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Tiger Woods feels ready to ramp up for a few PGA Tour events in the future

Tiger Woods alludes to Mr. Hogan, and feels confident to pick and choose a few events a year to return to the PGA Tour in the future.

The golf fanatics keep up with the news that relate to what happens on and off the course. Luckly, October and November brought some happiness not only to the golf fans, but to all the sport lovers. Beginning of October, Tiger Woods was first spotted without a walker after his terrible car accident back in February. Woods has one of the greatest reputations as an athlete and people claim to see him back in action on the golf course.

The recovery progress was always upward and recently, Tiger surprised his Instagram followers by showing himself making a full swing with his club for the first time since the accident. Tiger swinging a short iron to its fullest fueled significant hype and speculation on a return. However, reality goes one step ahead and it often doesn’t match the popular desires.

No reason not to prepare for a few events in the future.

GolfDigest had the opportunity to interview with him and ask him about his future golf career. The popular opinion tended to be optimist but not so much. Many thought that the professional career of The Goat was over, but at the same time all wished otherwise. Tiger Woods announced the exclusive that it would be realistic to think that he could return to compete on the PGA Tour, but on a part-time basis.

The 15-time major winner has previously proved his stregnth by overcoming several back and knee injuries before. Woods stood back up every time after falling, and the American star will not give up now. However, Woods just confirmed that he is taking his foot off the gas in the future and will not attempt to play golf full time ever again.

How Tiger Woods faces the next phases

Practicing correctly is key after the accident. Tiger Woods sees the light at the end of the tunnel, he has come off surgeries before and why not returning to the field once again: “I’ve come off long layoffs and I’ve won or I’ve come close to winning before. I just gotta get to a point where I feel comfortable enough where I can do that again.” – Tiger states in the PGA Press Conference.

The professional golfer knows that there is still a long way ahead to reach full recover. Nevertheless, Woods feels happy to see his unstoppable progress. Although, his physical shape has exponentially improved, he might not be tournament sharp in the sense of he hadn’t played tournaments, but a right practice plan could drive him back to the part-time competition.

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