World Golf Ranking: Two UK Players in the Top Ten

As the World Golf Ranking undergoes its weekly update, two British players find themselves within the top echelons. While Rory McIlroy remains in second place, Matt Fitzpatrick retains his position at number 8, maintaining a stronghold within the top 10. Not far behind them is Tyrrell Hatton, who also remains consistent at number 12. He is closely followed by Tommy Fleetwood steady at number 13. The stability of these players in the rankings reflects their continued strong performances in recent events.

Further UK Players in the Golf World Ranking

Separated by a large block of mostly US and Australian players the next UK Player in the World Golf Ranking is Shane Lowry. He finds himself at position 36 Lowry after he climbed up one spot compared to the previous week.

The World Golf Ranking also reveals the progress of Justin Rose and Robert MacIntyre, who stand at positions 39 and 57, respectively. While Rose remains at the same rank as the previous week, MacIntyre experiences a slight setback. He moved one spot down from 56.

The dynamic nature of the World Golf Ranking continues to challenge players to maintain or improve their standings through consistent performance. In the top 3 of the World Golf Ranking, we see Scottie Scheffler maintaining the number 1 spot, while Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy holds on to the second rank. Spain’s Jon Rahm remains third. These players have solidified their positions at the pinnacle of golf’s elite through remarkable skill and recent achievements on the course.

As for the rest of the top 10 in the World Golf Ranking, Viktor Hovland from Norway and Patrick Cantlay from the USA stay at ranks 4 and 5, demonstrating the elite level of play that keeps them in the conversation for the top spots. Xander Schauffele and Max Homa, both from the USA, secure ranks 6 and 7, respectively. Brian Harman and Wyndham Clark, two more Americans, round out the top 10, taking the 9th and 10th positions without change from the last week. Their presence in the top 10 showcases the depth of talent amongst golfers from the United States.


World Golf Ranking: UK Players in the spotlight

Scottie Scheffler remains the leading player in the World Golf Ranking. The best UK-Player is Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland, who is unchallenged in second place in the rankings.

Top UK Names in the World Golf Ranking

The subsequent group of UK players sees a shuffle in the World Golf Ranking. While England’s Tyrrell Hatton rises to the 12th spot putting pressure on the Top Ten, Matt Fitzpatrick loses his 7th spot to Max Homa, who won the Nedbank Golf Challenge on the DP World Tour in South Africa.

Tommy Fleetwood remains steady at the 15th spot. The next UK Player in the Ranking is Shane Lowry at the 35th spot.

The Power of Three: Top of the World Golf Ranking

Back at the forefront of the World Golf Ranking, Spain’s Jon Rahm at 3rd consolidates his reputation as a true golf titan. He joins Scottie Scheffler and Rory McIlroy in the foremost trio.

The World Golf Ranking is no stranger to twists and shifts in the top 10. From America, Max Homa’s upward swing garners him the 7th position, showcasing an evident advancement compared to last week. However, Brian Harman and Wyndham Clark from the USA hold their spots, sitting comfortably at 9th and 10th respectively.


World Golf Ranking: Spotlight on UK Players and battle for the Top Spot

In the latest World Golf Ranking, British, Welsh and Scottish players show a robust presence amongst the world’s golfing elite. Particularly striking is the performance of Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy. He holds the prestigious second place, maintaining his ranking from the previous week. England’s Matt Fitzpatrick, placed seventh, upholds the streak for the British players in the World Golf Rankings’ top ten.

British players among the best golfers in the world

The next British players on the World Golf Ranking are Tyrrell Hatton, occupying the 13th position, and Tommy Fleetwood, at the 15th. Their positions, however, exhibit a slight shift from the previous week — Hatton dropped a spot down while Fleetwood maintained his ranking. Despite these shifts, both golfers show no signs of losing their standing among the world’s top players.

World Golf Ranking: Top Players

As we scrutinize the top echelon in the World Golf Ranking, USA’s Scottie Scheffler is seated at the apex. He retained his ranking from the previous week, further consolidating his reign at the top. His closest rival is Rory McIlroy, while Spain’s Jon Rahm and Norway’s Viktor Hovland hold the third and forth positions respectively. They all maintain their spots from the previous week, further proving their consistency and dominance in the sport.

Rounding up the top ten in the World Golf Ranking are USA players Patrick Cantlay (5th), Xander Schauffele (6th), Max Homa (8th), Brian Harman (9th) and Wyndham Clark (10th), with England’s Matt Fitzpatrick taking the 7th spot – an excellent showcase of the American dominance on the leaderboard. Notable shifts include USA’s Collin Morikawa climbing to the 12th place and Justin Thomas falling to the 28th spot compared to their previous position. These changes, showcase the fluid and dynamic nature of the World Golf Ranking.

Highlights Tours

Ryder Cup 2023 – Rory McIlroy: “At least I contributed twice”

Team Europe has made a strong showing at the Ryder Cup 2023 in Italy. After the Foursomes in the morning ended with 4:0 for the Europeans, the hosts defended the lead strongly in the Fourballs in the afternoon. Rory McIlroy, who did not start too well into the tournament, won both of his matches – in the morning together with Tommy Fleetwood, in the afternoon with Matt Fitzpatrick. The afternoon match in particular caused quite a stir, as the two Europeans literally overran the guests on the front nine. Read the interview with McIlroy and Fitzpatrick.

Ryder Cup 2023: McIlroy and Fitzpatrick thrilled about Team Europe’s great start

Q. Mat, Rory, incredible performance, relief, elation, what does this mean for you personally and for Europe?

Matt Fitzpatrick: For me, it’s very, very special, and to play with this man, and to get out to the start that we did, yeah, just phenomenal.

Q. A hot start, Rory, as far as Ryder Cup Matches, where does that rank for you, and near the top, I’m sure?

Rory McIlroy: Yeah, absolutely amazing. You know, for the first nine holes I was trying to hang on to this man’s coattails. I said to him walking up 10, “At least I contributed twice.”

And then the boys made a few birdies, you know, on the back nine there and we had to just sort of hang in and hit some good, solid shots down the stretch.

But yeah, I mean, just a great day in front of some amazing home fans, and I said to Fitzy there, you know, for his first point for Europe, I’m happy that I was the one to get it with him. Proud of how him and I played, and we just have to go out and regroup for tomorrow.

Q. Going out in four-balls this afternoon gave you some freedom, didn’t it?

Matt Fitzpatrick: Yeah, absolutely, my first four-balls match. I was laughing to Rory, what do we do here. I’m just so excited to be out here, and it’s very different playing a home Ryder Cup than away to. Have the fans cheering you on makes a hell of a difference.

Q. First point in Ryder Cup competition, you got off to a hot start, what was working so well for you early on?

Matt Fitzpatrick: Six one-putts in a row is normally a big help. Yeah, felt really good with the putter on the front nine and just got off to a really hot start.

Q. Why did this pairing work so well for you today?

Rory McIlroy: Matt and I have known each other for a long time now. We have played, yeah, this is our third Ryder Cup Team together, and yeah, it’s a really comfortable pairing. I’ve been so lucky with the two partners that I’ve had with Tommy in the morning and this man, the start that he got off to, I was trying to hang on to his coattails. I contributed a couple of times there around the turn and thankfully we did enough to get it done.


World Golf Ranking Update: Matt Fitzpatrick Inside Top-10

The world golf ranking of 2023 shows a thrilling ensemble of talented British golfers pushing through the ranks.

At 8th position in the world golf rankings stands Matt Fitzpatrick, showcasing his consistency, having maintained his position from the previous week. Next up we have Tyrrell Hatton, who climbed up a position from the previous week to 13th place in the world golf ranking. Not far behind him, we find Tommy Fleetwood standing still at 15th place in the world golf ranking.

The British Players Holding Steady in The World Golf Ranking

The 34th spot in the world golf ranking is earned by Justin Rose, remaining static from last week. Moving a significant 25 places up the world golf ranking, Matt Wallace boasts the 106th position. Further down the order, Jordan Smith stands firm at 84th place in the world golf ranking and Aaron Rai displays a positive progression, moving four places up to the 91st position in the world golf ranking.

Navigating Through The Lower Half of The World Golf Ranking

Further down the world golf ranking, at the 123rd spot, we find Callum Shinkwin holding his position. Benjamin Taylor moved slightly down to the 127th place in the world golf ranking. Harry Hall also stood his ground at the 136th position in the world golf ranking, while Danny Willett slipped down four places to 144th position.

Alex Fitzpatrick, at the 166th spot in the world golf ranking, marks a significant climb upwards in the rankings, moving an impressive 11 places up. Nathan Kimsey, positioned at 170th in the world golf ranking, has seen a slight decrement in his standings, moving a couple of places down.

Climbers and Slippers in The World Golf Ranking

Lastly, there was a remarkable jump in the world golf ranking standings for Todd Clements who now sits at the 175th position. Callum Tarren, on the other hand, saw a minor drop in his rankings, currently holding the 152nd place in the world golf ranking.

Looking now at the top 10 positions in the world golf ranking, we see Scottie Scheffler, Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, Viktor Hovland, and Patrick Cantlay making up the top five. The most significant change came from Vijay Hovland, who moved up a spot to claim the 4th position, displacing Patrick Cantlay to the 5th slot in the world golf ranking. The 6th to 10th positions have been held steady by the same players as the previous week, demonstrating a strong consistency at the top of the world golf ranking.