessarily been possible, “i’ve taken more of a reserved approach now through this season, I’ll start ramping back up when I feel 100 percent again.” For now, he is confident of playing up front again at Augusta, despite his weaker form. “It’s been a bit of unravelling this knot that I’ve had in my game for the past four years,” he said of his search for greater consistency with his swing. “We’re finally moving in a direction that I feel is positive for me being able to win again, hopefully, regularly like I did in 2018.”


Bizarre rules issue at the WGC – Dell Technologies Match Play: DeChambeau, Pieters and the sprinkler

On Bryson DeChambeau’s return to the PGA Tour, a curious interpretation of the rules occurred at the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play, which in the end even forced head referee Gary Young to make a statement. On hole 13, Thomas Pieters hit his ball directly into a sprinkler head before DeChambeau hit the exact same spot a few rounds later. But according to the referees’ decision, one received penalty-free relief, the other did not.

Matchplay: Bad luck for Pieters, good fortune for DeChambeau

After an entertaining first round of the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play, a referee’s decision caused a lot of discussion afterwards. Thomas Pieters, who was competing against Tom Hoge in Round 1, hit his ball directly into a sprinkler on hole 13 at Austin Country Club. With officials stating that the ball touched the marked penalty line in the area of the sprinkler head, Pieters received no relief and lost the hole. In the end, however, the Belgian still managed to win against Tom Hoge, so the rules interpretation did not put him at a consequential disadvantage.

Later that day, Bryson DeChambeau managed to get his ball into the exact same sport. However, because the rules officials around PGA Tour head referee Gary Young had already decided to move the marker line because of the Pieters incident on hole 13 so that the sprinkler head was no longer in the danger zone by now, a happier situation resulted for DeChambeau. Although the line had not yet been officially moved, BDC was allowed to drop his ball without another penalty stroke. In the end this decision of the referees was enough for him to draw against Richard Bland.

Referee Statement on Rules Chaos at WGC – Dell Match Play

After the curious decision by the officials, PGA Tour head referee Gary Young explained his actions: “Obviously, in match play, each match is its own individual story. To me, two wrongs don’t make a right. So to make the correction before Bryson’s match got there was important when we heard about the original ruling. When the golf course was marked the line got a little bit closer. Obviously, there’s a lot of wind when you’re marking these golf courses. The line got a little too close to it. It’s the great part of the fact that this is match play and we can make those changes because each individual match you could change something like that. If it was a stroke-play event, we would had to keep it that way through the entire day until all competitors finish their round and then make the change. But because of match play, we did it in between.”

PGA Tour

Bryson DeChambeau: “Won’t be able to go fully at it until Augusta.”

Although Bryson DeChambeau is playing a tournament on the PGA Tour for the first time since his injury this week, he is still far from his ideal form.

Long hitter and crowd pleaser Bryson DeChambeau returns to the PGA Tour after his lengthy injury. The start at the WGC Matchplay in Texas is his first tournament since withdrawing from the Saudi International in February due to hand an hip issues. For a long time it was considered uncertain what the injury was and, above all, how serious it was. He gave a clear denial to the Golf Channel to the speculations that the injuries were caused by too hard training. And yet, especially for the aspiring superstar it was a difficult situation, because his golf game lives from a power for which a healthy body is indispensable. BDC knows that, too, and that’s why he says he won’t take any big risks until the US Masters in April, so that he can return to his full potential at the tournament in Augusta.

WGC Matchplay: The tee times for the group stage

Bryson DeChambeau: “Learned a lot about my body over time”.

For a good two months now, the long-hitter has been plagued by hand and hip pain. Voices were quickly raised to attribute his injury problems to the intensive training that BDC has been doing for years. DeChambeau commented on the issue to Golf Channel this week before the WGC Matchplay:

“People say it’s because of the speed training and all the strength training and certainly some of those things have contributed to it. I’ve been working very hard and maybe overdoing it here and there,” he explained to Golf Channel. “But at the same time, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve learned so much about my body over the years, how to deal with certain things and also how important rest is.”

So now this week, his return to Tour action. At the WGC Matchplay in Texas, fans can look forward to exciting golf in match play format and Bryson DeChambeau in particular has chosen a very special playing partner on his return, Englishman Richard Bland.

WGC Matchplay: the groupings for the first few days

Augusta in view: Bryson DeChambeau’s comeback plan

Even though the WGC Matchplay is a popular and exciting tournament on the schedule this week, many pros are already looking to the future, as the highlight of the year, the US Masters 2022, is less than two weeks away. What Wimbledon is for tennis players, Augusta is for every golf fanatic.

Bryson DeChambeau also wants to attack the green jacket this year. Back in 2020, he said that the 72 par course at Augusta felt more like a 68 par course for him to play, raising expectations sky high. Now, two years later, BDC enters the crucial weeks leading up to the Masters without much competitive experience and still has a long way to go if he wants to be successful at Augusta.

But to that end, the 28-year-old American has set himself a comeback schedule, starting with next week’s WGC Matchplay and Valero Texas Open. Still, he is realistic about his chances of stepping up a gear in the last tournament before the first major of the year. He explained, “Will I be all in? No. Not even close. I probably won’t be able to really get going until Augusta.”

Accordingly, it will be interesting to see how DeChambeau presents himself on the course over the next two weeks. On the one hand, he has to get back to his best game as quickly as possible, on the other hand, he must not take any unnecessary risks in order not to provoke another injury. BDC has to find the right balance for himself.

PGA Tour

Bryson DeChambeau’s long-awaited return to the PGA Tour

The “Mad Scientist” returns! Bryson DeChambeau has been struggling with his physical condition in recent weeks. Especially his wrist gave him problems, so that he missed several tournaments of the PGA Tour season 2021/22. The 28-year-old is expected to return to tournament action next week.

Tough weeks lie behind the long hitter

Bryson DeChambeau last played at the Saudi International in January 2022, where he withdrew after the first round due to worsening wrist and hip problems. That the long hitter, who was still in the top 10 of the world rankings in January, was not alright, was already apparent a week earlier at the Farmers Insurance Open. DeChambeau failed to make the cut.

Several weeks passed as fans waited for DeChambeau to make a comeback. Hopes grew as the Arnold Palmer Invitational approached, where DeChambeau would have played for the title defense, and as the Players Championship, the “fifth” major, took place. But DeChambeau canceled his participation in these two tournaments as well. He was not yet at 100 percent and did not want to risk anything, he revealed in a video on his Twitter channel.

Now DeChambeau will compete again on the PGA Tour

The PGA Tour now revealed that Bryson DeChambeau has committed to the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play from March 23-27. The Match Play event could help him return to tournament action thanks to the special format of the game. In addition, the tournament will take place not far from his home in Dallas. In view of the Masters taking place at the beginning of April, DeChambeau will be able to benefit from a little match practice.

Bryson DeChambaeu will compete against a first-class field this weekend, with players vying for $12 million in prize money. Surprisingly, Cameron Smith, who wants to enjoy family time after his Players Championship victory, Rory McIlroy, who is taking a two-week break, and Hideki Matsuyama, who has been struggling with back problems since the Players Championship, are among the players who will not be taking part.