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Tiger Woods swings a club for the first time after the accident – The GOAT is back at it

In early November, Tiger Woods ditched the crutches and popped up walking in LA. Still struggling to walk steadily, Woods took one step after another slowly but shortly. The scenes of the 82-time PGA winner moving without physical assistance already had the crowd cheering. The big news brought a little hope, proving that the legend is not yet finished giving us his magic.

Giving up was never an option.

However, the situation went beyond the unthinkable at this point, when Tiger shared yesterday through his social networks, that he has once again picked up a golf club to do what dazzled all of us golf fans, his swing.The compression sleve remains on to protect from any sudden move, and to provide some more stability. Also, it probably also helps to hide any scars left from the surgical procedures.

Tiger calls for calm and fully swings putting his full weight on both legs. The video shows a short club, not longer than a 8-iron. Woods’s caption is short and to the point: “Making progress.” The rhythm of his swing could trick your mind and make you think that the legend was never off, because it keeps a perfect pace all throughout.
Tiger seems to be in a very good physical shape considering the circumstances, and surely looking forward to bomb his driver off a tee soon.

The power of the attitude.

The official PGA Tour player profile mentions “all sports” as the special interests of Tiger Woods. Clearly, the 15-time Major winner is an athlete by all means. Although this is not the first time Woods had to step aside from the golf field, he always manages it to return stronger.

Justin Thomas trusted the process nearly as much as he trusted his mate moving forward. Thomas had previously said that Tiger would make every possible effort to come back to the course sooner rather than later. Thomas had full confidence that Tiger was not going to give up. The warrior was going to take his recovery one step further than expected.

Spoiler alert: his 14-time PGA Tour winner mate was right… Woods has given us an attitude lesson, and now the golf world cannot wait to see his name back in the leaderboard.


Watching his son: Tiger Woods back on the course

Since his serious car accident at the end of February this year, Tiger Woods has made himself scarce. Understandably so, because it is still completely open whether he will ever return to the Tour. The superstar is still concentrating on his recovery and is intensively attending to his rehab. Pictures have hardly been seen of him. Only one post on Instagram shows the 45-year-old on crutches with his dog in April.

Now he has been spotted without a walker for the first time since. He was back on the golf course with his girlfriend Erica Herman as a spectator at his son Charlie’s golf tournament. Admittedly, a serious statement about the state of his recovery cannot be read from the pictures. But there seems to be some progress, otherwise Woods would not be on the road without crutches.

Tiger Woods back on the course