Golf Shoe Guide: Which type suits you best?

The right golf shoe is at least as important as the golf bag or the perfectly fitting glove. Here’s how to find the right golf shoe!

The right golf shoe is an important decision for every player, after all, we spend the entire round on our feet. In order to carry our entire body for several hours and kilometres and to transfer the maximum energy into the ground with every shot, golf shoes have been developed for quite some time that are perfectly designed for this task based on their sole, fit and material. But what should you always look for when buying a golf shoe? What really influences one’s game in the end and what characteristics must a good golf shoe absolutely have?

Golf shoe: material, spikes and laces – many models, many options

As in every category, you will find a variety of different models and types of golf shoes. The biggest difference in golf shoes is the material on the one hand, and the spikes under the sole on the other. It is worth trying on different models and trying out different types of golf shoes to find your own favourite. In the end, however, the wearing comfort should primarily influence the purchase decision so that the feet also survive 18 holes or more well.

The golf shoe has evolved over many years. In the past, it was etiquette to wear leather shoes on the golf course. Although this image has changed somewhat today, the majority of golfers still go for the classic leather shoe, which is available from almost every brand in the range. The advantage is the long durability, provided they are properly cared for, and the weather resistance. Only in warmer temperatures does the leather shoe reveal a small disadvantage: breathability.

Fortunately, there is a good alternative here. In the meantime, almost all brands also offer a golf shoe in a sporty design. These almost resemble a normal sneaker, are light, comfortable and made of breathable material to ensure a pleasant feeling even on hot golf days.

The golf shoe: soft spikes or knobs

A whole new era was ushered in by PumaAdidas, and Nike with the first ankle-high golf shoes, which Rickie Fowlerbrought to the spotlight a few years ago. These new models resemble basketball shoes in shape. The raised ankle design aims to provide more stability and fully encompass the foot.

You will also quickly notice a decisive difference when looking under the golf shoe. A distinction is mainly made between two variants, metal spikes are generally no longer used. On the one hand, there are the soft spikes, on the other hand, many players also rely on the plastic studs. Soft spikes generally dig into the ground a little better and offer more grip, but also less flexibility in the foot. With plastic studs, it’s the other way around. While they initially lacked the necessary traction, the materials and shape are now so sophisticated that golfers no longer have to do without the necessary grip, even without spikes.

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Never tie your golf shoes again – the BOA system

As with the material, a lot has changed when it comes to lacing golf shoes. The latest innovation is the so-called BOA system, which can now be found in all popular brands. The practical model has now made it into golf via the industry and for good reason: with the BOA system, a few turns of the fastener are enough and the laces tighten as if by themselves. After the round of golf, a quick tug is all it takes to release the shoe from the foot.