Bubba Watson at DJ Khaled Charity Golf Classic

The newly crowned Champions League winner Vini Jr. and the former Masters champion Bubba Watson are among the participants in the “We The Best Foundation Jordan Golf Classic hosted by DJ Khaled”. The tournament takes places on June 13th in Miami. Other notable stars competing in the charity event are: Golfers Michael Block and Mina Harigae, NFL players Tua Tagovailoa (Quarterback for the Miami Dolphins), Odell Beckham Jr. (Wide Receiver for the Miami Dolphins) and musician Luis Fonsi.

DJ Khaled: “We Are Making Bless Moves For a Great Cause!”

In one of his many promotional videos DJ Khaled presented the field for his charity golf event in Miami. The field includes a lot of star power. For fans of golf, Bubba Watson is definitely the highlight. The two-time Masters Champion Watson is not exempt for the 2024 US Open and therefore able to compete in Khaleds event. In the announcement from this week, the musician DJ Khaled wrote: “Unity is strength! Great Golf for a cause. Here in my home, the 305 Miami, where we are not just hitting the green, we are making bless moves for a great cause! Picture this: A day fillled with swings, birdies and giving back, all under the shining sun.”

The avid golfer DJ Khaled

The 48-year-old musician and producer is known to be an avid golfer. Khaled regularly posts videos of him golfing. In an interviev with the US sports talk First Take, Khaled spoke about Rory McIlroy teaching him “Swing thoughts” and his handicap, which according to his quote is “a seven on a great day”. He also made a hilarious comment about his competitiveness: “When it is competitve time, I go against the best of them – it can be Tiger Woods.” The full interview including an announcement for the charity event here:

PGA Tour

PGA Championship 2022: Moving Day ahead – Southern Hills voices

Halfway through the 2022 PGA Championship is in the books, and already the Southern Hills tournament is once again writing its own little stories. Veteran Bubba Watson played the best round in the tournament so far on Friday, superstar Tiger Woods gifted fans in Tulsa with two more rounds of “Tiger golf” and although Will Zalatoris is playing only his second PGA Championship, his lead isn’t all that surprising. On the evening of the second round, some of the players were still answering questions from the press. We have compiled the voices of the stars.

Bubba Watson: “I was nervous with every shot. I was nervous on every putt. I didn’t have a lead.”

A 63 on the scorecard and still nervous on every stroke? That also only happens with Bubba Watson. The American played by far the best round so far this week on Friday, but he still doesn’t seem to really understand the golf course at Southern Hills, as he admitted in an interview. “I don’t think I’ve learned how to attack the golf course here. If you look closely at my round, I was nervous on every shot. I was nervous on every putt. I didn’t have a lead,” said the two-time major winner. Asked if the strong round was therefore pure luck, Bubba Watson replied in his usual nonchalant manner, “Every round I play is luck. I’ve never had coaching lessons.” – a classic Watson, in fact.

And yet, a round of 63 actually speaks for itself. But Watson doesn’t necessarily believe in his perfect game, or that he understands the course better than others. For the American, the question of victory or defeat is one that is decided between the ears – it’s all about one’s mindset. “Forget about the golf course. It’s about trusting yourself. If you don’t trust yourself, it doesn’t matter if you have the perfect length or the perfect club.”

PGA Championship 2022 – Tiger Woods: “I’ve won tournaments from the cut line.”

It was a big piece of work that Tiger Woods had to do on Friday of the PGA Championship 2022. But the superstar managed a solid round of 69 on the second day of his comeback at Southern Hills, Tiger improved to +3 and now gets to tee off two more times this weekend. Nice for the 15-time Major winner, even nicer for the numerous fans who have carried their superstar since the first hole. In the second Major after his long injury, Tiger makes the cut. Not everyone would have thought he could make such a comeback. And Tiger Woods? After two rounds, he is just happy to be able to play golf at the highest level again. “Coming back here, to a place where I was successful, and playing against the best players in the world, that’s what we all want. Fortunately, somehow I can do that,” Woods said after his round on Friday.

Looking ahead to the weekend, Tiger hasn’t written anything off yet. Especially with Bubba Watson’s performance in mind, Woods believes it’s entirely possible to make up a few more spots this weekend. “There’s a reason you fight hard to make the cut and give yourself a chance this weekend. You just never know when you’re going to get going. I’ve won tournaments from the cut line,” the 46-year-old said. “Hopefully I can play a round tomorrow like Bubba did today.”

Will Zalatoris: “Full focus on everything because we only have four majors a year.”

Will Zalatoris, 25 years young and playing a seventh major ever with the 2022 PGA Championship. But despite his young age, the American already seems to know exactly what matters at a major tournament, as Zalatoris regularly hits top form, especially at the major tournaments. “I think that when it comes to majors, especially since the Masters, I have an attitude that I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible,” the Texas native said. “I don’t want to look back in 20 years and regret my attitude or anything else.”

So far, he should be pleased with himself. After 36 holes, he leads Chilean and PGA Tour rookie Mito Pereira by one stroke. But Zalatoris, who didn’t record a single bogey on his scorecard Friday, also knows he still has a long way to go before he can hold his first major title in his hands. But Zalatoris knows what matters at the 2022 PGA Championship – and at all other majors.

“I have to make sure I’m fully focused in everything I do, because we only have four of these [majors] a year.”

We can look forward to seeing what we can expect as early as today on Moving Day. The top-20 of the leaderboard is packed with world-class players, and each of them will want to take their chance to win the Wanamaker Trophy on Sunday at the PGA Championship.


Greg Norman and the Saudi Golf League: “We’re in talks with major winners”

Shortly after the US Masters 2022, the Saudi Golf League (SGL) is making headlines again. Just a few kilometers from Augusta National Golf Club, Greg Norman is said to have met with potential players of the new league. Among them were some high-profile members of the PGA and European Tour. “The interest we’ve had … Well, I had a player sitting in my office 48 hours ago who’s won a couple of major majors,” Norman told the Telegraph in an April 12, 2022, interview. The PGA and DP World Tour (formerly the European Tour) are not pleased: “They can’t park their tanks on our turf much more obviously.”

The first names are fixed

The turmoil surrounding Phil Mickelson and the various cancellations of PGA stars, including Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm and Collin Morikawa, set back the Saudi Golf League. Greg Norman revealed in an interview with The Telegraph, “It was a slap in the face, no question about it.” But Norman is not letting that get him down. According to him, interest in SGL continues unabated. “We respected the Masters and let it play out, but now our trip [ed. to Augusta] is finally coming to fruition – for the players, not for me,” Norman told the newspaper. “They have a right to get what they want. That’s why they’re still very, very, very interested. We have players under contract, as opposed to the white noise you hear out there.” Four of those players are said to be Ryder Cup stars Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood, as well as five-time PGA Tour winner Kevin Na and two-time major winner Bubba Watson. The latter, however, made it clear only a few hours after the publication of the interview with Greg Norman that he would continue to play on the PGA Tour.

Bubba Watson prefers US Open and 150th Open over Saudi League

The former world number two recently published his tournament schedule for the coming months. What is striking is not the tournaments he is playing, but which ones he is foregoing. Bubba Watson has been linked to the Saudi League in the past, but now he’s playing the RBC Canadian Open, as he revealed on Twitter. The tournament stands out from his tournament schedule because the first of eight events in the LIV Golf Internation Series starts in London at the same time. Watson’s goal, he said, is to qualify for the US Open and the 150th Open Championship. If he succeeds in doing so, Watson said there will be further changes to his tournament schedule.

Greg Norman remains convinced of the concept of the Saudi Golf League

“Honestly, it doesn’t matter who plays, we’re going to run the event,” he said. “There is a first prize of $4 million. I hope a junior player who is ranked 350th in the world wins. It will change his life, his family’s life. And then a couple of our events will go by and the top players will see someone win $6 million or $8 million and say, ‘Enough is enough, I know I can beat these guys week after week with my hands tied behind my back.” The first event addressed will be held in two months at the London Centurion Club. After that, it’s off to the U.S., among other places, where Greg Norman and SGL are guests at the Trump courses, which are outlawed by the PGA.

Two world number one to join SGL

This was reported by the Daily Mail, also at the beginning of the week. The report says that SGL has already recruited two former world number one players, names were not mentioned. After the withdrawal of world stars such as Bryson DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson, it is unclear who the players mentioned will be.

Team USA

PGA Tour: Bubba Watson Addresses Media Following Opening Round 67 at The WGC Mexico Championship

PGA professional and two time Masters champion Bubba Watson speaks with the media following an opening round of 67 at the WGC Mexico Championship which is good for second place, 2 shots behind leader Rory McIlroy.

PGA Tour: Bubba Watson talks to the media about playing wit Justin Bieber, superb putting, and the pros and cons of golf at altitude

Q. 4-under par for Bubba. You had that tie for ninth finish in three previous starts here, so you haven’t been great on this golf course, but today you played very well. What made you get to the 4-under-par total?
BUBBA WATSON: I just made some putts today. The only thing that was missing last week when I missed the cut was I didn’t make any putts. The ball just wasn’t going in the hole for some reason. I’ve been hitting the ball great all year after training. I’ve been working on getting fitter, getting stronger so I can hold positions and hit the shots I want to hit. So today I just made putts. The one thing I haven’t done around here is make putts. Around here, one foot means a lot. So you’re chipping or hitting the ball into the green, it can bounce over the green or it can be close to the hole. So around here it’s very difficult. You’ve just got to get your bounces to go your way.

Q. 13 one-putts today, including the last seven holes. When you began the day it was like this; there wasn’t a breath of wind. Then all of a sudden in the middle the breeze kicked up a little bit. How much did that mess with the strategy?
BUBBA WATSON: I’ll go with the first part. Me and Teddy were joking, it seemed like I was one foot off of just about every green. That’s what it felt like today. So I missed a lot of greens, but I was just off the green where I could putt and secure an easy par I guess you would say. But when the wind picked up, it changes because the elevation already messes with your head and what you’re thinking, and then when you talk about into the wind, how much does it affect it, downwind how much does it affect it, so you’re always second-guessing yourself more than back home just because of the elevation, so that’s what makes it so difficult. And that’s what the scores are showing. Sometimes par is great around here when you’re second-guessing the wind and the elevation.

Q. If you look at your record around here, you’ve had some pretty decent results. Do you like playing at elevation? Is this fun golf for you?
BUBBA WATSON: Well, what my psychologist would say would be yes, I love it here. I don’t have a psychologist, but if I did, that’s what they would say.

No, you know, it’s one of those things where it’s fun. When we talk about four days of golf, me and you hit a shot and we land a foot apart, one is going to bounce, one doesn’t, and it’s just about getting the bounces to go your way, the putt to go your way, and today I made some putts. I missed a couple greens just off the green, so it looks like I missed a lot of greens today, but I putted the ball nicely. LA last week I didn’t putt it very nicely. I stroked it well but I just didn’t make any putts, so I missed the cut.

I know my ball-striking is where I want it to be. My mind is where I want it to be and everything. Coming here, I was just hoping I’d get the right bounces and the right breaks. I know I can play around here if I stay committed to all the shots, and today I did that.

Q. Did you get into the right frame of mind Saturday playing with Justin Bieber?
BUBBA WATSON: Oh, man. You know, he’s my mental coach, my psychologist I was talking about. (Laughter.)

You know, it’s — life sometimes throws you curve balls. I’ve had some ups and downs over the last five years in my personal life, in my mind, and I’ve reached out to some guys, and I’ve also helped some guys, and so missing the cut — think about it, I could be very disappointed because that golf course I love. I mean, I’ve won it three times in LA, and I can’t hit the ball any better. For two rounds I was 13th in greens in regulation, and I think I beat two people in putting for two rounds. So I was like 118 in putting.

I was very disappointed, but at the same time, you’ve got to live life, and so I called my buddy and called a couple buddies and we got together and played some golf and freed it up and just had some fun and realized I was in a good frame of mind and where my life is with my beautiful wife and my beautiful kids; who cares about missing a cut really. We’ve got other things to worry about, a different tour coming on and all these things.

Q. Where was that round, and was it Saturday?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, it was at Lakeside. Lakeside is one of my favorite golf courses right there in LA right outside of Warner Brothers studio, any chance I get to play there. I’m honored with, I guess, a complimentary membership, so any chance I get a chance to stop by there, I stop by there and play and hang out with the boys.

Q. How many complimentary memberships do you have?
BUBBA WATSON: I’ve got a few. And there’s a couple I pay for.

Q. A couple?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, there’s a couple that make me pay, but yeah, it’s all good. It’s worth it.

Q. Guys were saying because of the thin air the ball doesn’t seem to turn as much. It seems to me you’re a player that likes to see the ball move in different directions. Do you like that or is that a challenge?
BUBBA WATSON: It’s a challenge because I’m used to starting a ball or trying to start a ball one way and getting it to curve back, that’s the challenge. Here I have to do different eyesights and trust it. And that’s why around here, I have the ability just like all these guys have the ability, it comes down to trusting it, that your ball is not going to curve as much or it’s going to do a little different. Today the gusty winds made the course a lot tougher than we’re used to because we haven’t really seen this over the past couple years.

It comes down to trust for me, and yeah, I want to be able to move the ball, but at the same time, I’ve got to go with what the ball is doing, and in this elevation the ball hasn’t really moved that much. I’ve got to talk to Bryson about air density and stuff like that.

Q. Was the tee shot at 1 an example of that, that you expected it to curve a little bit more?
BUBBA WATSON: Yes, but at the same time, at 1, you want to miss it — I want to miss it to the right a little bit because of those bunkers. They just dump sand in these, these bunkers. These are the toughest bunkers I’ve ever seen because there’s so much sand in them and I knew how difficult it was going to be if you hit it in those bunkers. Louis landed in the bunker and it only moved a couple inches and he had a ridiculous chance to get up-and-down.

Q. Do you think patience will be the key for the next rounds? Or what will be the key?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, the key is always patience. That’s the beauty of what Tiger Woods has able to do, McIlroy has been able to do. It comes down to patience. When you have patience and trust in yourself and your ability, that’s when you can play good golf. I mean, all these guys at this field, at this event can play the game of golf, but it comes down to who’s got the most patience and the freed-up mind and mental attitude.

Q. What is the thing you most enjoy about playing here in Mexico?
BUBBA WATSON: What I like most about playing here? The ball goes forever. Even though I’m getting older, the ball still travels a long way, so it’s always fun, and it changes it up. It changes up our routine of having the straightforward shot. Now we have to do some math and try to guess right on the numbers and pull the shots off.

Mexico City, Mexico

February 20, 2020

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

Team USA

PGA Tour: Bubba Watson Talks About Tough Conditions at Waste Management Phoenix Open

PGA Tour professional and Master’s Champion Bubba Watson speaks to the media following the final round of the 2020 Waste Management Phoenix open about the windy final day conditions and the difficulties it presented.

PGA Tour: Bubba Watson addresses the media following final round of 2020 Waste Management Phoenix Open

Q. Nice finish out there today. How did that putt at 18 not go in? I saw you looking at me, it looked like you hit it absolutely perfect, it just didn’t drop.
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, for sure, and all I wanted to do was beat Justin Thomas, that’s all I looked at, I saw I was tied with him and so I really wanted that putt to go in, just so I could text him. But I hit a great putt — I hit a couple good putts today that didn’t go in, but all in all you’ll take the week and take the putting stroke, it looked pretty good this week.

Q. With the wind and the firmness of the greens it got a little challenging out there, didn’t it?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, number 11 and No. 12 — 14, is always a goofy hole, a tough hole — but 11 and 12 were two of the toughest I’ve ever seen out here because of conditions.

Q. I know you’re a big sports fan who do you like in the Super Bowl tonight?
BUBBA WATSON: I really want Mahomes to do well. I just think he’s a special talent, it’s been fun to watch him. So I love seeing creativity, that’s how I kind of think of my golf game, so it be would fun to see him do some heroics.

Q. Could you just tell me about the crowds this week, not just on 16 but throughout the tournament and how it compares to previous years?
BUBBA WATSON: No, it’s growing, it’s growing tremendously. I think that they have created an atmosphere, the Thunderbirds have created an atmosphere, the city is really behind it, Phoenix and Scottsdale, you can’t ask for better crowds. When people come out here and support you, this many people, I mean this has got to be one of or the biggest sporting event in the world, the amount of people that come through the gates over a seven-day period or whatever it is, pretty amazing.

Scottsdale, Arizona

February 2, 2020

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports