In the PGA Championship field: Next major for Tiger Woods?

Will it be his second major appearance after his tragic accident last February? Tiger Woods is on the list of participants of the PGA Championship.

It took over a year for Tiger Woods to be capable of full tournament participation again. In February 2021, the legend nearly lost his right leg. Whether he would ever be able to play golf again was unclear for a long time. His participation in the PNC Championship together with his son Charlie raised hopes. Then, shortly before the US Masters in 2022, the surprise: Tiger will be competing! His participation in the first Major of the year should not be the last. Recently, it was officially announced that Woods is on the list of participants in the PGA Championship in May.

Tiger Woods: “Only the big events”

It has been clear to Tiger Woods for some time that he will probably never play another full tournament season on the PGA Tour. The car accident has affected his right leg too much. Woods’ participation in the Masters showed that while he struggled and limped on the highly demanding terrain toward the end, he is perfectly capable of handling a four-day tournament again. His Masters participation, in which he made the cut and finished tied for 47th, solidified his plans for the future: “I’ll never play a full schedule again, just the big events.”

Last afternoon, the PGA Championship released the list of participants for the 104th PGA Championship at Southern Hills in Tulsa, Oklahoma, May 19-22. Lo and behold, Tiger Woods is one of the announced participants.

St. Andrews is especially close to Woods’ heart

While it was not 100 percent certain for Tiger Woods whether he will compete in the PGA Championship, it was clear to him that he will definitely travel to St. Andrews for the British Open in July: “The tournament is something that is very close to my heart. It’s my favorite golf course in the world, so I’ll be there.” The fact that the golf course is a particularly flat course with no slopes to speak of will definitely suit Woods.

However, Tiger Woods already seems to have largely recovered from his start at the particularly strenuous Augusta. We can still hope for a participation in the PGA Championship at Southern Hills. Phil Mickelson, who withdrew from the public eye for weeks, is also on the official list of participants in the PGA Championship.