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Ryder Cup 2023: MacIntyre and Rose with impressive points win

Robert MacIntyre and Justin Rose won the only point for Europe on Saturday afternoon of the 2023 Ryder Cup in Rome.

Robert MacIntyre and Justin Rose won their match against the veteran team of Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth on Saturday afternoon. They were certainly considered the underdogs. But they did not let that show for a second. Rose proved that he was made for the Ryder Cup and MacIntyre shone towards the end of the match. The next point win for Team Europe at the 2023 Ryder Cup in Rome.

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Saturday afternoon in the 2023 Ryder Cup for Rose and MacIntyre

You put your heart and soul trying to make this Ryder Cup, and half a point alongside this fellow yesterday and a full point today, describe your emotions?

Robert MacIntyre: It’s been brilliant. Today is everything I’ve dreamed of. I worked hard for it. Yesterday felt like I let Justin down a little bit but he stood up to the challenge and today he was brilliant again and thankfully I helped him out.

That match was tidy into the back nine. I’m sure you should have been using your experience to give him a pep talk. What were you saying?

Justin Rose: I just knew there was a huge opportunity today. I feel like we got our nose just in front there, obviously 9 and 10, we went 1 up and I just felt like when they both missed the fairway at 12, I felt like it was 20 minutes — I said to Bobby, the next 20 minutes, we have to putt our foot down and get out and get a stranglehold on this match. That’s exactly what happened. We both let them off the hook there at No. 12 which I kind of — at that point, because these two are slippery, do you know what I mean; they are very tough to beat. Bobby made that great birdie on the par 3, and the up-and-down at 15, I was barking at him all the way the last few holes, we’ve got to do this, we’ve got to do that. We absolutely did exactly what we needed to do and we were the strong pairing.

Two or three clutch moments there. Describe what goes through your mind and what through your body when you’re standing over a putt to halve a hole that’s absolutely crucial?

Robert MacIntyre: Well, there’s a lot of nerves. But you’ve got to embrace them. I’ve had it before, never in this magnitude but I just knew what to do. I was actually happy when I got to that bunker shot and it was plugged because I knew I could get an 8 on it. A lot of people would have been worried about it but I just said to Greg, you know what, it’s better than being plugged in that bunker. You’ve just got to trust what you do, and to have a guy like Justin beside to you kind of guide you is massive