Bernhard Langer talks to Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes-Maybach GLS

Earlier this week you were able to experience the Mercedes-Maybach GLS. What do you think of the car?

BL: I really like it. It’s a fantastic car, both visually and in terms of luxury and space. This for sure is the benchmark when it comes to a luxury SUV. Mercedes-Maybach stands for luxury at its best and this is the proof point. Beyond the interior and exterior design, which I really like, I especially appreciate the comfort. I guess you can’t get more comfort within a SUV. Definitely the perfect choice when you go on a (golf) trip with friends or family.

If you could take your family and friends out on a trip in the Mercedes-Maybach GLS. Where would you go?

BL: I guess in the US it could be almost everywhere, but definitely outside the big cities and closer to mountains and nature. Colorado and Utah would be good spots. In Europe it would be definitely the
Alps. I could imagine starting at my hometown in Bavaria and from there straight to the Alps – yes, that would be the perfect route.

This week at The Masters, all players get their very own dedicated Mercedes-Benz. Do you prefer a shuttle service or driving by yourself like this week at the Masters?

BL: Oh, I like being shuttled but it is always nice to hold the steering wheel yourself. It calms me down and lets me have a relaxed start into the day. The approach to the ANGC’s premises on
Magnolia Lane towards the club house is always a special sight. In addition, my own vehicle provides me with added safety as part of all the measures to protect against COVID-19.

After a dedicated Mercedes-Benz car at Augusta, what and where will you be driving next?

BL: I will be enjoying my own Mercedes-Benz back in Florida. I really like driving my own car, especially when I have the chance to take it to tournaments on the PGA Tour Champions.

You also were able to take a seat in the all-new Mercedes-Benz EQS with its Hyperscreen. What were your thoughts when you had a look at this feature?

BL: This for sure is the biggest screen I have ever seen in a car. But it makes perfectly sense and means a new level of driving assistance. It is like your personal caddy in your car. With its curved form, it reminds me of a golf hole from above.

(Text: Mercedes Benz)

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